Monday, February 09, 2009

Still Unfasionable!

IZA: I been a BAD girl... I got reasons, but I was still a bad girl.

Yesserday, The Big Thing decided ta try ta make my garment stay tied up better. Ya can see what it looked like. I looked like the villin in a slasher movie.

An I was getting the strings untied, even wif his good boy scout knots!

So he found some shoelace and laced me up good (wif the pink strings still in place). He efen tied the garment ta my collar on the back and through the front leg holes ta keep it from slippin.

It fits pretty snug an I cant get out of it. But it makes me walk funny an sometimes I fall off the furniture.

So he went ta the baby store and got a baby "onsie". The sales lady laffed when he explained the sizing difficulty. They finally decided on a 3-6 month old size. I gotta admit they are pretty. There is red an pink an green an yellow. But when he tried ta put one on me, that's when I became a bad girl!

I dint like any part of it. Not the whole thing being pulled over my head (I bit the cloth an wouldnt let go). When he finally got my head thru the neck part I bit HIM. When he tried ta get my paws thru the arm sleeves, I spread my claws all wide an I pulled my head back out! And I clawed as hard as I could at his hands efen when I was bitin him.

He finally went downstairs an came back with leather gloves! That stopped the bitin and clawin, but he couldnt get my paws thru the arms then wif the thick gloves on. An, of course, I was twistin and squirmin real hard too.

He is evil clever though. He took off the gloves, forced my head thru the neck part and the TIED ON THE CONE! THEN, he put me onna wood floor (no traction fer claws) between his legs, an pushed the cone against a easy chair.

It still took him 20 minutes ta get my front paws through the arms and get the back leg parts snapped shut. He efen punched a hole in the back of the onesie neck part and put my collar thru the hole. Then he took the cone off.

We were both exhaustified! And angry... I ran behind the chair an yowled; he went and opened a beer. He went ta the computer ta take yesserday pictures off the camera an make more room. While he was doing that, I trotted inta the room with the onesie completely off me ecept it was hangin from my collar! I dint even let him take a picture.

Now I got the first garment back on! THAT took another 10 minutes. Holding the garment on me while getting shoelace thru the holes AND holding me down was amazin. He was efen usin his (flat blunt) teef ta pull shoelace.

He says he is gonna mebbe buy the "newborn" size onesie, or try ta adjust the ones we have, but mebbe just leave me in the T-Shirt thing an draw some pictures onit... There's only 8 days left ta go an we are both annoyed an tired.

The only good thing he knows is that 2 people could do all this a LOT easier...


Camie's Kitties said...

We are sorry you are having so much trouble with the covering for your stitches. Mom had a cat that came before that had to both wear a onesie and had to wear a cone. She says the ones worked really well for the stomach surgery, and once Tinker got used to wearing something, he forgot that he had it on. He also had to wear a collar for months at a time because he had fantom pain from a partially amputated tail. The first day or two were the worst, and after that he got used to it, and could run and jump and play, and it didn't slow him down. (He would attack where the tip of his tail had been and leave it shredded when he was stressed out)

Good luck to you both.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

PS - we gave you an award.

Millie said...

Iza - You go girl! I am glad to see you are putting up a fuss! If you took all this lying down (pun intended) I'd be a little disappointed in you!

- Millie

Big Thing, oh, you have made me laugh again. I know I shouldn't, but your story is pretty funny. Millie does the same when I try to trim her claws. As a result, she has all of them!

- Lynne

Cory said...

Iza, you are one of the only kitties who can make duct tape look cute! If you just leave those silly stiches alone, you wouldn't be putting the Big Thing through all this fuss!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I don't know Iza... two people might just get in each other's way! You are making my human laugh.. probably because she is glad none of us were that irritating with our sutures.

Daisy said...

Iza, you are like a little Houdini!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Hahaha! I can't believe you got out of the onesie so easily.

I think the garment TBT made looks better with pink and black ties :-) More fashionable. Maybe he should draw on it, so it's prettier.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Wow! That's quite the outfit you've got there. You're just the cutest little thing...even all tied up in that get-up. Our Lady and the (formerly) Blonde Girl put flea medicine on all 6 of us last night. Next time they're gonna get out the leather gloves too.

Derby said...

Mum laughed when you got to the part that TBT went and had a beer!

Lux said...

Oh my! One thing I'll say for your Big Thing, he doesn't give up!

Mom says her heart goes out to him, whatever that means. :)

The Crew said...

I found a good solution to protecting abdominal stitches is this. It's cheap & easy.

Take a heavy weight men's white sport sock with a long, thick ribbed cuff. Cut off the foot and slip the cuff over her body. It should cover about from her front legs to her back legs and will prevent her from bothering her stitches.

Crew's Mom