Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Warm Outside Weathery

LC: Oh so nice. It got all suddenly warm and went outside. I even jumped the wall again. I sat on top fer a few nap times, and then I went walkin. I decided to walk almost the whole length of the wall! I hit a post an I hopped on it. Then I hopped down onto the top ofthe wall. I did that the whole length!

When got to the end, I turned around and walked most of it again. But it was din-din time and I was hungry so I hopped down an ran to the cave. Well, gee, it was tuna day!

I decided not to like tuna today... I just stood there an icknored it while Skeeter ate it from his bowl an mine. I'm gonna try an guilt The Big Thing into something even better. Maybe fishies...

Moving the Kitty Condo...

LC: We have decided we don't like the kitty condo where it is sitting. During the light, there is too much noise going on there from the sparkly box and the musicy thing. An we cant really see anything from where it is. We just use it for sleepin on in the dark. But here are lotsa good places for sleepin (on the warm bed, unner the warm bed, on the guest beds, in the closets, on The Big Thing's faverite chair, etc...

We want to see out in more places, tho. So we talked to The Big Thing an he agreed to move it next to a clear hard thing we can't get at much. Skeeter can see outta it if he stretches way up an he says it is cool cause its the world we can't get to out the back. But he gets tired stretching up on his hindy paws an I cant even do that. I can only stretch enough to see sky.

The Big Thing unnerstands. So he is moving some stuff around to "try it out". He says he sees some good ideas for himself, too. It puts the table he eats and reads at right unner the bright light on the ceiling instead of puttin his shadow on effrything. He says we can try it there ans if we dont like that he has anovver place lookin out the back yard at the birdie feeder.

That might be cool, too, cause we can't see the birdies too well from the floor. The wood foor outside gets inna way. We like to watch birdies. So we will have him try both an then decide where it should stay.

We asked for him to build anovver condo so we could sit in both, but he said "maybe". I know what THAT means. "No" Actually, he says there isn't enough wall space for 2 kitty condos.

Well, duh, build anovver wall!

Well, antway, we have set a thought into his dumb head. He DID say after all, that if he builded anovver condo, he would use something called "rub-ber bakt carpet" cause it would be easier to wrap. So he was already thinking about a 2nd condo. Right? Right? I need some aggrgeew, er, validitizat, er, I need somekitty to say I'm right. Yeah, that's it!

Tell him we want a 2nd kitty condo. Skeeter and me just know he wants to build another better, so tell him to do it! We have him at the yes/no stage, so we need somekitties to push him into the "yes"...

We want anovver condo!!!