Thursday, April 09, 2009

Poopin Place Is BLOCKED

IZA: Wow, ya wont beleef what The Big Thing done today! He went unner the stairs through the crawl space. He brought a lamp, an the litterbox bag (where alla our "stuff" goes), and tools wif him. He scraped up all my poops, sprayed them with smelly stuffs and deoderizers.

Then he did something totally mean. He stopped my acess to the area with chick-hen wire stapled ta the wall studs on the one side. Then he blocked off the entrance ta the OTHER side wif a piece a plywood!!! I cant get in there AT ALL!

He said that iffen I poop onna basement floor, it is gonna be where he can get at it easier. Well, thats no fun...

At least it took him a whole HOUR ta do all that. (He-he), he said BAD werds while tryin ta get the heavy-dooty stapler ta catch the chick-hen wire while he was bent inna weerd positions.