Friday, April 18, 2014

Caturday Birdie TV

[Oopsie, we seem to have this one posted a day early.  But since its here and there are comments, we will just leave it up]

We love seein the Cardinals!  But not so much those blackbirds.  They just eat all the birdie-bait and leave fast.
The red-winged ones aren't so bad.  At least they don't mob the feeder.
We especially love seeing the birdies on the ground.  We have a much better chance at them then.

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  Well what would YOU call this?

There was a snakie in OUR YARD!
IZA:  Scary...  It actally HISSED at me.
MARLEY:  *I* captured it an dragged it to the middle of the yard...
TBT:  Its harmless...
Iza/US:  Yeah?  Yer like 2,000 times bigger than it. We aren't.
Watch out Marley, it's attack ya!
Um, or mebbe not.
Hey Marley, how about we just agree we left it to go on it's way?

TBT:  Hey guys, it eats slugs and mice and thats a GOOD thing.  Let it go.

US:  OK, but we want some treats in exchange.

TBT:  Deal, lets go inside!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, we have lots ta show toDAY!  With the sudden warmth after the delayed Spring, TBT says lots a stuff is flowerin at once when it is usually spread out fer weeks.

Today is "Daffodillies On Parade"!  They are kinna everywhere.
And of all shapes
An combinations.
 TBT never saw a color combination he dint like
So thats what we have evrywhere.
 He wishes there was a blue daffodil...  MOL!
But all the colors
Make us happy...

Now lets see what ta do fer refreshments.  The lawn is a lot wet from the rains.  But the deck is dry.  So lets go up there and watch the birdies at the feeder.  Marley has treat-duty today, and he has brought out ham, pork, and jerky-treats (where did he find THOSE).  Plus, dare I say it, Nip Smoothies?  Wow, lets GO!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scary Days, But Good Ending

Kitties, we thought outr visitin days were over fer a while!  Ya see, TBT messed the computer and our Feedly list was GONE!!!

He spent 2 days fussin with stuff an couldnt get it back.  We figured our toy-time was all gone fer a week while he built it back.  Well, it WAS gone fer 2 whole days.  He tried evrythin.

But then (an we really DONT unnerstand some of this stuff), but when he asked the HELP button questions inna lot of ways, ONE WERKED!  An he we got it all back suddenly.  We and he still dont know why, but who cares...

Another puter ambush DODGED!

Now back ta the normal stuffs -


The warmer weather has brought those snarky little moles out.  TBT doesn't actually mind the moles so much, but they let the evil voles use their tunnels ta get at the plants.  So fewer moles, fewer voles.  An TBT is happy when I get ANNY little ratish critters.
An guess what he learned on his camera?  A "macro" setting that is good fer close-ups!  
And YES, I ate it later...  Playing with it to death was fun, but I got hungry after a while.  An moles are better eatin than even the best canned stuff.

I left the head an the tail on the deck...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Is there ANNYTHING better than rollin in old dry leafs?
I wonder how much I can carry back into the house?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  This morning was LAUNDRY DAY!  We love that.  Warm laundry is GREAT!  But we're not entirely on it cuz it is kinna warm in the house.  Its 80F an we arent used ta that after the long cool Winter.  So we are at the edges.
But, still, we are all at the same spot, so TBT was happy.
But quite frankly, we are thinkin it is time fer a meal.
So we are gonna go find TBT and meow at him pitifully until he opens a can.  And turns on the A/C...  Then, as soon as he does THAT, we will demand ta go OUT!  MOL!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guard Duty Caturday

MARLEY:  Im on Guard Duty today.  Im watchin fer anny of those Evil Skwerls (or anny other pests).

Lookin left...
Lookin straight ahead...
Lookin right!
An since I just came from behind me, I know they're not there...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Evil Skwerl Friday

We are very angry at the Evil Skwerls today!  They tore apart one of our (very few) tulip flowers.
We'll GET them fer THAT!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Welcome to our garden!   We are giving the tour a bit late today cuz it is SO NICE out we overdid our early afternoon naps out on the deck.  Fortunately, its not a LONG tour this week.

First, we are real happy about our saucer magnolias this year.  Most Springs, there are a few warm days an the buds start ta open, then it freezes again an kills them before they are full flowers.  This year, it stayed cold all through March so the little buds waited.  An NOW there are no more freezes ta come.  So they are opening now.  By next week, they should be amazing! 
The early wave of daffodils in the front are blooming.  They should last a couple of weeks.  Then a couple weeks after they fade away, the late bloom of white daffodils starts.
And way in the back of the yard, the ORIGINAL big patch of early yeller daffodils are at their best.  After these, there will be smaller clumps of various mid and late daffodils, some hyacinths, and a few surviving tulips.
We LOVE Spring!

Now feel free ta wander around ta look at annything that catches yer fancy while I call Ayla to bring out some refreshments.  She said she has planned fer Ham, assorted crunchy treats, and Meowgartias or toona juice ta drink.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Catch-Up Wensday

IZA:  I dint wanna ferget ta mention my birfday prezzies.  TBT gave me a can of Fancy Feast and lots of attention.  An Ayla was nice ta me all day.

But Marley did somethin special.  He brought me a GRUB!  Where he found one so early in the year I sure dont know.  But I carried it all around the house fer an hour before I finally ate it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tuesday Two-Layers Of Cats

AYLA:  Sometimes its a little chilly in the house.
So we look fer warnth in the evening.
And the fancy machines ARE warm...
You OK down there Marley?
"YES, just fine"
But I want ta be sure.  Cuz, as a mancat, sometimes he wants ta be "tough", ya know?
Well, it DOES seem warmish down there.
Sweet dreams brofur!
Iza is off staying "warm" with Spitty...

Monday, April 07, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  WARNING, WARNING...  Professional photographers and/or sensitive birdie-lovers may wish to avert their eyes.  Blurry action pictures of me catching and playing with a DEAD birdie follow...

Another window-bumpy birdie! The 3rd actually lately, but one recovered an flew away.  When TBT was sure this one was dead, he let me at it (well, Iza got the last one).  I took it to neutral territory at once.
TBT followed me of course.  I cant have a birdie in private, there HAVE to be pictures.  
Well, I certainly honored it well!  I bited it, I tossed it, I jumped around.
I even talked to it respectfully, thanking it fer its apparent deliberate self-sacrifice fer my eating enjoyment.   I have to say that TBT has certainly bred GOOD BIRDIES here in the 27 years!
I started with little hops
Before going into stand-up batting (playing "birdminton")!
Then I played "stalking" fer a while.
THEN I REALLY RIPPED LOOSE.  TBT WAS AMAZED .  And good fer him, he was pleased an impressed, not shocked.  Annyway, I jumped!
I pounced!
I moved so fast that the camera bounced!
Then, fer a finale, I place the birdie VERY carefully...
And launched into the "full stand-up, high-stretch, joyful-celebration, sky-reaching, explosion of pure catness-extacy"!!!
Exhausted, I carried my prize up to the deck for the final act.  (To Be Seen Later)