Thursday, January 29, 2009


LC: We gotta package from Darling Millie a week ago, but The Big Thing made us wait fer it ta be opened until Iza was comfy in the house and gettin along. But he opened it taday! I sat back an watched. It is fun ta watch the kittens play all ecited like. I feel like I'm their mother more than sister. The Big Thing took the pictures this time cause it was a bit tricky; I stood on a chair an offered advice.

Here's the package. We love seeing thse cause theyre almos allus fer us! We been sniffin it fer a week cause we could tell it was kitty stuff.

Iza was first ta see the new stuff. She gotta good sniff of everythin an ran off with the catnip bag.

Ayla heard some action goin on, so she rushed in from the bedroom. She saw the buncha new stuff on one of the kitty tower platforms. She dint know Iza had taken the catnip bag away yet.

Ayla batted off all the shiny soft new mousies while TBT tossed them back up. She loved that.

Iza was really givin the catnip bag a good workout. I'll hafta check that bag out when they get tired later. I LOVE NIP!

TBT put the nip bag back with the other stuff so Iza went back and checked out the other stuff too. There are temptations, a card, 2 squiggles, 3 mousies, a box of fancy fudge (which TBT removed fer hisself "fer later") an the catnip bag. TBT says the Van Otis Swiss Fudge is "wunnerful". We cant have anny of it though.

Iza liked the new mousies a lot too. Iza an Ayla both chased them around lots.

Ayla got a chance ta sniff the nip bag, and got real ecited after doing that.

I loved this picture! Ayla an Iza both had a new mousie unner paw (an note that they chose mousies what matched their collers), but the nip bag was right between them, They werent sure what ta do. Well, Iza eventually batted the mousie around an Ayla went for the nip bag, but the camera was full by then... We gotta switch from 18 3 meg pics ta 31 2 meg pics. We keep runnin outta camera...


meemsnyc said...

Iza, you look like our Dante!! That is a great package you two got! So fun!!

Millie said...

I am glad to see you all liked your pressies! That catnip bag was a big hit here too. Mom had to keep shoo-ing me away when she made it.

Mom loves that fudge. Diva Kitty Mom calls them "evil little chocolates."

Alasandra said...

Tell TBT he needs to buy a card with more memmory. Mommy's holds so many pictures she has never filled it up.

Those mousies sure are shiny that's neat that Ayla & Iza picked the mouse that matched their collar.

Have fun playing with all the cool stuff once the kitties get tired LC. ~S,S & C

Angus Mhor said...

I'm real proud of you girls. You're doin' such a great job of learnin' to get along with each other. I wish Jazzmin could take a lesson from ya. I think, Iza, that you and Ayla, are very chose mice to match your pretty new collars-I'm not sure I'd have done that, but mom says that's about normal for guys. We're "sartorially challenged" she says.

Gattina said...

You lucky once got spoiled ! Rosie would love to share the mousies with you, or rather she would keep them, lol !

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a fun fun package!!!

Cat Street Boyz said...

Oh, just look at all that fun in your package...we got a BIG package yesterday but it was a new Littermaid Mega from BJs. Our first one burned our 'cause one of us boyz pees to high. Now Mommy is working out a way to put a shield up to protect the motor area. Well our next package better look like yours!!!=^Y^=the Cat street Boyz

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those great presents all of you got :-D

PS to TBT: Get a new memory card. I purchased a 4 GB card for just under $20 last month.