Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

oh we all love this night.  The Big Thing makes a big fire in the fireplace with real wood!  He puts down a big piece of carpet on the cold cement floor of the basement.  That's so we can keep movin according to where the warmth is best while bein safe from the cold floor.

We love the warmth, we love the strange flickering movement, and we love that he is sittin on the floor wif us givin out scritches and treats.

These are actally pictures from last year, cause it isn't fire-time here yet today.  But ya know what we mean...  It what we are lookin forward to later tonight!  Its what it WILL BE like later...  Iza nefer seen a fire before, she says.

And we have heard rumors of HAM at midnight!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Iza Floof Tail

IZA:  I sure went all floofy lately!  I got reasons...  Ayla is in heat an that is confoosin me, cuz she doesnt play all normal.  An LC has started whappin back when I pounce her.

So I been learnin how ta floof my tail properly.

I know, I know, I gotta short little tail.  But I keep it high cuz Im a proud happy kitty...   That counts, right?

[UPDATE]  THE BIG THING:  The computer is back home, but not repaired.  The computer works, but the fan is on high speed most of the time, the noise is annoying and it may indicate other problems that could be serious.  The repair store technicians refused to work on it because it smelled of cigarette smoke!  Well, I do smoke (planning to stop New Year's Day).  But now I have to try to find a repair store that will clean it thoroughly and then repair the fan problem.  So we could be online or off at any time for a week or so...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trying Ta Nap...

LC: Sometimes I really hate the flashy thing...

Here I was happly an calmly nappin...

Then after I was so flashily awoken up, see how unhappy I was?

Kitties with Laser eyes are not usally happy.

The Big Thing wisely allowed me ta go back ta my nappin... He walks the edge of the sword sometimes.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Puter Again!

We figured out the fan is thinkin its too hot, so it is on "full power".  Its the same thing what happened last Summer, but we fergot.  The Big Thing pulled out the previous repair ticket:  "Ran ASD 3S123 - fails on CPU A Temp Sensor."  There was a buncha words about "thermal grease" and "heat sinks", but we haf no idea about that stuff.  Just that they better fix it right this time.  The Big Thing is NOT happy about havin ta make two 60 mile round trips to get it fixed!

TBT is threatenin ta make us come along fer the ride, since we use the puter more than he does.  Thats not fair, is it?  Keepin house stuff werkin is sposed ta be HIS problem.  We just live here.

[The Big Thing:  I want some company on this annoying trip.  Draw straws.  Or play Queen of the Kitty Condo.  Loser comes with me.]

You want company?  How about pitiful cries alternated with yowling fer the whole trip?  Ya look forward ta THAT?  Ya can hardly stand the 10 minnit drive ta the VET!  And the loser will be Ayla an shes in heat.  THAT will be a joyful trip...

[TBT:  I hate it when you guys win like that.  OK, you stay home, I'll drive alone.  But tonight when I have real chicken for dinner, you guys aren't getting a scrap.  NYAH!]

Thats better than bein in a PTU fer 2 hours...  We'll be nappin on the waterbed while you are drivin ferever.  Don't wake us up when ya get home...

Anyway, kitties, we are gonna be offline fer a few days.  TBT tried ta hook up the old PC, but it cant talk "internet" annymore.  So we can't visit or even read email til the Mac is back (we are guessin at Thursday).  But we are leavin a couple posts scheduled fer while we are away.

See ya then...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Contest Awardie!

IZA:  Oh, this is so cool!  I won a Funny Picture Contest at Cats In Maryland.  I had forgotten about it.  This is the picture I sent.

This is the cool awardie I won...

Isn't it NEAT?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sharing Tight Space

IZA:  I hopped up onna top of the kitty condo only ta find Ayla nappin there.  Well, I wanned ta look out the window, so I stayed.  Almost all the snow suddenly melted in the rain, so there is stuff movin outside again.

There were birdies up in the tree...

A skwirrel onna ground... Notice that LC is there inna background.  Alla us in 1 photo!

But it was startin ta get dark, so The Big Thing closed the curtain.  So I decided ta stay and nap wif Ayla.  TBT was real surprised.  It WAS a bit awkward trying ta find enough space.

But I managed to not only settle down, but actally napped!

LC was happy in her favrit spot (where we hardly ever bother her).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Computer Problem - Fixed?

Well we THINK The Big Thing got the puter fixed, but it seems too easy and may only be temporary.

Today TBT took the puter down ta the cold basement an left it there fer a few minnits.  When he turned it on, it made some noise where the hard drive is, but it stopped after 10 seconds.  He said that made him think the hard drive was overheating cause the fans werent turnin fast.  But in the cold basement, it wasnt overheatin!  Well, that still wasnt gonna help upstairs where it is warmer.  So he took that case off annyway, and turned on a real noisey machine that blows real hard.  He shot air into the puter from all directions specially at the fans and he says some stuff did come out (like cat hairs and grit).  When he turned it on again, no noise!

Then he brought it back upstairs, left the side open, let it sit fer a hour, and turned it on.  NO NOISE!  We are all hopin that lasts, but it probly wont.  But he says as long as it lasts past the holidays, that would be good cuz the Apple repair store is REAL busy right now and after ChrissyMouse Day.

It doesnt seem fair that there are 3 Windows repair stores right here in town, but the nearest Apple repair place is 30 miles away!  First, he's not thrilled ta hafta drive 60 miles round trip twice in holiday traffic.  Second, we all sure dont wanna hafta be wifout a puter fer a week!

So we are all purring good thoughts that it keeps werkin right fer a while...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Puter Failure.

Loud Noises from it.  Think it is hard drive.  Back when we can soon we can.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decorating The Tree - With Cats

THE BIG THING:  I have sometimes seen lists like this about various experiences People have with their cats, but I thought it would be fun to just sit down and make one up myself.

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree With Cats

1. Put tree in stand, set upright.
2. When cats climb tree and knock it over, set upright again.
3. Decorate tree.
4. When cats knock off lower glass ornaments, sweep floor of glass shards.
5. Move all glass ornaments to top half of tree.
6. When cats knock off soft ornaments from bottom of tree, sweep floor of shredded cloth and fluff.
7. Move all ornaments to top half of tree.
8. When cats climb tree and knock it over again, set upright again.
9. Sweep floor of glass shards.
10. Place a large sheet of plywood on floor, screw tree stand to plywood.
 11. Try to move plywood and tree into place.
 12. Unscrew tree stand when you realize you have screwed the stand through plywood and into the floor.
 13. Build small base under plywood.
 14. Reattach tree stand to plywood.
 15. Since bare plywood looks ugly, cover with a bright sheet.
 16. Leave room to get presents to put under tree.
 17. When you return, admire the way the cats have pulled off the sheet and have dragged it into the next room.
 18. Staple sheet onto plywood base.
 19. Place presents under tree.
 20. Leave room to hang wreath on door.
 21. Listen with admiration while cats shred wrapping paper off presents.
 22. Tape gift wrap best as possible.
 23. Spray “Cat-Off” on all presents.
 24. Remove cat from top of tree.
 25. Fashion tree trunk guard of chicken wire after lopping off branches from lower half of tree.
 26. Go looking for extension cord to plug in tree lights.
 27. Upon return, undo chicken wire to free cat that has somehow gotten trapped inside it.
 28. Redo trunk guard and crimp top to prevent cat re-entry.
 29. Watch cats commence to shredding the wrapping paper sprayed with “Cat-Off”.
 30. Build chicken wire enclosure all around tree.
 31. Put away tools.
 32. Upon return, observe cat inside chicken wire enclosure crying for release.
 33. Disassemble chicken wire enclosure.
 34. Remove now-sleeping cat.
 35. Disassemble chicken wire tree trunk guard.
 36. Remove decorations from tree.
 37. Remove tree from stand and toss outside.
 38. Disassemble plywood base.
 39. Put presents in attic.
 40. Visit catless neighbor.
 41. Admire their beautiful tree and take pictures.
 42. Post tree pictures in room.
 43. Email all your non-visiting relatives pictures of “your tree”.
 44. Especially if they have cats...
 45. Tell visiting relatives that you “decided to donate the cost of a tree to charity this year”.
 46. Gather up all your cats, give them scritches and treats, and tell them you love them (which is true).

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Package Opened!

Yay!  We got ta open our package today!  It was from the Creek Cats! 

It was stuffed wif lovely pink papers and Iza can't wait to tooth those.   

An the box was full of stuff!  WOW!   

A stocking of toys an nip...   

Cards fer us ta use.   

Cool toys!   

And a holiday card from The Creek Cats themselfs!

  We don't know what we did ta deserve all this, but we sure are glad of it!  Woo-HOOO!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

SNOW Pictures!

LC:  Well, the snow stopped fallin sometime last night.  I dint get too ecited about cuz Ive seen even deeper snow before.  But Ayla an Iza were jus amazed!  The Big shoveled it off the driveway.  He got some help halfway through, but thats a subject fer his own blog.  The point is that the big noisey machine can get out of the driveway.

What was more important was the deck.  He promised us a path!  He let us look at the wall of snow first.

It was deep!

Then he shoveled a path fer us...

I'll wait fer it ta dry first.  Ayla wouldnt even consider it.  Ta my surprise, Iza went right out!

IZA:   I was really curious about the stuff.  It wasnt ezactly WET, but it made me want to shake my paws as I walked on it cuz it was cold, and THEN wet.

 I went out ta the end an looked around fer skwerrels and birdies, but there were none in sight.  Darn, I wanned ta see those skwerrels tryin ta run around in this stuff.

But my pawsies got cold, so I decided to come back in.

I stopped and nibbled at some snow first.  LC had said ta try that.  It really IS water, but it made my tunge feel funny!

We have all agreed that we will wait for the path ta dry before going out again.  Now that I've seen the stuff, I just hope it goes away soon.  LC says it will take about a week.  Thats a long time fer water ta sit around.  The Big Thing says it may be around longer than that cuz it is gonna snow again before this stuff melts away.  How does he KNOW stuff like that?

LC:   I gotta mention somethin funny about deep snow.  When Skeeter and I were young, we saw the first deep snow,  TBT shoveled a path fer us.  Skeeter went out an then tried ta hop over the wall of snow.  He sank in right to his tail tip!  Then he tried to hop back, but he dint know which way.  He was thrashin all around.  TBT hadda run out an rescue him.  Skeeter allus hated snow after that...  I dont think highly of it either.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


IZA:  Wow, we are having neat weird weather!  Fluffy white stuff is falling from the sky.  I never seen it afore.  Ayla says she seen it twice, and LC says she has seen it too many times.  The Big Thing, of course, has seen it many times.  But even he says he has only seen it like this a couple times.  LC says it is called "snow".  TBT says it is fluffy rain.  Well, at least I know what rain is.  But "fluffy rain"?  I don't know how that can happen.  Does that make it like "lint?

I was allowed ta paw at it through the open deck fer a few minits.  It is COLD, it is very light and fluffy.  It is REAL cold out. The stuff floats down like fevvers, but sometimes the wind gets real strong and blows the stuff in yer face.

Mainly, it is piled very HIGH!  Right next ta the deck door it is only like a paw deep, but a cat0length away, it is very high.  When TBT closed the deck door, I stretched up on it an looked out.  I couldn't see over it!  Well, I can see up toward the trees, but I can't see things I normally see, like the birdie feeder and the shrubses I like ta sit unner.

TBT put onna a bunch of strange stuff I never saw him dressed in afore, ta go out an get his noospaper and the mail.  I am embarrassed ta say that he looked like a scarey monster in all that stuff, so I poofed my tail and raised are my furs at him until he spoke ta me.  He even put big tall (taller than me) rubberry things called "boots" on his feet an said he was goin "out front" ta get them.  So I jumped on the "front" windowsill ta watch.  I was amazed.  He had trubble walkin through the stuff.  An when he came back in, there was that "snow" stuff over his tall rubber boots an even his leg clothes.

But, cool, there were several cards fer us in the mail, so we are glad he went out ta get them.  There was even a small package fer us!  More on that later.

Apparently, the "snow" falls weerd.  Cauz it was only 14" deep out front on the driveway, but like I said, it was taller than me stretched up on the deck door in the back.  TBT started ta splain it, but I know that tone of voice and trotted away.  Snow just "is". I dont care "why".  But, annyway, the deck seems ta have 2 feet of snow an the driveway has only 14".  Who cares about the "why"?  TBT seems obsessed by stuff like that.

LC says it will be fun after the snow-stuff stops fallin cuz TBT will dig a path across the deck so we can go out an watch the skwerrels struggle through it.  That sounds cool!  We all have already had fun watchin the birdies hop on the snow near the deck door.  We all chatter together at them.

Im worried the stuff wont stop fallin.  I mean, its been fallin 2 days.  What if it just keeps doing that?  Well, at least we got a Big Moon worth of Stinky Goodness in the pantry.  An buckets of clean litter.  So I figure we are safe fer a while.

But Im pretty sure we kitties wont be runnin around the big back yard fer a while!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Straightenin up of Our Email Accounts

We are pleased to say that our "Markmews" email account, which has been fritzy since April has finally been fixed. 

We made The Big Thing sit down and call Comcast 3 days ago and ask for HELP like kiten. Cuz he had managed to arrange for our emails to be forwarded to the old skeeterandlc account back then, but it was makin us feel awkward seein skeeter's name on all the emails an he wouldn't fix the problem. An we were sending emails (sometimes) usin his or skeeter's name by accidenty.

So we were gettin kinna upset about it.

So Weds, we made him brave the long wait times gettin to the Comcast ISP help people. They DID get the marksmews account ta show up on the email list again, but they couldn't get our marksmews account ta stop forwardin ta the old skeeterandlc email account even wif TWO senior techs werkin on it. But they gave hims a ticket number ta call back on in 3 days.

So he did. This time, everything werked fine and (after waiting 30 minutes on the phone, while we all got bored an fell asleep), they got it to change just fine back to direct-to-marksmews when they woke us up.  That was cool.

We are happy that we are using marksmews again all direct-like, and The Big Thing is pleased to find that it wasnt his fault he couldn't make the changes cuz the techs couldnt either until today when they redid his primary account an weerd stuff like that.

Now it is something called "backed up". Is that like havin a puffy tail? We hope not.Annyway, we think our email account are werking like they should.  TBT even managed ta move all the forwarded emails back to marksmews like they shouldda been.  We think he should getta steak fer that (cauz he doesn't much like our treats an toys.  So he is thawin out some "filett" thing fer tonight an says that will do just fine.

Whatever...  We all agree that "fixed" is good (when it comes ta computers).

Now it is 6 am, we got fresh warm sheets on the waterbed, and we are all gonna pile on him just as soon as we can get him unner the blankies there.

Inspired by the Meezer's Poem. Of Ham, Glorious Ham!

Inspired by the Meezers. We love they enjoy it about ham like we do.


Sliced, spiraled, cubed or shred,
That where all our faces head,

Leave the honey glazes off,
All the pineapple, cloves (we coff)

Leave us just the ham, the precious meat,
Let us sniff and smell and eat.

Those small bits that escape our bowl,
We’ll hunt them down and eat them whole.

We do prefer the Danish kind,
It is not salty, yet divine.

But still the country kind is glee.
We do not taste the salt, you see.

In thanks for all this taste of ham,
I purr before before you (Yes I am).

And until we turkey see,
We will enjoy ham , yessiree.

And if tomorrow brings some duck,
We will not say the slightest “yuck”?

The duck is nice a change of food,
But still ham is the greatest, dood.

So here’s to ham,
May long it be
A food of cat gentility.
So long as ham is food I am,
A cat of deep tranquility!

LC, Ayla, and Iza

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Bowls

We have had many kinda food bowls over the years. When it was Big Skeeter and LC, we had large bowls cause we split a can of Stinky Goodness oncet a day.

When Ayla joined us, we hadda kinna chase our foods around in the large bowls cuz we were all splittin 2 cans a day twicet. She was small an needed feedin little amounts more often. An she dint like dry crunchies.

When Skeeter left last December, we stayed wif the smaller bowls but oncet a day. That dint werk cuz we kept pushin it over the bowl edges.

Then Iza joined us in January this year an we went back ta larger bowls once a day. But that dint werk fer Iza.

Fer months, we been on small bowls twicet a day (cause it helped Iza handle her food intake). It sure has been somethings ta adjust to! But The Big Thing decided it was too hard ta clean our 2 sets of bowls efry day (cause he isn't a good regular cleaner of bowls) an he wanted ta find more of the bowls what we were usin at the moment.

The only place that he could hunt them at was Target, an they were always "out of stock" ("stock" being things he hunts, we think). So he finally gave up and hunted the white bowls. He wasnt sure brown food looked good in white bowls, but he was getting tired of huntin (an failin) the red ones efry week.

AHEM, like WE can tell the difference? He has all these names fer colors we dont see annyway.

ITS THE FOOD, RIGHT? We dont really care whether he plops the Stinky Goodness on a piece of sandpaper or in a fine crystal glass! We jus want it in a size where we can lick it outta efry spot.

But he means well, an we love him fer THAT. But it was fun thinkin back on all the foodbowls we have had...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Package!

We got a package a few days ago!  Its fer us cuz our names are on it.  We wanted to open it right away, but the Big Thing said we should wait til Chrissymouse Day.  We said that was too long...

So he said we should do it on the Solstice Day.  We grumbled, but at least thats only a week away...  Then he said we could have both duck and tuna Stinky Goodness next week, so we gave in.

[THE BIG THING: You get both each week anyway]

Wait, what?  We been had again.  Ooh, he is SUCH a tricksie negotiator!  We are gonna sit on his face while he is asleep!  And use the litterboxes all we can so he hasta clean them more often!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anonymous Blocking

We are getting more anonymous spam comments these days.  Some are dubious ads for meds, some are just random weird gibberish.  We set up delayed Comment Moderation a few months ago, but having to reject some comments every day is getting to be annoying.

We are reluctant to use Word Moderation, because we find it personally annoying and don't wish to subject our friends to that.  The Comment Moderation hardly ever effects anyone but spammers.

But we are going to experiment with changing our blog to not accept "anonymous" posts.  That means, as far as we can tell by discussions on blogger forums, that none of you will notice the difference.

But if you are a friend and cannot comment, please let us know.  Our email addy is embedded in our header.  We trust you know about changing some words to the symbols...  We don't want any friend to be blocked from commenting.  But the spam comments are increasing weekly, and we have to try to stop or reduce it.

But definitely, no one can post "anonymous" anymore.  We regret that, but it may only affect the spammers (we hope).

The Big Thing
LC, Ayla, and LC

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Address Games

LC, Ayla, and Iza:  Well. we went through ALL our adressy records for like, 4 whole days an thought we had it all done right!

Ya know, like fer every saved card an envelops from last year, plus what new addresses we collected since.  Like prizes an such.  We're shameless, iffen we learn an addy, we will send holiday cards in December, right?

So we thought we were all done, an we had The Big Thing match them up ?  But then HE laffed at US!  No really, he did.  He found we had one address what we had not addressed a card to (cuz we couldnt figure out the name).  Ta be fair, he tried ta help us figure out who it was (cuz he really IS good that way).

It gets weirder.  Early in the day, we had sent emails ta coupla friends we had cards from last year but couldn't find addy's for.  Well, we dint have addy's for efry friend (an still dont).  But we hadnt got anny replies.

So we were all guessin about the addy we DID have but couldnt figure out who it was.  We looked at it all around from all directions.  TBT thought mebbe the name was "Daisy".  Well, we checked real fast and sure enough, we dint have Daisy The Curly Cat's addy. so we emailed her ta see if that was hers. 

Well, as soon as we did, we got a new email!  Not from Daisy, but a reply from Kaze, Latte, and Chase.
Well, stick us wif a fork an call us "done" cuz it was the very addy we were tryin ta figure out!

We still laffin, cuz iffen we had just waited 1 minnut, we wouldda had it wifout confoosin Daisy The Curly Cat about it (though we did get her addy ta send her a card and that was a good thing).

So that was the tale of the uncertain addy!  We cracked up when it was all figured out.   We hope ya got some fun from it too!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

About Skeeter

The Big Thing: 

First, I want to thank the many people and cats who offerred words of comfort to us about Skeeter.  Thank you all.  You kind words and thoughts helped me through this difficult day I had been seeing coming for a couple of months, and dreading. 

I know so many of us have lost "once in a lifetime" cats and feel the same pain and loss.  I know I am not unique in that way.  But Skeeter was MY "once in a lifetime cat", and I am sufferring his loss all over again right now.

I'll be honest.  Most days I am happy to live alone with my several cats.  LC, Ayla, and Iza are wonderful in their own ways and I am grateful for their company.  But for the past year, hardly a day goes by when I don't think of Skeeter and cry for his absence.  I never thought that a cat could leave such a hole in my heart.  His absence is, if I may quote Mecutio "' not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door, but tis enough, 'twill serve;".  I am every day reminded of his absence.  I was not so before.

There were some questions about Skeeter (some in blog comments and some in emails)...

Skeeter lived to 16.5 years.  He was not 5 when he died.  But he is 5 over the Bridge.  That was his own choice of a perfect age to be forever.  LC says she wants to be 2 years.  Ayla and Iza do not have to think about that yet.

Skeeter got his name because, after he got over his fear of me his first days, he wouldn't stay away from me.  He stayed around me like a mosquito and we called mosquitos "skeeters" when I was young.

When I brought Skeeter's body back from the vet, it took 15 minutes to drive the 2 miles.  I had to pull over several times to wipe the tears from my eyes.  I cry easily when emotionally upset and I am not ashamed about it.  You can't drive safely while crying.  It was a difficult drive home.

I set Skeeter's body on the floor so that LC and Ayla could sniff him carefully to understand that he was dead.  I didn't want them to think that he had wandered off and gotten lost.  Or been given away.  I think they understood.  LC did wander around a few days calling out.  But not 2 weeks like when Tinkerbelle simply disappeared 10 years ago.  Ayla seemed to simply accept he was dead.  So, yes, I think that helped them. Iza arrived after Skeeter was gone.

He is buried in the last place he spent outside.  He never had any special place in the yard, but he did spend his day outside near the small pond.   I dug a hole about 3 feet deep when I hit rocks I couldn't remove.  I put some soft soil back in and set him down on it.  Backfilling the hole was the hardest thing I have ever done.

About once a month, I simply stand in front of the little memorial I made for him and remember him.  I recall how he would just pass out while being scritched on my lap.  And how he always smelled like talcum powder.  And how he would purr forever when being stroked.

I will miss him all the rest of my days...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Skeeter Holiday Graphic

I want to thank Ann at Zooltry for this wonderful graphic of Skeeter!  I got all leaky-eyed but smiled as well.  It is very Decembery and Skeeter always did like Chrissymouse Day because of the new treats and toys he would get.

I was going to post it yesterday, but that was a sad day and this is a cheerful reminder of the good times.  So it felt better to post it separately.

Thank you, Ann...

The Big Thing

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Year Gone...

THE BIG THING: Been one whole year today since Skeeter went over The Bridge. Exactly at this post time of 3:45 pm.  I won't forget the day and I won't forget the time.

A sad day of memories... I still think of him often. I have been fortunate to have many good kitties in my long life and I have loved them all, but there has never been one like you, Skeeter. And there will never be another like you again.

From your first days asleep beside a small remote:

To your last (falling over as you tried to find the litterbox) and I knew the terrible truth that day:

And all the wonderful days of your prime in between:

On this day, I most especially miss you Skeeter.

It is hard to describe the differences between Skeeter and the other wonderful cats I have had in my life. It is mostly a matter of degree. But by any measurement, be it it friendliness, bed-compatible, lapness, easy-going-ness, satisfied by any food, attentive, mouse-hunting, utter handsomeness, kind to and wonderful Big Brother to other cats, even general life-long health; he was the top winner in all categories.

My dear friend, if I could have you back again from the first day and for many years, I would gladly give up a year of my life...  You would enrich all the other years so much, it would be worth it.

Skeeter, I'm glad you are having fun over The Bridge at the forever prime age of 5. I will join you there one day, my friend. I will find a place to sit, you will hop up on my lap, and I will scritch and stroke you into happy unconciousness as in days of old when you went completely limp and oblivious to the scary world, safe in my arms.

And you and I will meet again all the kitties of my life...  You will stand closest to me, and they will understand and not be offended in any way.

I won't be there very soon, Skeeter. I have other kitties to care for (one you never even met and maybe others in the future), and a life to finish living for a while. But I will will be there one day, my friend...

On this anniversary of the minute of your departure from my world, I remember you.  And until we meet again, all I have is this:

Memories of you, a small physical reminder, and old photos...

The Big Thing

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Before And After- Laser Eyes 1

OK, SOMETIMES we nap together briefly. By accident...

But it isn't the rule, ya know. Seriously, sometimes we are napping a few lengths apart and natural movements jus slide us near. It's nefer deliberate, we swear onna packet of temptations! There is somethin about a waterbed that just sinks us closer together. We dont like it.

That's where the Laser eyes come in, tryin ta kill the camera!

Thats our story an we're sticking to it...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cards and Blogline

Wow, did we ever have some surprises yesserday!

1.  First the cards:  The Big Thing dragged up our computer holiday card-sendin list from last year.  Of course, we looked it over carefully.  After all, we dont wanna address a card to a kitty what is over the Bridge of course, cuz it aint no use trying to mail cards over there.  We know.  we tried ta send Skeeter a birfday card and it came back "undeliverable". The Big Thing tole us it would, but well, we wanned ta try anyway.  So we dint wanna do that by mistake again.

We have fun helpin TBT make the cards an laffin at him when he made silly Bein mistakes (more on that later).  We paw the next name on the list an helpful stuff like sittin on the envelopes.

[LC an Ayla: If anything smells funny on yer card, its cuz Iza likes ta do "The Butt Scootch" across papers. Now, we checked her good afore that, an she was real clean, but we're warning ya fer the sake of honestly. Like TBT has given up worryin about it, and even he aint dead yet... In fact, he cleans so much litterpan stuff, he is probly the most dangerous thing in the house in spite of all his handwashin]

[TBT:  OK, enough already, ladies!] 

[OK, but guess who licked all the envolope glue...  We hope she dint send US any cards!]

But the surprise was that we learnt that a bunch of our friends what we thought had stopped posting are going good right up ta yesterday!  Yes.,we are total embarr-assed ta discover we havent been visitin some friends just cuz we THOUGHT they werent postin.

[Its TBT's fault.  Hes sposed ta KNOW that stuff]

Which leads us ta Number 2...

[Iza: does that mean Im sposed ta go poop downstaors right now?]

[Iza been hitting on the Nip plant too much TBT!]

[ENOUGH, or the squirt bottle comes out!]

(Ahem) coff, coff...

Which brings us ta item 2.   We haf been usin Blogline ta keep up wif the lastest posts.  Its cool cuz it shows us who has made new posts.  So if annyone has noticed we aren't on the Blogspot/Google "Follower" thingie, that why.  We are followin about 50 kittie blogs plus commentors what arent on our list, it just doesn't show up on that "Follower" thing.  An it seems so HARD ta switch.  So we gotta ask a few questions...

1 mousie - Does it bother annyone that ya don't see us on the Follower thing?

2 mousie - Is there a way ta export all our Blogline list ta Follower in one swell foop?

3 mousie - Is there a better thing than Bloglist or Follower? If we gonna switch, it better be to the best...

Just checking...

Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas/Holiday Cards

We love ta send cards.  But rather than try to exchange addresses with everykitty everyyear:

1.  If you got one from us last year and haven't moved, you will get one this year.  No action required.  We kept the addresses.
2.  If you didn't get one from us last year and would like one, reply with an address.  Dont be shy askin...
3.  If you moved this year and got one from us last year PLEASE send an updated address.  We don't want to miss sending friends a card, but we sometimes lose track about who has moved.
5.  We have met some GREAT new friends the past year, but don't always remember who we met SINCE last year.  Send us your address.  If we already have it, no harm, right?  And if we don't, we don't want to miss sending you a card!
6.  If ya sent us one last year but dint get one from us, yall get one this year.
7.  If we missed anny possibilities, tell us.

If alla this is too confusin, just send us yer address an we'll make The Big Thing figure it out!  He has last year's list an will update it or confirm them or whatever...  We wanna send LOTS of cards.  We beat The Big Thing in holiday cards by 2-1 last year an we wanna make it 3-1 this year,  MOL!  Please help us out...

Our addressy is:

LC, Ayla, and Iza Spencer
2118 Marbella Drive
Waldorf, MD 20601-2743
USA (if required)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Favrit Spot Ta Nap

IZA:  Well, iffen LC gets ta be all pleased wif her cube tent napping spot, I can mention I found this cool new spot ta nap on myself. Its the "dishwasher door". I like it cause it is often quite warm, I get to see The Big Thing movin around wifout my bein unnerfoot, an I can smell the foods better than from onna floor.

Almost looks like Im typin, doesnt it?  The Big Thing mentioned "hair in the system" but I don't plan on givin up this new sittin spot! I fit in it, so it must be mine.

An asides, sometimes there is good stuff like gravy ta lick off the plates... Which is my right, right? These were are clean though. Pooh!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Napping Spot

LC:  Its funny how sometimes a new place ta nap just catches yer attenshun!  Weve had this little cube tent around fer a couple years.  It got used by Skeeter an me at first, but we didnt affer a while.  Then, when Ayla arrived, she would hide in it an whap us when we walked by (mebbe thats why we started avoidin it).  Iza neffer used it.

So I was just lookin at it a few days ago, an decided ta crawl in.

Theres a cushion innit!  Comfy...

Easy spot ta defend!

The Big Thing saw me in there right away (he notices us wherever we are quite amazingly).

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vanishing Act

AYLA:  I'm gettin ready ta go out mousie huntin, so I hafta make myself vanish.  The Big Thing caught me in the act earlier today (that was real careless of me, but I dint know he was there).  See, vanishing takes some concentration.

First, I hafta rub up against the Bast statoo...

Then, away I go...

Biggify it ta see me vanishin better.

After that, Im gone.......

Iza cant do this,  Heh-heh-heh...  LC used to, but she hadda be outside an really concentrate for a while and she cant annymore.  Now lookout mousies, here I come!