Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Week - Tuesday

IZA:  This posing stuff is hard.  Marley planted his head down on my back, and one of my feets stuck out suddenly.
 Im NOT thrilled...
But he IS warm.  Between him on top and TBT below me, I feel warm an cozy.
Even with a foot stuck out oddly.
Ya never know what werks until it happens, ya know?
TBT says I napped fer an hour like that.

Where IS Ayla, annyway?  We're sposed ta be all together...

Monday, August 03, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Week - Monday

Mancat Monday Version -   Iza an I are nappin together nicely.
 Really close.
 Bad picture, but shows us together on TBTs lap...
Sideways version.  We do werk at this stuff.
We WERE kinna espectin Ayla here by now though, since all 3 of us together is SORT of the point.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Week

TBT talked ta us about our apparent lack of getting together.  We hafta admit we havent been doing that much lately.  So we agreed to try.

And in fact, this is gonna be a whole WEEK of us together.  So enjoy.  Actually, we did too.
 We are practicing for the week.  Ayla says she will join us when "we get it right".
And we are trying out differnt camera settings.
 Some werk better than others...
But we are getting into relaxed mode.
Actually snoozing some...
In fact, REALLY snoozing.  TBT is slow with the camera sometimes an we get bored.
So its "OK, Ready, ..............................................................................................................................................*click*".
 Take 2.
Take 3.
OK, all set...

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I was just about to hop down from TBT desk (or as we call it, "clutter-heaven") when I noticed Iza walking past.  Iffen I jump down now, she will think its a pounce, and I dont feel like getting into a argument about that right now.
So I'll wait.  Ah, she is safely beyond now, I can hop down...
Right now I just wanna get to the litter boxes safely...

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Fun Spot

IZA:  I LOVE the laundry basket!  I just discovered it weeks ago.  Now annytime I see it upright, I just HAVE ta sit inside.

An as an added attraction, there is that fevver-thing right out of reach...
Decisions, decisions... Should I stay or should I go?
I think I'll stay.  And watch.  It might move...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday


Well. once again, we don't have much to show.  The Spring flowers are all gone, and the Summer flowers are just starting.  Still, there ARE some.

First, we HAVE ta show off the oriental lilies.  They are blooming like CRAZY.
The fragrance is awesome!  They apparently LOVE that spot.

The Sourwood tree that TBT has been tryin ta keep going fer 20 years was assumed dead BUT a new shoot appeared from the roots this year, so he will keep tryin ta help it.

He says "Hope Springs Eternal".  And he seems really determined to assist "hope".

And there is this nice tomato he picked that has some family connection.  More about that HERE.
But there are some fails too.  The Vishus Deer have returned to eat some of the nice Hostas.
Ya see how they eat off the leafs?  Thats not nice.

Its also the hot time of the year and the Snow-On-The-Mountain are dying back.  They arent used to the hots here, being native to the North where it is cooler.
Its OK, though, they come back in the cooler Fall again.  We don't know how they come back.  But as long as they do, we will like them.  They are a remembrance from TBT parents in NH.  TBT needs ta go in an cut off all the tops.  But thats like elevetieth on his TO DO list.

Now, lets see about snacks and drinks.  TBT says he is managing this one, so it better be GREAT...

Hmm, diced ham, diced chickie breast, with crushed Nip leafs on top?  Ohh nice touch.  So what do we lap?  Cream with whipped chickie fat?  OMC, thats new...  Let's get AT it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Werdy Wensday

IZA:  Well, Marley sort of took over MY day yesserday, so I'll do what I can with Wensday. 

Ya know those dangly things that the cat tree people put on our cat trees and we basically ignore? Well, I got a hankering fer one an TBT had his camera when I thought he dint!

I was surprised ta see the pictures myself as we kittehs looked to write the days blog, but there it was  an I got outvoted.  My feelings were less hurt when Ayla assured me that my beloved SPITTIKINS would see me in action...

So here goes...
That stretchy-string thing is PULLY!
I have ta hold the PUFF tight...
And spin around ta try an get it loose.
Which dint werk, so the lasers came on...
Bast, I let go an it runs away jumping around.  Is there no stopping this thing?
I barely even had chewing time before it escaped again...

Fortunately, TBT offerred tuna...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge

MARLEY:  TBT reminded me that not every Bein an Kitteh knows about my smudge.  An while I dont flaunt it, it IS there an I cant ignore it.  So today I wanna remind ya all, that we have household nicknames (like we figure almost evrycat does).

Ours are Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge.  Arent Beings clever?  (Gag).

Ya see, when Ayla came (an I only know this from TBTs tales), she liked to push her head against TBT, so he nicknamed her "Nudge".  And then Iza came an she was fat even as a kitten, so he nickenamed her "Pudge". 

I'm told some of you already know this, but I didnt, so bear with me.

And then *I* came along, and TBT saw that black spot on the side of my head, and he called me "Smudge". 

So sometimes when we are all on the deck and he calls us in, he says "C'mon, Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge".  I swear, iffen there wasnt usually food being promised, we would bite his ankles...

So I usually dont show that side of me in pictures.  But under duress (offers of many kibbles) I allowed him to take pictures of my Smudge. 

So here they are...

TBT thinks that technically makes me a male tortie (which is unusual), but as barely as possible.  What do YOU think?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Too much girlcat-fussing lately.  Im just gonna relax on TBT...
And remind them that life is good.
And we should all just get along...
And hope they learn from my example!
If not, I MAY have ta get involved, and Im kinna too laid back fer that unless my direct involvement is REQUIRED.  Ya know?