Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

We were up and around kinna early today, so TBT didnt get the usual kind of Easy Like Sunday pictures.  But at lunch we (Marley and Iza) were eatin together as we usually do (Ayla prefers her meals in high spots in the bedroom.  TBT got this picture (the flashie was off)...
He says calmly crossed tails like that ought to be symbolic of SOMETHING nice, and it might as well be EASY.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

About A Comment

TBT HERE:  We got a harsh comment from JB's Small World about the wild rabbit Marley caught Thursday.  The comment was "This is truly despicable! How horrid to post this."  I wanted to ask JB's person if he/she wanted to discuss it privately, but I couldn't find a way, so I am mentioning it here.

This is not to start a big argument or cause any contention.  And I invite JB's person to contact me privately at the email listed near the top of the sidebar for polite civil discussion and a frank exchange of views.

However, I consider it natural that cats be allowed outside when there are safe situations in order for them to experience the fullness of their nature.  And as our semi-wild fenced-in backyard is home to numerous small wild critters that are natural cat-prey, it seems perfectly normal to me that they catch and eat some of them.  I certainly do not miss the various mice, moles, voles, and shrews they catch.  As a gardener, I don't miss the occasional young bunny they catch either.  In fact, I wish they could catch some of the squirrels who dig up my crocus bulbs and veggie seedlings.  I have found and killed a few squirrels, young groundhogs and rabbits myself just to reduce the damage in the garden!

Does one condemn foxes for catching numerous rodents each day or hawks for catching songbirds?

Yes, the cats catch several birds each year.  I regret the loss of a finch or cardinal, but they catch more sparrows and starlings, and there are plenty of those around (and always will be).  As far as the songbirds go, I feed them year-round, and there are many more here now then when I moved in.  If I help a dozen thrive and the cats get 2, that's a gain for the songbirds.

I understand that some people are very reasonably saddened when cats catch desirable birds or "cute small mammals".  Everyone has some animals they prefer above others.  But "This is truly despicable! How horrid to post this."  is not the best way to express oneself...

I would easily understand and accept "We feel sorry for the poor little bunny" or "We wish they hadn't caught that bunny" without complaint.  But calling me "despicable" and "horrid" required a response.

Thank you,

Friday, May 22, 2015

Freaky Friday

IZA:  TBT was watching some old-timie baseball footage not in color, so he said iffen I was gonna sit in front of the TV, I had ta get in the mood.


As long as I can nap through it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bunny In The House!


Bunny-Lover Warning Again!

 I got one in the house!  HURRAY!!!  Finally again.  It ran too...
 TBT said I wasnt grabbing it right.
 More up on the neck.
 Geez, I have more to learn about grabbin bunnies...
So I worked up closer.
And IZA grabbed it.  I wont even give her  color picture fer THAT.  She stole my bunny.
Um, but she DID seem to have a better grip.  So she gets sepia...
 But Im STILL gonna mess up her color picture...
OK, She did it in this time.  Full color as a reward.  Mebbe I should watch closer...  I get mousies easy, but have a problem with bunnies. 
 It IS good that TBT approves COMPLETELY!

Pee Ess, TBT got to 65 today...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

OMC What A Drawing!

OK, this isn't about us.  This is about Nellie.  She had a hard trip home.

Tyhe drawing cracked us up though.  Is THIS a bad furs day or what?
On the other paw, mebbe this is how she usually looks...  One never knows, do one?  MOL!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Through The Kitchen Window

AYLA:  Yeah, he caught me.  I didn't realize he could take pictures through winders!  The flashy messed it up a bit.
I guess I shouldnt have stared IN like that, it gave TBT an idea.   But at LEAST he turned off the flashy and got a better pic.
Picced AGAIN.  Even when I thought I was safe...

PEE ESS:  BTW, we suddenly recalled the reason we all ran out from unner the chair yesserday.  Iza FARTED!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mystery Monday

MARLEY:  TBT saw us all unner the chair, but by the time he got the camera he only got this picture of us all leavin quickly.  We dont remember it. 
Can you suggest some ideas about what might have been goin on?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:    OK, we had a good morning outside.  Breakfast first and then out.  And TBT was active outside too.  But then it was lunch time, and we all came in.  TBT too.  Well how else would we get our lunch, ya know?

An then after that, He sat down in the TV chair.  Watchin WHAT, we didn't bother ta notice.  Guess where WE went.  Right up on his legs of course!
 It doesnt get...
 More Easy Like Sunday...
 Than THAT!
Ayla is nappin just out of the picture behind him.  When WE are nappin on his lap, SHE cant find much room.  So she is up on the back of the chair.

Which means WE are all together!  At the TV chair...  Easy like Sunday fer sure, but we will take that anny day of the week.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  First of all, about "who was first on TBT's lap" yesserday.  It was me.  Marley crawled up and wiggled in between me an TBT's tummy.  That was very unusual fer him, so I permitted it.  Reluctantly...

Now to later...  The dresser drawer gets opened sometimes at night.  Ayla usually gets it, but I got it this night. 
Isnt it cozy?  Doubly-nice since Ayla didn't get it, heh-heh-heh...
And TBT remembers why I am the Bootiful one.  Well, thats MY opinion...   When Im on purple...
Ayla can have her Bloo...

But I could use a Spitty to nap wif me...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Freaky Friday

A study in fur-colors...

Guess who got up first?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday


The flowers are pretty skimpy this week.  Sorry about that.  But I got SOME things.

We have Columbines blooming.  They're nice.  They dont last long, but I think they sure are PRETTY!
 The PINK azaleas are blooming now...
 There are tomaters growing...
 And ya GOTTA look at the Nips! 
 They are all OVER the yard...
 They show up all OVER!
Marley rolls all over them.  But they are strurdy an grow back up.
I roll on them too.  
 Wouldnt you?

But the deck is also warm (but not too warm), so let's just go up there and have some treats.  In fact treats is what it is today.  We have chickie crunchies, salmon crunchies, and cow crunchies.  And fresh Nip leafs of course. 

Thanks so much fer coming on the garden tour with me...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Marley Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well iffen Iza took over my Mancat Monday post, I get the Tummy Tuesday one!  Right?  Not that you are gonna see it yet...

I stretched...
An BTW, ya see my head furs smudge here.
I try ta hide it.
But sometimes TBT just catches it good.  Mousies!
And now he werks on the tummy shot.
I resist, but OOPS there it is!
He got me...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Skwerlcat Monday

IZA:   Well, Evil Skwerl annyway and ME.  If Marley can take over Sunday, I'll take over his usual Mon Day.

The cage caught a bird a few days ago if you remember.  It got a Evil Skwerl today.  And this time I got to watch it up close!  It was quite ecitin!
Did ya know they "BARK"?  They sound like little yappy dogs!    Who Knew?
And they act like they are BIG ANIMALS!  Not only yellin all that loud, but jumpin at ya too.  Pretty brave fer bein caught...
I walked around the cage to the other side.  Ta get a better look.   I tried to poke a paw in there ta touch it, but the mesh was too small.  TBT said I was lucky I couldnt as they have really sharp teeth an are TOTALLY insane to begin with. 

TBT said he would put me inna big box and drop the Evil Skwerl in if I wanted.  I declined.  No reason to torture the Evil Skwerl (*coff, coff*)...
But at least I got some good looks at it REAL close up.  Information is allus good.  
But since I couldnt get right at it fairly, I got bored and left.