Saturday, May 02, 2009

Been Relaxin

Bits written by ALL of US: Sorry we dint post fer a copule days. We kinna got bored. It rains on an off, so the outside is wet an yucky. So we (Iza and LC), we dont wanna go out.

Ayla is been in heat again fer 6 days, so she is no fun ta play wif. Ya go ta wrassle wif her, an she just go limp... And she CAN't go out.

Nothing we been doin inside seemed worth pictures.

There were some lap-nappins. Ayla napped on The Big Tghing's lap fer 2 hours las night, which was kinna unusual. LC even spent about 20 minnutes there an that was VERY odd. She got carried there by TBT. That doesn't happen often, but she stayed.

LC is lookin kinna rough on the furs lately in spite of the medications. An she stays by herself most of the time. We think she really misses Skeeter an is a bit distressed

The big deal of the day lately is when TBT wakes up and we all get up onna bed at the same time. Even Ayla. We all get scritches. Ayla curls up on TBT legs and LC an I sit on opposite sides for attention (which we get).

Finally, he gets up an we have stinkey food breakfast. I (Iza) have to be fed in the closed bafroom so the others get a chance ta eat. LC eats real slow an I would just shove in an eat her food. So I gotta wait til she has eaten all she will. Then I get let out ta clean up... Ayla eats fast, but not so much when she is all in heat.

I (Iza) got some shreds of HAM anna little piece of cheese today from TBT. Thats why I stay in the kitchen annytime he is there.

An it is sposed ta rain off an on fer 2 MORE days! Yuck!


Milo and Alfie said...

Sometimes you just gotta give in to haffing a rest from everything including blogging!

Have a lovely snoozy Sunday.

Parker said...

It's OK to take it easy. We think the rain will do that sometimes...

Alasandra said...

Rainy days are the pits. We are sorry to hear LC isn't feeling her best. We are sending some healing purrs and puppy licks for her. ~S,S,C & F

The Island Cats said...

We hope the rain stops and you can get outside and start having some fun...

Cheysuli and gemini said...

HAM?! What did I hear about HAM?!

I hope that LC gets to feeling better. I think it is hard to miss long time friends.