Thursday, February 05, 2009


LC: Oh Bast, did Ayla an Iza haf a busy visit ta the V-E-T on TUESDAY! They got "The Werks". Ayla tole me about her part when she came back with The Big Thing in the morning. She said she got stabbed 3 times (2 ta inject stuffs and 1 ta steal some of her blood). She got poked where no pokin is natural, and squoze all around and stuff like that. She efen got put back in the PTU and hauled out again twicet when they thought of new mean things ta do. She said that other than the 2 spay operations, that was the worst V-E-T visit EFER!

An she said Iza got taken away in "The Back Rooms" (shudder) immediately, crying loudly. Iza cried the whole way ta the V-E-T saying "Don't send me ta a new home, don't send me ta a new home". Apparently, we are her third home in 9 months and almos efry time she is put inna PTU she ends up inna strange house. Ayla tole her (with no real certainty) that The Big Thing would bring her home again ta us. Iza just cried an wailed. And then Iza didnt come home with Ayla.

So Ayla and I just sat aroun the house quietly all day, worried about Iza. Ayla was specially sad, cause Iza only been aroun a few weeks and they were JUST get ta be playmates. Ayla loves Iza already (I'll be honest, I really dont care that much. Iza is OK, but she an Ayla tagether are way too active an noisey, and Iza eats half my dinner). But I tole Ayla that I overheard The Big Thing tellin Iza that this was her Forever Home, and that calmed her down a bit.

We were real relieved when TBT left fer a while in the late afternoon an came back with Iza! Iza hadda rest in the PTU fer a while, but Ayla got her story...

Iza had her Ladygardenectomy! But before that, she had all the same stuffs what Ayla had gone through (injections, dejections, prods, pokes, and squeezes), her fur was all rubbed wrong while they looked fer fleas. She even had her poop examined! Then she got microchipped. THEN she had the operation.

Ya won't believe what happened after that. She got a new collar. So big she cant even groom herself or nothin! Its a big CONE. We nefer seen one of those afore an we hope we nefer do again!

She hasta wear it fer 2 WEEKS! Its HORRIBLE! She cant eat right or drink water well, and cant grab mousies in her teef.

At least TBT took it off shortly after she got home. He says the weerd collar is so she wont bite off her operation stitches. But he wanted ta see if she would try ta bite them. So he stayed right with her fer 8 hours. Sometimes Iza jus slept inna chairnexta him, sometimes in his lap (Ayla was a little jealous of all that laptime), an sometimes he just followed her around to watch ofer her.

Here is "The Tender Tummy".

Ayla got up ta look at the wound real close (an careful).

She sat an talked ta Iza fer the longest time about "operations, an glad ta see ya again, yeah I had that operation twicet, and itll get better". Ya know, comfortin stuff like that. Iza was happy fer the talking, but she was a bit fuzzy-headed still.

Me, Im just nappin while there is some peace an quiet in the house!

Iza started bitin at the stiches in the middle of the night, so TBT hadda put the cone back on Iza. It wasnt easy! Iza really fought it an he hadda fifure out how it werked. An then she pulled it off twicet! So TBT hadda tie it on tighter each time until Iza coudnt pull it off annymore.

He fell asleep leakin tears a bit. So I curled up nexta him all night (which I rarely do) and Ayla stayed with Iza and groomed her where she couldnt reach.



Max said...

Dang, I think it must be itchier when girl get the Operation. Neither Buddah or I had to wear the cone and it didn't bother us too much, other than the fact they were GONE. I hope Iza feels better really fast.

Parker said...

Awwwww, that makes me leaky eyed too. VET visits are awful! I bet Iza is happy to be back in her forever home!

Alasandra said...

Poor Iza, it was nice of Ayla to spend so much time comforting her. We are purring poor Ayla will stop going into heat and we have our paws crossed that Iza doesn't have the same problem. ~S,S & C

LC, being an older cat I can sympathize with you over the rowdiness of the young ones. ~Socks

Riley & Tiki said...

Iza, we hope you feel better soon! I did not need a cone, but Riley kept trying to bite my stitches so I had to swat him.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well I am glad that is over! And that while it's stressful all is well so far.

Have they figured out how it is that Ayla still goes into heat?

The Meezers said...

oh poor Iza. Mommy says that gramma trixie hadded to wear a cone after her ladygardenectomy 'acause of biting the stitches. she hadded to spoon feed her. if her cone is plastic, TBT can cut it down some so it's easier for her to move around and eat and drink. Mommy didded that wif me when I hadded to wear one and wander around hollering "crappity crap crap crap I'm a freaking floodlight". Oh, tell Iza to holler that alot too! - Miles

Sunny's Mommy said...

Oh no! The works! Poor girls. I hope Iza is feeling much better today.

Have a good weekend :-)

Daisy said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a lot of terrible torture! Thank goodness all the bad stuff is over with. Iza, I hope you are already feeling better after your operation. Ayla is a good nursie.

The Island Cats said...

Oh Iza...we hope you won't bite at your stitches anymore so you don't hafta wear that crazy cone thing....

Sassy Kat said...

Looks like you are giving plenty of TLC at your place. Always hard getting back to feeling better so make sure plenty of rest is on the docket.

Angus Mhor said...

Ayla, you're such a love! It's so good of you to comfort Iza..and poor Iza-baby. I'm so sorry for your tum..girls have it so much harder than us gents. Do rest lots and take your time gettin' back to wrasslin' and stuff.