Thursday, December 18, 2014

I love blogger

TBT here.  I really DO love Blogger.  But it is not the only place to blog and they better realize that.    I EXPECT that Blogger  better understand that.

The problem is that Blogger doesn't ASK us about the sudden changes they make, and they should.  A little explanation for reasons ahead of time would go a long way, right?

Just saying why there was going to BE a change would matter and asking for thoughts ABOUT the PROPOSED changes would help.. .

Looking at it another way,  you can assume that Blogger has a reason to exist.  That reason is the community it serves.  And IF it sees a reason to serve a community of "us", then OUR opinions should matter "some" to "them".

I want to know, I DEMAND to know, what is going to change before it happens.  I might just possibly have some insights to the changes before they happen....  The fastest way to kill a site is to ignore the needs and opinions of the participants.  Ask the managers of sites that no longer exist...

I think I might just learn about Wordpress.  Are you listening Blogger?  I like you.  I'm used to you.  But I CAN learn new systems.

Heard much from Alta Vista lately?    Blackberry?  And Oh my goodness where IS my Commodore computer these days? Oh, thats right, it went into the trash 20 years ago at least.  I hated it when it happened, but I DID move on...

The Big Thing

OK, THAT does it!

Now we not ONLY have to type some numbers in a box properly, now we have to ALSO check ANOTHER BOX just to leave a comment to our friends?  We are getting tired of this nonsense.

We are leavin until 2015 ta see if the SYSTEM gets fixed better than it is right now.

We think blogspot is takin the easy way out for them that puts all the effort on us.  We think it should be the other way around.

And we don't say this easy.  We normally get 50 visitors a day and the past couple weeks we got to 80.  We LIKED that! Made us feel GREAT!

See ya later... We HOPE...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Werdy Wensday

IZA:  I'd like ta get up there!  Those hose connectors look like they would be fun to whap.

What, YOU wouldnt have anny problem?

Huh...  Well YOU arent built like I am!
Oh well, mebbe they wouldnt be all THAT much fun ta whap annyway...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toesie Tuesday

AYLA:  Oh do we have ToesieTuesday today.  Marley went ALL OUT!  I thought he had out-done hisself before, but OMC!

His warm up...
Then a rest.,
More rest...
 And BANG!

An I think thats why Iza is a bit cautious of stealin his dinner... Good thing fer her hes MELLOW...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dream From The Bridge

AYLA:  While we try to decide how ta help TBT chose about holiday trees, I wanted to talk a chance about THIS...  I feel a bit strange about it.  Its been a while since I heard from Skeeter, but it WAS his Bridge Day and all.

So, I had a weerd dream a few nights ago (Dec 10th) an than I haven't been sure how ta mention it. I'm the only kitty here who was here when Skeeter was, and mebbe that had something ta do with it...  It went sort of like this as best I can recall it...  TBT says it went ta the tune of an old union song called 'Joe Hill', but that's probly just how HE heard it when I told him about the dream while I was curled up next to him unner the covers that night...

I dreamed a special dream last night,
As real as it could be.
Twas Skeeter there, and sweet LC.
I’m happy here said He.
I’m Happy here said She.

It’s been some years I’ve heard from you,
Awake or in my dreams.
Why have you come to speak to me?
I’m happy here said He.
I’m Happy here said She.

On this close night to our Bridge Days,
We wanted you to know,
The Bridge is real and we still feel
The pleasure of sun rays,
The pleasure of sun rays.

So we are here to tell you dear,
We’ve watched you from afar.
Your worries are unfounded and
You’ll long stay where you are.
You’ll long stay where you are.

It’s true that you will never be,
The Alpha Cat you dreamed,
But Big Thing will stand up for you
And treat you like a Queen,
And treat you like a Queen.

We saw the day that you were fine’ly
Spayed successfully.
The rest you won came to us both
Among the fields of green.
Among the fields of green.

We did a happy dance of joy
Together and with friends.
When third and final spay was done,
The Bridgers gave a cheer,
The Bridgers gave a cheer.

So rest your worried head sweet girl,
You’re loved more than you know,
Just think how Marley naps with you,
How Iza doesn’t show,
She envies you, you know.

We see you are the agile one,
Who tries to touch the sky.
Don’t give up on that dream sweet girl,
You’ll do it if you try,
You’ll do it if you try.

And when the time comes long from now
When you must come to us,
Trust that we will remember you
No dreams here come to dust.
No dreams here come to dust.

No cat here ever leapt the Moon,
No cat here ever tried.
Tis far too far up high for that,
But we have a surprise.
You’ll be the one who does.
You’ll be the one who does.

So practice hard our dear young friend,
Practice hard and pure.
For when you come, we know for sure
It’s Ayla On The Moon,
It’s Ayla On The Moon.

Now rest your heart you sweet sweet girl,
And don’t arrive to soon.
Beyond the Bridge, time passes not.
We’ll be here always “when”.
We’ll be here always “when”.

That was most of the dream.  But there was the oddest lingering sound.  I had trouble explaining it to TBT the next morning.  It was more a song about the Bridge.  He said he didn’t know any Bridge songs.  But when I talked to Marley about it, he said it was obvious.  There IS a Bridge song, but the Beings don’t quite realize it.  Marley told me that obviously a cat wrote it an gave it to a Bein.  I was all  like “what?”

He said TBT plays it all the time, and I know it by heart cuz its MY idea of what goin to the Bridge is like and  dint realize it at the time an it may comfort you too.  I was still confused, so spoke some of it spoke it to me, and then I recognized it from sounds TBT plays sometimes on one of the machines.

“When you're weary, feeling small.
When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all.
I'm on your side.
Oh when times get rough
And friends just can't be found;
Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down.
When you're down and out,
When you're on the street,
When evening falls so hard, I will comfort you.
I'll take your part.
Oh, when darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

Sail on silver girl, sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine
Oh, if you need a friend,
I'm sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will ease your mind,
Like a bridge over troubled water;
I will ease your mind...

Well, OK, that sounds pretty good.  I'll be around here a lot of years, but I have a meeting with Skeeter and LC to look forward to some day.

That's OK with me.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Tree Delay

We're not havin great luck on the Holiday Tree.  First, TBT spent a lot of Caturday just moving stuff around and cleaning.  We told him it dint need anny cleaning, but that was cuz we dint want the sucky machine turned on.  By the time he finally had made room fer the Holiday Tree, he was too tired ta set it up.

So he got at that after lunch today, and oh wow was he surprised!  He opened the box expecting to find a tree where he just folded the branches down an evrything would be good ta go ecept hanging a few special ornaments and the bubble lights. 

WE were upset cuz it dint SMELL like a tree.  Well, he dint tell us it would, but he dint say it woundnt either, and what WOULD ya espect a tree ta smell like ecept a TREE?

The problem seems ta be as iffen we had ta construct our own toy mousies.  There is a lotta werk involved.  Like bending 12 bazillion branches and twigs into position...  So he is gonna decide tomorrow whether ta keep or return it.  OUR view is that he is welcome ta return it.  Iffen it doesnt smell like a tree, WE arent innerested.

TBT has some thoughts on his own blog that dont really apply ta us cats, so we will leave that ta HIM!  Cavebear's Lair

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Tree Day

AYLA:  It is holiday tree day here and we have never seen that before.  TBT was talking about it and we WERE wondering about all the sealed boxes he brought into the Living Room. 

We are worried a bit.  The first thing he did was move our cat trees away from each other.  Apparently the new tree takes some space.  But also, we are worried about the size of the tree.  The trees we know of are REAL HUGE.  We're not sure how one could fit.  Mebbe he just uses the top of one...

But he says it will fit, unchopped, an he's usually right about stuff like that.

We cant wait ta see what happens later today.   Heck, I've been here almost 6 whole years an I've never seen a tree in the house.  An I'm the eldest kitteh in the house. 

But here is an odd thing.  Marley says he saw one once.  He says there was one in the first place he lived after the shelter briefly before he came here forever.  We sometimes forget he lived annywhere before but he did live with a really nice Bein right at this time of year when he was a kitten.  So mebbe he did see a house tree once. 

We will hafta compare opinions later...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Freaky Friday

TBT here today:  I got to thinking about Beins and Cats and Pictures.  We take so many with our digital cameras.  And I remember when it was the more expensive film cameras, and you had to think before taking a picture because it wasn't free to take them.  Which got me wondering about the "before me days".

So I'm trying a slightly fictional timeline going back through the ages.  It may or may not work, but I feel like giving it a try.

1. Today - Took 20 pictures of the cats.  Kept 3.  No cost, so why not?
2. 1990 - Took three pictures of the cats.  It is so hard to get them in a good picture, but the film and developing doesn't cost all THAT much.
3. 1970 - Took a picture of the cats today.  Having them all curled up together was a rare opportunity.  I only have 3 shots left on the roll, and its expensive to get them developed.  A roll of developed film is 2 meals.  But I just HAD to take THIS picture.
4. 1900 - We had a family picture taken by a professional and the youngest was holding the family cat.  So precious.  I think it is the only picture we have of the cat.
5. 1880 - We saw a picture of a rich family in the photographers store window today.  The adults were dressed so fancy and the children were in their best outfits.  The trusted inside family dog was curled up at their feet.  There was a cat standing on the chair next to the mother.  We were all amazed by that, and commented on it.
6. 1740 - Girl and Cat painting...  Paintings take time and effort.
7. Ancient -  Cat sculpture.  (whitespace below part of the image).  Cats loved enough to spent the time to sculpt their images...

8.  Prehistory - Before writing, cats were acknowledged.  I would like to think, before even drawing.  Granted, mostly as fierce dangers.  But I bet there is some prehistory cave drawing of a loved domesticated cat somewhere to the found...  And even if cats back then were only appreciated as rodent-killers, I'll bet "some" child held a lost kitten in her arms "somewhere" and wondered at the sound of kitten-purring in this, the darkest month of the year...  And gave one small rare scrap of meat to her baby cat when the adults were not watching.  Starting a pattern that would continue through the ages.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outside Thursday

MARLEY:  Well, I gotta admit, today is nice out.  And I'm doing it good.  The leafs are annoyin cuz they crinkle while I hunt.  But I think the mousies are hidin fer the Winter now...  I put my paws between those old leafs, to not make a sound, but it is tricky. 
The lawn is better fer walkin and stalkin...
And rolling...
And rolling ...
Hey, was that a mouse noise I just heard?
Nope.  Leaves...  I think I'll get back inside.  I hear a can bein opened...
Iza may love her foods, but so do I...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remembering Skeeter

We all here remember Skeeter this day of his passing over the Bridge.  But only Ayla actually met him fer a year, so we leave that up to her an TBT ta do it right.

So we are gonna just stay quiet today and leave it to them on HIS blog.  We trust ya all will unnerstand...


Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tummy And Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  First, a nice little Toesie picture...
Second, the Good Stuff.  I just finished this whole bowl of food, so I'm plumper than usual.
See what I mean?
Now I think I'll just roll over, rest my head on my paw, and take a nap.

Best of all, I'm right in front of the sink, so I am Throroughly Thoroghly Completely In The Way!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I was busy outside today.  First I reminded Ayla (and TBT) that she isnt the only one who can get up on the fence an march back an forth (although I cant quite just hop over those tall posts like Ayla can).
Then after I got tired of that, I hopped down an guarded the flower garden from the mousies.
You can see me looking around carefully.
I dint see anny, so I came inside when it stated ta get dark...

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

We are gettin our EASY outside today cuz we heard that its gonna be colder an rainier real soon.
 TBT was pretty good about opening and closing the door fer us when ever we wanted ta change sides.
But we think we are done with bein outside today.  Its kinna WINDY!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Line Of Sight Attention

IZA:  Do you ever just werk ta stay in view of yer Bein?  I sure do.  An it takes effort sometimes.

I want him to be paying attention to me ALL the time, and SOMETIMES he doesnt.  So I have to take actions...

Like gettin next ta the TV.  I KNOW he's looking there!
 I don't care whats ON the TV, but if hes watchin it, it means he is lookin at me too.  Thats important.
 Mebbe I should knock some stuff off the TV shelf.  THAT would get his attention. 
And, hey, just because Marley is sittin on his lap nappin DOESNT mean Im jealous.  Doesnt bother me.  Much.  At All.  OK, some.

Well OK, a LOT!  Argh, I belong there on his lap.  Thats why Im tryin ta get his attention...  I'm not sittin up here just fer my health, ya know...

Friday, December 05, 2014

Freaky Friday

We could barely see some bright lights out our window, so we asked TBT ta go take some pictures so we could see what they were.  He said he had seen the cause a few days ago, but would take some pictures so we could see what they were.

We were AMAZED!  A neighbor has their house lit all up.  It sure surprised US, so we are showing a few of the pictures for Freaky Friday.  Granted, TBT says he has seen this sort of thing both a LOT, and brighter, but it amazed US...  An that's all that matters fer Freaky Friday.

The first picture amazed us the most, an TBT said it was brighter than it looks in the picture.  We now unnerstand that they are long ropes of little light bulbs, an we have never seen anything like it.  It must scare all the mousies an other critter far away from it.  An WE were a bit scared seein it too!
Apparently, thats not the purpose though.  TBT says it is to celebrate light in this time of longer darkness an fer some more complicated reasons he couldnt explain too well ecept that it involved HOPE and CELEBRATION.  So we decided it was unusual to US but one of those Bein things there is no point in tryin ta figure out.

On another side of the house, they had bunches of constructions of Beins in fancy clothes.
On the other side, they even decorated their fence!Apparently, all this stuff appeared suddenly the day after Turkey Day and will stay up about a month.  At which time the days will start getting longer again and moving toward Spring.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, I got some last pictures ta show this year...

The Burning Bush is great.

The hostas gone.
 Closeups of burning bush...
Super close-ups...
See the garden next year...  *sigh*

But hey, Happy Thanksgiving2!!!  We are getting turkey again today!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday Fishy-Watching

AYLA:  I love to watch the fishies, but I don't go after them.  TBT says to leave then alone.  But I do watch them...
 They sure move interestingly!
 And I would love to catch one...
 But I won't.
Princesses have self-control, right?

It IS hard though...

And they are hard to get at too.  Ignore my wet paw.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Got Good Old Spot Back

AYLA:  Well, guess where I am today! 
And Its not my usual place...
I took over one spot I don't usually.
I whapped Iza off it.  A very rare event...
I'm on the cat trees again!
I was feeling a bit feisty...  TBT was amazed!

And yeah, we are working on a December Banner, but we just got Photo Elements back today and it will take a day or two...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Its Waterbed Sunday here.  We are all enjoyin the softness.

Hope you are all having a great EASY sunday too.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Freaky Friday

Marley in The Dark...
Sometimes TBT is awake when we dont think he is.
And he really catches us off-guard...

And yeah, it is really dark in the room.

I was tearin up the trakball!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day

May all of you who celebrate today have awesomely good foods!  And well, all of you who dont, too!

We are thrilled.  TBT is cooking a real turkey this year AND he is leavin part of it all unspiced just fer US!

8PM UPDATE! Well, it took TBT 6 hours ta cook our turkey out in the smoker for 3 hours (and finish it inside the oven fer 3 hours more, but we gotta admit it was DELISH.  And it was a gradual feast...

First, we got the gizzard all poached and cooled, all minced up about 2PM.  Then around 4 PM, we got the gizzard water along side a thin slice of outside cooked turkey breast all pulled into strips TBT took off just fer us.  Then when he finally had the turkey the way HE wanted it around 7PM, we got to have MORE turkey (this time from the leg) AND he gave us gravy to lick off from a special spoon he get just fer us.

THREE turkey meals/tastes all in ONE day!  

OK, ya may wonder why we were so thrilled ta lick gravy from a spoon.  Well, sad as it seems, we KNOW who controls the food around here and it aint US!  But we get plenty of the good stuff from his plate and we aint gonna bite the horse that feeds us (or something like that (metaphors are not our strong point)!

And with just him and US and a 12 pound turkey all cooked, we are gonna get plenty of it over the next few days...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Out

MARLEY:  OK, I'm up.  Where's breakfast an how soon does the deck door open?