Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sneaky Mousies

Skeeter: We haven't heard the lovely SNAP! for a light or dark or two. Apparently, the house mouses managed to lick all the peanut butter stuff of the mousie traps without setting them off. The Big Thing has soaked them in his tub of water (ick) to clean them and is examining them. He says he thinks there are a-just-ments to how twitchy the traps are and will pay attention to that. He thinks we are "down" to really small mousies.

But that means there are still some house mousies around! I'll take any size I can get. They are all small enough to me. I want a squirrel-mousie, but if I can't catch those big mouseies, I'll take what I can get. Small yum-yums are good, too. I think he doesn't know how many mousie-ousies we catch in the cave. That's why we have little bites on our chins some mornings. LOL!

It's worth it! I want more of them...


LC: We wanted to get OUT 3 lights ago... The Big Thing wanted us to know what it was like outside, so he just opened the hard clear thing a little so we could sniff.

Skeeter is much more concerned about cold than I am. I know I'm going OUT anyway. He didn't like it AT ALL, and asked The Big Thing to go open all the other doors to see if it was better at any of those. He settled for going into the garage for a while. I went out.

By the time Skeeter was tired of the garage, I was ready to come IN. I mean, it was not only cold, but blowey too. Even the frogs and mousies were hiding.

But he wanted to consider going OUT and I wanted to come IN, so there we were, both on the wrong side of the clear hard thing as usual. The Big Thing opened it and I ran in. Then Skeeter ran out. Then Skeeter ran in again. We both stared out hoping it would get warmer. The Big Thing says we are "out of luck" for a few big moons. That's bad. Maybe I can find some of the missing "luck" around the cave. This seems to happen when the light goes away earlier, and neither of us like that any. I bet that white cold stuff starts to fall soon. Sometimes it piles up taller than I am.

But maybe if I can find that "luck" stuff, it will get warmer again!

Until then, we are both going to sit by the hard clear thing and stare outside wishing it was warm again. The Big Thing sometimes stares out there with us. I guess he misses it too. But he has all these extras furs he can put on when he wants, so I'm not sure why he cares. My paws get colder than anything, but he has things for his paws too. If I could put on extra fur and cover my paws, I'd go out all the time! I'd even try walking on the hard water that covers the froggie pond again.

I tried that once before an it was real bad. But more about that next time!