Sunday, January 04, 2009

Poofy Tail Girl

AYLA: OK, I got full poofy tailed a coupla days ago. The Big Thing wants to be out wif us alla time, but he went inside the house ta get "some stuff", and a big mancat jumped inta the yard then.

LC and I charged him but he dint budge a bit. We were all inna circle hissin and yellin.

Well The Big Thing came back out an saw what was goin on. He charged right at the mancat and it sure made a diference! That kitty went right up the fence an dint stop runnin. We really felt safer right off. He is good ta have aroun!

Ayla: But I was in full poof fer one of the first times. I mean, I had managed ta get half the tail poofed a few times, but never the whole thing, ya know? LC was even pleased ta see it, cause she says it is portant ta learn ta do that. Ya gotta look real big, she says, when other kitties come around. I'll hafta amember that! She's good at that an can puff up her entire furs! I can't do that yet, but I am practicin. I wanna get good like LC.


Everycat said...

Ayla you are Mistress of the Poofy Tail! That's a top quality poof you have going on there. Use it wisely, it has mighty powers!

Whicky Wuudler

Alasandra said...

Yes, being able to poof is very important. We girls are able to poof our whole bodies and we look huge. Mommy says she gets floofy cats when we are scared. Socks just poofs his tail.

You did great Ayla!

~S,S & C

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh what a lovely poofy tail you have. Our Simone used to poof a lot but I'm not a poofy tail kinda cat really...

Tyler said...

Look at that picture of the two of you hanging out in your heading! In our house, the girls have never gotten along. Congrats on getting along well enough to sit next to each other. Companionship is wonderful. My mom would love to see my sisters Cookie and Sophie.

Poofy tail Ayla?!? Good for you. I hope that big bully stays away from your yard in the future.

We hope that your 2009 is filled with love and happiess.

JB's Big World said...

That really is a poofy tail! Good for you!
And thanks for your comment for Misty. I am sorry, we knew Skeeter went to the Bridge but did not know it was from CRF too. I just wish there could be a cure for this disease. Hope you guys are doing ok.
Thanks again for your visit and comment..

Daisy said...

See, you can always count on The Big Thing to protect you.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow! A WHOLE poofy tail sure beats a partial one, Ayla! Good work! I do agree with Miss Daisy 'bout having The Big Thing around to chase off intruders, though.

Cory said...

That's one serious poofy tail! I'd be scared off by that.

Max said...

Good job! LC is right, making yourself big is very important. And hissing just right, If you poof and hiss, you'll be positively scary!