Monday, May 04, 2015

MewsCat Monday

Whew!  After gettin up at Midnight, staying up all day yesserday, and bein up most of the night earlier today (well ecept fer a few quick catnaps) fer the Post Pawty, we are exhausted.  So we are sleepin in today.
Mebbe tomorrow too...

But we wanted ta make sure ta let evrykitty know how much we appreciated all the pawty visitors, well-wishers and those who just watched quietly.

Thank You everyone!!!

Pee Ess:  May the "Forth" be with you...

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Mystery Celebration Is...


But put in better pictures...

AYLA:  It began on a quiet day in August 2006 (so Im told).  Skeeter and LC and TBT were reading the blog of Max The Psychokitty, as usual, over the past couple years.  Clicking around links there (and we dont know where ezactly), they found a button on a blog that said "FREE BLOG".  They considered it.  A lot.  Buttons can be dangerous.  They clicked the button...

And wonderment happened! A BLOG

It was confoosin at first.  Skeeter told me about it when I arrived an first learned to speak.  They couldn't figure out how to post at all, but managed it after some tries.  THEN couldn't get annyone to notice them.  And THEN couldnt figure out fancy stuff like posting pictures.  But The Meezers visited, then a few other cats, and Skeeter and LC figured out how to write in Bein werds a bit (it was hard at first).

They got a bit better at werds, an finally figured out pictures a little.  After a few months, they were right darn pleased with themselfs!

But Skeeter and LC were both 14 and 13 when they started, and learning new stuff when yer older is tricky.  They struggled and messed up, but allus did their best.

It was just in time fer Skeeter.  Only a year an a half later, he kinna "lost" it.  An 6 months after that he hadda go to the Bridge.  LC followed him in January 2010.

Im saying all this cuz I was there in Jan 2008 and knew Skeeter and LC both.  Skeeter was failing but still kind an protective to me just as he allus was to LC.  He was ONE great brofur!!!
Im the cat-memory around here...  Iza came along before LC left us if memory serves, and Marley 2 years later.  Skeeter and LC were, well, "Skeeter and LC".  We here now are "The Mews".  TBT renamed our blog because he (sadly) realized the blog might outlast some of us.  I helped TBT decide on THAT name and am quite proud of myself for it.  Cuz I "mew" a lot to him.

And "Mews" also means a place where animals live with humans, the noise we cats make, and a "hide-away secret place". 

So Ive been here 7 years, Iza 6, and Marley 4.  What a long strange trip we each had getting here.  I arrived as a failed Queen from a breeder cuz I was too small, Iza from the same place because her colors were wrong (well, she WAS a Tonkie), and Marley went from a shelter, to a Bein who was allergic to cats, to here.  We dont blame no Beins cuz they were all right fer their reasons.

But it was all fer the best cuz we are all of us in the RIGHT place now.  Ya cant ask fer more than that!  None of us want ta be ANNYWHERE else.  Ya unnerstand that, right?

So we have been teachin TBT ("The Big Thing", fer any of you readin this that dont know) how to care fer our every needs properly.  Fer a Bein, hes a bit quicker on the uptake than some.  I assume Skeeter and LC (and The Cats Who Came Before) had a lot ta to with that.  Purrsonally, I think we are lucky coming along in the later years after he was "reasonably" well-trained.  More to do of course, but at least not the basics.

So NOW we celebrate...

An we are gonna celebrate it WELL!  There is gonna be a BIG PAWTY!  We spent yesserday night in preperation getting ourselfs ready.
An we were all a flutter!  We hate ta admit it, but TBT had ta finally get us firmly in paw hand an help us get organized.  He IS good at helpin us.

Like see?
OK, OK, we're ready.  And HERE WE GO!!!

We have great foods and drinks and games, but that aint all, y'all!  We got some fancy foods and drinks and games!

We have a BIRDIE stuffed inna a CHICKIE, stuffed inna a DUCK, stuffed inna TURKEY!  We wanned TBT ta do beasts, but TBT said no way was he gonna try everythin from mousies ta elephants.  An the elephant-delivery guy was off on vacation annyway.  So its birdies of various sorts.

The drinks are over-the-top too (over the top of what, we arent sure but it CANT be over the top of the glasses annyway).  We got Meowgaritanips, Nipmeowgaritas, Creme de la Meowgaritanips, and probly some creme de la Nipmeogaritas somewhere.  Bet there are some Ice Cream Nips too.

Had a SalmonTurkey Whip?  No?  Try it, youll like it.

The TV has the Catsitter DVDs going, the radio out back has a CD with birdsongs (cuz we are pretty sure the reglar birdies will take the day off with ALL us cats around), an we have Evil Skwerl tails in the basement ta sniff and whap.

And there are big printed pictures taped all around the house...

LC Glamor shot...
Skeeter Glamor shot...
To remember our beginnings...

And pictures of US to remember OUR happiness here together now...
So from Skeeter and LC getting to 500 posts or so, we have carried it on proudly.  But humbly too.

We wouldnt have done it iffen there werent all of YOU.  You are all the reason we post.

It has been
posts.  And iffen there is another 3000, it is because of you, our friends across the Cat Blogoverse...

We have loved doing every post.  From Easy Like Sunday, Mancat Monday, Tummy Tuesday, Werdless Wensday, Garden Tour Thursday, Freaky Friday, Caturday Saturday, and all the occasional themes in between, it has been the pleasure of our times to have friends who cared to share our daily lives.  For ourselfs, for Skeeter and LC, and for all the cats-who-came-before there was a blog...

Now let the pawty BEGIN!

The games THIS TIME arent the usual ones.  There is the shrimp quest (barely cooked shrimps hidden around the house), the 150' outdoors run (from the deck to the fence and back), the deck rail jump, the outdoor ladder climb (a real ladder to the roof, BTW), the fishie tank pawing (TBT got a dozen small goldfish just for today),  the mousies in the baftub event (we've saved some just fer this), and the "up the wall event" (TBT hung a 12' carpet runner up the stair wall fer climbing).

So get into yer tunnels or whatevers and come join us!

And yeah, there are bags, boxes, and Esses...

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  I was just sittin here, honest.  Never mind that tempting birdie in the background...
I had decided, as an act of animal kindness, to just leave it alone.
But I cant speak fer my sisfur.  She WANTS one.  So she is gonna get up on the rail an pretend she is a planter box or something (she has HER tecknikes an I have mine).
But, as she cant reach them anny better than I can, (not that Im TRYING right now ya unnerstand), she left.
But it is still up there and I know it.  IT knows I know it is there. And I know it knows I know it is there...   It may even be laffing at me.  Thats OK.  Them what laffs last, laff first.  Or something like that...  Iffen I was just left outside, I wouldnt starve.  But I do like the inside foods an attention an the unner-the-blankie time with TBT.

This may seem strange, but we have asked TBT ta move the birdie-baits  feeders a bit further away.  Its too frustrating to have them JUST past a paw-length away.  We want them either closer or farther away.  Does that make sense?

Meanwhile, we are all here looking forward to tomorrow!  Even WE dont know what the special event is...   TBT is keeping his secrets.

But we won't have to wait much longer.

OMC, what iffen it is a new fursibling?  We are comfy as a 3!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Garden Tour Friday

IZA:  Well, I dint think there was annything ta show yesserday fer a Garden Tour, but TBT showed me we weren't totally bereft of flowers.  So OK, its Garden Tour FRIDAY this week.  Please come along.

I missed seein THIS one completely.  It is WAY in the backyard.  WHY?  I have no idea.  TBT says it seemed like a good place to plant at the time.  And indeed it was.  The dirt back there is all gravelly, and the voles don't go there much.  So the Tulips survive.  Not all that great; they dont like gravelly soil much either.  But they have outlasted almost all the other ones in the better soil (which the voles ALSO like better), so mebbe that was a good lucky idea.

Isnt it a beauty?
I also didnt notice the Brunella had flowered.  The flowers are small but quite nice.  Still, the main point of having them is the nice leafs.   The leafs look nice all summer.
The front yard daffodils bloom in two waves a couple weeks apart.  Usually both are lovely and full.  But this Spring was weerd.  The second wave just dint bloom good.  

But the individual ones ARE nice, so lets give one a close look...
So, lets go back to the deck and think about the nice flowers from before and the new ones to come.  An to make us feel better about the few bloomin here now, let us enjoy snacks an drinks...

Today we have crumbly bacon and some poached chickie breast minced.  TBT made cream smoothies with toona juice, and Marley has nudged some salmon crunchies out onto the deck.  There were more when he started, but he cant help eating some on the way.  Be glad there are ANNY left, he is addicted to them.


AYLA:  And be sure ta be here Sunday for the special mystery celebration...

Thursday, April 30, 2015


IZA:  Its also Thankful Thursday for me.  Cuz Im starin at a birdie REAL closeup!  Sorry ya cant see it better.  Its the shadow in the left corner.
Yeah, beleef it or not, a birdie got trapped in the Evil Skwerl cage.  The Evil Skwerl cage is baited with peanut butter, but birdies like that stuff too.  And iffen they hop around hard enough, they can trip that lever ya see in the middle and the doors snap closed. 

Since I was havin such a good time studying the birdie so close (a rare opportunity), TBT left it in there fer a few minutes before he opened the doors an let it fly away...

Pee Ess:  Happy National Hairball Day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Ahhh, MY day of the week! 
I LOVE to show off my TUMMY.  For evryone!
And closest for my dear Spittikins...
I feel happiest when his weary little royal head is resting on my "more than ample" tum...  Come and make my Tum happy Dearest Spitty-Kitticaticans...  I will lick yer head and smooth and sooth yer unattended furs.  And then (only iffen you want) we will step onto the deck and watch the pretty fevvers close-up...
And Pee Ess:  We realized that we wanted to also send the Very Inspiring Blogger Awardie

to Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat of Jacquelines Cat House.  Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat amaze us and inspire us to friendliness every day.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Awardie Monday

MARLEY:  Monday is usually MY day, so since we got a group awardie from Ramblingon, I will reply fer all of us.

First, we wanna thank Ramblingon fer the awardie and fer saying such NICE things about us!  We sure love ALL awardies, but we nearly blushed with all the kind werds.  Well, OK, we dint ezactly "blush" cuz we cant do that real well, but we felt a blush INSIDE us...

Its the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! 
Is that a fancy one or WHAT?

We dint see anny questions ta answer or things ta do, so we are just going to pass it on. Iza says we gotta give it to Spittikins, her dearest love and constant obsession.

OK...  He DOES inspire us with his Catititude...  An its allus wise to give awardies to a King.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Marley and Me have a special comfort space zone.  Iza is one of us, of course, but she just doesnt do this. 
Shes hanging close to TBT, or nappin, or outside, but she just doesnt just hang out together all that close and relaxed.
She would be welcome to...
We even call her ta come join us.  
But I spose thats why I like Marley so much.  HE likes ta just sit together sometimes.  Its nice ta have a Brofur sometimes.  He reminds me of Skeeter, iffen ya know what I mean.

But iffen she is with TBT, she is havin a good EASY too, as SHE likes it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caturday Saturday

About a week to a Special Event.  And we ARENT tellin ya what it is ezactly.  But it's something we been looking forward to fer a while...  Something amazing to us that we never dreamed would happen...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Freaky Friday Flashback

Who is that hidin unnder the otto-man?
Waitin fer somekitty to wander innocently by?
Lookin fer a good pounce?
When he was young?
An dint know better?
 Why its MARLEY!
Playing with the sisfurs...
And ambushing them...
FREAKING them out hidin around the otto-man, but just playing.  Cuz he was a good boykitten even then and wouldnt actally seriously annoy a Sisfur.  But he DID make them jump and poof a few times.

So that counts as "Freaky" just some.