Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dry Crunchies Taste-Off


Well, the first test was with all 3 crunchies available all day. In that test,we ate more Addiction dry food cause we liked it best 4 of 6 times. This 2nd test was one type at a time for 3 days each. In the 2nd test, we simply measured how much we ate of each. We were surprised at the results.

Over 3 days each, we ate 5 1/3 ounces of Authority per day. We ate 5 2/3 ounces per day of Meow Mix per day. We ated only 3 ounces on Addiction per day!

Yet when all were offered, we ated more Addiction. We are not sure how to interpret that. Here's a thought. The Addiction food was more meat, so we had to eat less of it. They say that their stuff is more "satisfying" to a cat's need fer meat. We think they are right about that.

And we looked at the ingredients of the dry stuff we been eatin. Here is what we founded out about the 3 main ingredients:

Meow Mix - Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, and Ground Yellow Corn. Doesn't seem very carniverous.

Authority - Turkey, turkey meal, Brewers Rice. That doesn't sound too bad. No gluten in the top 3 and meat in the top 2. And we like eating it.

Addiction - Venison meal, Dried potatoes, Chicken Fat. It seems Addiction has a little less meat than Authority. But there is another way to tell.

The Guaranteed Analysis:

It talks of Crude Protein, Crude Fat, and Crude Fiber respectively....

Meow Mix: 31.0%, 11.0%, and 9.0%

Authority: 32%, 15%, 4%

Addiction: 30%, 15%, 1.5%

We don't see much difference. Know what we would like to see? 80% meat and a little catnip and fat. That would suit our insides real good...

We are sad to say that Authority kind of wins here, barely. We were really expecting Addiction ta win, ya know? But it seems more marketing that meat, iffen ya know what we mean.

We note that protein is LOWEST in Addiction and that's what we want the most of! We do appreciate the Addiction is lowest in fiber, but we think protein is best.

The Big Thing is gonna try a real meat diet fer us, based onna recipe from a Vet. So mebbe we won't even be eatin dry stuff ever again. If we like the recipe...


The Meezers said...

hmmm furry interesting . we is now eating Natural Balance duck and green pea foods. they're purrty good. just really duck and green peas - no glutens. and Miles hasn't barfed on it.

Milo and Alfie said...

Hmmm, a very thorough anally-sis! We love wet food best and crunchies second best! And we ADORE treats!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hmm... for the most part we've heard that cats should get more than 15% of their calories from fats so those numbers look a little low. Protein should always be at least 25 to 30% in the diet.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That is very interesting!! You should all be journalists!!!

Purrs Goldie

Alasandra said...

We are anxious to see the results of the real meat diet. ~S,S,C & F

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh boy!!! We iz tryin' some of dat stuff too. Da Auntie Stnkie waz tryin' da vishus vegan deer cruncheez & she tinks it iz furry good stuff. & she ated da hairyberry or brushytail or some such ting all up!