Saturday, April 18, 2009

Addiction Foods

We received our bag of Addiction Vishus Deer flavored dry crunchies yesserday, an The Big Thing opened it. He gave a small handful ta each of us ta see if we were innerested in it. We were.

Some background. We been eatin canned food fer breakfast (Fancy Foods) an dinner (Friskies), with the never-endin crunchies container fer snacks. Mostly Meow Mix cause we like the varied flavors of it. Then last month, TBT bought Authority crunchies cause it had more meat stuff. We like that better, so he been mixin the 2 ta get us used ta it (dont want no tummy troubles).

Meow Mix


So now we got Addiction Foods ta try. Well, The Big Thing has set up a esperiment. First, he is gonna mix equal parts of Meow Mix, Authority, an Addiction Foods together so we get used to all. Then he is gonna take away the never-endin crunchy container and put out bowls of each of the 3 crunchies. We're not sure we like that container goin away, but we dont get ta vote about that. Each bowl will haf one type, about a 1/4 cup of each. He will watch ta see which bowl gets emptied quickest, 2nd, an last. He will move the bowls around (one of us [unnamed but her initials are "LC" MOL] has a preference fer the left side of the row of bowls). He will record the results.

Cool... This should be innerestin. Meow Mix is cheap, Authority was the best "most meat, least cereal" crunchy TBT could find locally, and Addiction says it is mostly meats. So we're gonna see if we can tell.

There are some good ways ta tell. LC doesnt eat much dry these days, she cant taste as well as she useta. But she likes Hills Science Diet as a treat though an she ate the Addiction Food like a treat. Ayla doesn't eat much crunchies cause she likes stinkey goodness more than crunchies. But she ate some Addiction too. Iza eats annything, but she does have some slight dry stuff preferences (tends toward the cheap stuff).

So a chart will be made to see which bowls empty quickest each day and each night, which of us seem to be at the bowls (and which crunchies), and if it affects our poops. Sorry if that last item is a bit indelicate, but it does matter to TBT cause he says it reflects our health. Beins are weerd.

We will give it 2 weeks, will try to report after the 1st week and then after the 2nd week!

It will be innerestin ta see how this comes out!

Which do you all think we will like the best?


Willie said...

My mum just changed my food too. I had been eating Iams w/chicken, but she read that I shouldn't eat corn. Even though corn isn't a first ingredient in IAms it still has it in there. She went to a pet store called Lemo's feed and Pet supply where they sell natural foods. She had read about the food called EVO and it was very recommended by people. The nice lady at the store gave her 3 small sample bags. EVO, Innova and some Herring and Sweet Potato kind. I wasn't crazy about the EVO or the Herring food, but the Innova was pretty yummy. So she shelled out 18 green papers and got me that food. It has no corn in it, and has lots of protein. I also eat some wet Meow Mix in the little yellow tubs at night time. I loove that.
I hope your food trials go well. Its nice that our peepul go through all of this testing to figure out what we like to eat.


Max said...

We're still really enjoying our Addiction crunchies. I think the Woman would give it to us as our main food if she wasn't worried we'd get fat(ter) on dry food. Buddah would be ok, but I tend to get, em, fluffier when I eat all dry.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

It's hard to choose. We only get health food--right now it's the Blue Moon Katz N Flocken by Solid Gold. Sometimes we get their original and although it has rice or something in it the Woman is likely to go back to that because I didn't over eat on it like I do on this new lo carb formula! Sometimes we get Wysong but none of us like it as much as the other two.

Daisy said...

I think that Addiction food is very good for you! We would try it, but Harley's doctor is having him try a raw diet on account of his EGC.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh my goodness! Vishus vegan deerz food???? I tinks da MAxi might likes dat stuff. We gotta keep posted on dis.
Da momee here wants to tellz you how much it meant to her dats you came by to purr fur da Maxi. We almostee losted him & da momee almostee losted her mind.
It iz becuz of kitteez likes you dats we all made it through.
We lovez you,
Dr Tweety

Cat with a garden said...

This is a very interesting project! We think high meat/no grain is best for you. We are eating Orijen with other foods mixed in('cos we like the cheap ones better). Mom is still having a bad taste in her mouth because of the scandal with Orijen in Australia, but nothing similiar is heard of in Germany, so we think it's ok. Chilli likes the wet food better and Siena the dry food. With dry food we love everything new mom tries. With wet food we especially like the cheap stuff (mom rolls eyes) but the minimum mom won't cross at is that it doesn't contain sugar. We will definitely check how this test went!
Purrs, Siena and Chilli

P.S.: Thanks for putting the bitey on the impostor!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Sounds like a good experiment! We get mostly wet food and a small amount of dry 1/4 cup per day. Mom's been trying Wellness Core and it's going over ok, but slowly.

Parker said...

The less carbs and the more protein for us kitties, the better!

Parker said...

PS - Daddy plants Best Boys!