Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Lumpy Thing Battles

IZA: Well, it seems the house is FULL of live lumpy things! I hopped up on my favrit chair today to play wif a mousie toy, and the hummingbird cloth that has nefer efer attacked me afore suddenly DID!

It whapped me a coupla times, so I stretched out and started whappin it myself ta find its weak spots.

When I figured out where those were, I went on a full whap attack! I beat on it from all directions...

I finally jumped up in the air and landed on it hard! A full body slam! THAT stopped it...


New rules:

1. Dont be unner a cloth when Iza is around.
2. Ya cant defend well unner a cloth.
3. Iza is heavy.

It was ME unner the cloth... Ouch!


pansylovr said...

Ayla, poor baby! looking for a quiet spot to take a nap and Iza attacks you.

Iza, poor baby too. You were just surprised to have your favorite throw "attack" you. How were you to know that Ayla was under there. Nice job "killing the bump".
Taz, Runt, and Charles and our caregiver, Anna in IL

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! what a surprise !!

The Island Cats said...

Ha! You learned a good lesson there, Ayla!

The Creek Cats said...

Thank you guys for your support in the commentathon and for helping out caboodle ranch! You guys rock!

Derby said...

Not good being the lump that gets attacked.