Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We Hit 100+

AYLA:  Yeah kittehs, the thermometer passed over the 100F mark yesserday. At 10:30 am.  In the shade!
And the radio-signaled digital thermometer (also in the shade) agreed.  102...

So guess what TBT wouldnt let us do.  If ya guessed "go out" ya got that right!

Thank Cod it is 72 inside the house!!!  As strange as it may seem, the "heat pump" is a very efficient air conditioner.  We don't know why, and don't care.  Ya can get a long annoying explanation from TBT iifen ya want one).  But he says our total energy bill (we are all electric here) in Summer is about $150-200 green papers per month and he is happy with that.  Winter is not so good, it gets up to $400.  But we and he live in here 24/7, so he pays it, and WE sure arent complaining.  We asked once about why the "heat pump" costs more fer heat than coolth and he yammerred along about it til we all left the room, so don't say ya werent warned...

He is watering the sunnist part of the lawn for the first time in years (its planted just last year and is still fragile)!  3 hours now and the ground is hard as a rock...  We cant figure that out.  Water costs like only $40 a month and he CRINGES every time he uses it outside... 

Mebbe he hates that he cant keep it...  Who can unnesrstand Bein ways?   Purrsonally, he could pave the whole front yard an it would be fine by US.  WE never go there.

But TBT hisself is crazy.  HE werks outside in this HOTS.  He was werking a minor project to hold the fence gates together.  He made some turny thing to hold the gates together when he was on the wrong side of the latch (dont worry, it makes sense - details iffen ya ask) but it is so hot the construction glue wouldnt set...

It just stayed like frosting onna cake...  MOL!  Well, not that we get frosted cakes, but we have seen pictures.  He never saw that before and says he hopes he never will again! 

But thats not OUR problem.  WE are stayin inside and waiting ta see the Evil Skwerls bake and fall outta the trees.  We would run outside briefly fer THAT!  Or a baked birdie on the deck.  But out and in real fast, the deck is HOT HOT these days...

Stay frosty (cool and watered), friends!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Its Too Darn HOT!

Its too darn hot,
Its too darn hot.

We’d like ta sit on TBT outside
We’d like like snack with TBT outside,
We’d like ta play with TBT outside,
We’d like ta chase the fun balls outside,
But it’s too darn hot!

It’s too darn hot!
It’s too darn hot!

We’d love to go chasing moles,
We’d love to go out chasing voles,
We’d even love to catch birdicide birds...

But its too darn hot, 
It’s too darn hot.

We’d go out after the birds that fall,
We’d go out after the voles that stall,
We’d go out after the moles y’all...

But it’s too darn hot!
It’s too darn hot...

A month from now when the hots depart
When cools begin to arrive in part
We surely will be out again
And really catch the mice again,
We surely will enjoy the coolth,
And love the backyard then, forsooth!

But its too darn hot, 
It’s too darn hot.

And to demonstrate it it...


O.M.C...  We thought we had the 3 minute version,  but we will leave it...  Cuz we can't find the shorter version again.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  The HOTS are getting depressing!  Its gotten over 90F for at least a week (I just cant remember back much further than that) and TBT says it will stay this way for another week.  We go outside and even in the shade we are ready ta come back inside (where it is very comfortable) after 20-30 minnits!

TBT was nice enough ta put a folded towel on the plant rack so we can look into the back yard while staying cool.
Green isnt my favrit color ta sit on, but I can put up with that iffen it means I can be  cool while watchin the Birdie TV.
I wish it would rain, cuz it is all dry as dust out there...

Pee Ess:  TBT said I should have been clearer about the temperatures.  The coolest day the past week was 90 and the past few days have been 97, 98, etc, which will last several more days.  The "feels like" temperature has been 105 to 110 what with the humidity and bright sun and stored ground heat and THAT will continue several more days. 

Sorry abut that.  ~ AYLA 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  We were having a nice night on  and around TBT.  Iza was at the TV, I was on the ottoman.  Ayla was on a nearby towel.
I wasnt actally napping, just sitting and thnking.  I do that sometimes.  I asked Iza once if she does that and she just looked at me weerd.
So I shifted around trying ta get some ZZZZs, but the TV noise was disturbing.  Lots of sudden loud sounds.  TBT lives in a noisy world...
Iza wasnt bothered.  She could nap through a Vishus Deer attack!
But then TBT watched the end of some monster movie.  We dont like those.  You can see even Iza leaving the room.  And there was even a CAT involved!  The woman is holding it.  We all went to the bedroom.
We knew it was late and TBT would be joining us soon.  And he did.  And we all slept fer 12 hours...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Freaky Friday

We saw a show on the TV about us cats yesserday!  This was normal ta us.
But there was some stuff WE didnt know.  We get spied on!  Satellites or drones or something.

What, TBT?  Its collars?  Hmmm...  Annyway, the Beins studied some cats and THEY had tracking collars on.  The yellow is one cat, the green another.  It showed how we wander more than most Beins realize.

Dang, they figured it out...

Now TBT wants one of those ta put on US.  Right.  Good luck with THAT.
There was also some stuff about how we see and how Beins see.  We couldnt see the difference.  TBT said well of course not.  We are still thinking about that.  He claims there are colors he sees that we dont.  Like how we can smell things he cant.  This bothers us.  We are purrfect.  How can there be senses he has that we dont?

This part was about cat doors.  Some don't feel safe ta use cuz there is no hiding places right outside.  So The Science Bein told the  House Beins ta move plants close to the door so the house cats could peer around carefuly before really going out.  DUH!  Well, that worked fer that cat, so GOOD!

We asked TBT about a cat door, but he says we dont have the right kind of door one.  BAST!  But he says he has an idea that might work, so GOOD.  We would love ta be able to go out and in when we choose.
This was one of the cats studied.  
Glanor shot...
With Being...

There were warnings about the little Beins that pull tails.  One cat in the study moved to a new home 3 yards away because it got tired of the tail-pulling ans chasing AND the Beins brought in a loud yappy dog.  So it found a better place.
Happy there...
Even with a cat it dint know before...
These are some farn cats.  They mostly feed themselfs on mice, but they got treated to a whole chunk of meat.  We think that is a turkey neck.  We have told TBT WE would like  whole turkey neck.  BTW, they said we were just fine with raw bones, its just the cooked ones that are bad fer us.
And then they closed the show with THIS handsome cat.  
We want TBT to buy us this show so we can watch it again.  He says it is on every few weeks and he might record it.  Either way is fine with us. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Today isnt actally about the garden, so much as one of the visitors to it. 
 This is one of our prettiest birdies.  And he seems ta be eating our Nip flowers.
Thats OK, we dont care about those flowers.  TBT says he is only eating the seeds annyway!   He knows he is bein watched...
He hopped around from flower ta flower.  I have no idea why one flower seems better ta him than anny other flower...
He spent a lot of time looking around.  Probly cuz he is close ta the ground, where we hang out.  Smart birdie!  Its the 1st time we have ever seen one of these guys in our Nip plants.  They usually land on the ones with bigger flowers and bigger seeds.
 Eat as many seeds as ya want, birdie!  We want ya ta get nice and plump...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Mats

MARLEY:  Well, I guess I get ta change colors too! 
 Like the BLOO!
 Admiring myself on it...
Yeah, that suits me.
Bloo fits with orange!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Girlcat Tuesday

IZA:  Since we were talking about the cat mats, and the colors we each looked best on, I decided ta try the green one.
 Yeah, I think I look just fine on green.
Of course, I think I look good on ANNYTHING...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Answers To Comments

MARLEY:  We havent done this for a while and since it is Mancat Monday, I get to choose the questions and do all the answers!

1.  Saturday, TBT and I came in from the HOT outside and I was nappin on his legs.  Megan said "But you're heating up TBT's legs there, Marley! Give the guy a break." 

He has a lot of bare skin and some weerd way of sweating ta cool down.  And I dont want to cool off TOO fast.  So we both cool at about the same rate.

2.  Friday, we mentioned that TBT tossed ping-pong balls down among us as we were enjoying our after-tour treats.  Megan posted "But who wants to run around after ping-pong balls in the heat? If TBT is gonna throw 'em, let TBT chase 'em!"

Well, who can resist a tossed toy?  And ping-pong balls are easy ta whap around.  With a dozen ot so of us lying around, it got pretty active.  And it dint take much effort.

3.  Thursday, we showed a picture of a cherry tomato growing out the bottom of a 5 gallon pot hanging from the deck.  Summer said "My human loves the cherry tomato plant idea - it sounds simple enough that even she might actually get it to work!".

Its not hard but does take some care.  The hole in the bottom should be about 1" diameter, you need to place the pot on a bucket so there is empty space beneath the pot, you need to have a young tomato plant so you can carefully fit the tomato plant leafs through the hole and a brick inside the pot gived the roots something to sit on while you do it.  Then you lift the roots and add soil around them and remove the brick.  So you have the roots near the center of the pot surrounded by soil.  Then you  fill the pot with potting soil, hang it, and sprinkle fertilizer on the top.  Then plant flowers on the top.

It sounds more complicated than it really is.  All you really need to do is not break the tomato stem...

Oh, and make sure the pot is hung from chains.  Drill 3 holes around the rim, put S hooks in the holes and connect the chains to the S hooks.  We will send details to anyone who wants more information.

4.  On Wensday, Ayla was sitting on the back on TBTs chair.  The Whiskeratti mentioned "Such a lovely, lovely girl. And looking purrhaps just a bit mysterious. Probably a Meezer specialty.".

Ayla answers:   Mysterious IS a Meezer specialty.  But I was mostly thinking about dinner!  My expression is fixed that way.  My thoughts arent.

5.  On Tuesday we showed some of our cat mats, and Katie Isabella asked "Where did you get them my dears?"

Well, we think she was asking about the fancy quilted ones.  And there are stories behind them.  First, TBT got them from Darling Millie.  Her Mom made them.  The original one was the green one for orange Skeeter and the red one was for Black/White LC.  When Ayla came along, he got the blue/tan one for her.  Then Skeeter and LC went over the Bridge and Iza got the red one and later Marley got the green one.  We like the contrasting colors.

And BTW, we are careful never to claw on them!

6.   On Monday, the Whiskeratti said, when we mentioned getting called inside, "Dude, you have a CURFEW??"

Yeah, sunset...  TBT says thats when the owls come out and we sure dont wanna meet any owls.  He says they are 6' big and hunt cats.  So we come in before dark!

Hope ya liked our answers ta yer comments!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Not

IZA:  I dont often get up on the back of the chair.  Thats mostly Marleys spot and sometimes Aylas.  But if they arent around, sometimes I do sit there. 
Part of the problem is that TBT is just too embarrassing to have in my pictures.  I crop him out of a lot of my pictures.  I DO have some standards, and sometimes he just doesnt shave fer a few days.  Now, I sure unnerstand FUR.  But what he has isnt exactly "fur".  WHAT else, Ive never figured out.  Its not a mane or pelt or even wool.  It whiskery, but not true whiskers... 
 Oh what the mousies, here it is...  Sometimes I just sit here and give up on him fer a while!  Remember that movie 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly'?  Well, he wouldnt have been cast as "The Good" or "The Bad", iffen ya catch my drift...
I am considering spreading Nair all over his face when he is asleep.  Do ya think I should?  I'd have ta keep the stuff off my OWN lovely furs.  I could stick a whole paw into a rubber glove to apply it, I think.  Ooh, mebbe I could cover his whole head!  Well, OK, I'd leave the eyebrows...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  It is staying HOT here.  So TBT and I came inside for some food, water, rest and coolth!  And apparently it is gonna STAY hot fer a while...
Ayla and Iza had come in earlier.  They are probly both on the waterbed, napping.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Garden Tour Friday

Thank you for coming to my 2nd day Garden Tour this week!  Today we are going out in the yard because it is cooler than yesserday at nearly 100F.  Ayla volunteered yesserday ta show it.  And the humidity made it like 105F.
Today is better by a virtual 5F degrees, so I will give a yard garden tour!  But I will try ta keep ya all in the shade as we go...

These are the Black Eyed Susans in the wildflower bed.  We got 3 orange flowers but they dint last long.  Lots of these though.  Well, they are native here.
And there are a 2 paws of toes of these Queen Anne's Lace.   Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies seem ta like them.
I think this is a Blanket Flower.  We have 2 of them flowering, and from looking at the leaf on smaller plants, there are some more growing.
This is a daylily just newly in real soil.  TBT had 2 dozen in small pots.  He saved them from when the ridge in the backyard was leveled.  We dont miss that nasty ridge of weeds and thorny stuff at ALL!  But I'm glad he saved the daylilies.  Some of them are quite fancy, so I want to see their flowers again.  Dont worry, we know not ta chew on them.  They dont taste like grass!
And because they are so small, TBT planted lots of Marigolds, Zinnias, and Salvias around them.  Just fer THIS year.
 And the daylilies are sending up lots of new leafs, so that is good.  It means they are HAPPY where they are.
Some of the Zinnias round the new daylilies...  They arent much yet, but they are young.  They are growing fast.  Last week, there were no flowers at all!
 Same with the newly planted Impatiens.  A few of them had flowers when planted, but they are busy growing roots now.  More roots now, more flowers later.
 Same with the Coleus.  But at least their leafs have color.
We have about a dozen different Hostas, but this is my favrit.  I think it is called Paul's Glory, but I thin of it as Iza's Favrit!
And it looks real nice next to the Japanese Painted Ferns.  They are bigger this year then ever.  I think it was the warm wet Spring and cool May.
This is the part of the largest new flowerbed closest to the house.  Most of the orange flags mark the tulip plantings.  Some mark the new daylilies (cuz they look like frass weeds and TBT doesnt want to pull them up by accident).  Ya can see the annuals at the very edge.  And the 2 pots in the center are Yucca roots TBT dug up and coddled fer 2 years until they finally sent up a few leafs.  We have ta dind a really sunny spot fer those and there arent many in the back yard.  Mebbe the front yard like behind the mailbox.  They like dry and it doesn't get much drier than there.  
Thank you so much fer coming along on the 2nd Garden Tour of the week!  I think it will get back ta normal next time.

And since its not TOO bad out here today (in the shade), I think we will have our after-tour treats outside.  Marley helped this time, so we have stuff like crumbled bacon, dried strips of beef, and chicken kibbles!  And thankfully, TBT has brought out cream, chickie-broth, and crushed nip leafs in water. 

Wait, what?  TBT has ping-pong balls to toss to us out on the lawn.  WOW!  Talk about WHAPPABLE...