Monday, June 22, 2009

Countdown Clocks

We gotta ask... We used ta have countdown clocks fer our Gotcha Days and Birfdays. But a couple kitties said they couldn't load our bloggie cause of them and we dumpted them. But we wanna show countdown dates fer Gotcha an Birf Days. We looked at lots of blogs an dint find any.

So does annykitty have them what doesnt cause trubble for Blogger or ofer readers?


And a separate subject... The Big Thing has a blog of his own an he allus tole us not ta mention it cause it was political rant stuff. But he deleted all that last month an made it a home an yard project bloggie. Some Beins knit or quilt, some travel, some write stories or songs. He does home and yard stuff. So, ta make a long tail short, we are now allowed ta mention his own bloggie.

Ya won't belief this, but he does not call hisself "The Big Thing". That is just our name for him. His own bloggie name is "Cavebear" an his own bloggie is Cavebear's Lair

Go visit it iffen ya want. It doesn't get us anny extra toona or ham either way. In fact, we hardly know what he is talkin about most of the time (well sometimes he builds stuff fer us, an THAT matters).


William said...

Did you look under Add a Gadget in Layout? There are about a million things, so maybe you could find one.

We didn't look too far because not even having a countdown clock would help our mom to remember stuff.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! Your Big Thing does a lot of yard stuff. Ours needs to do more but they are too lazy. Well okay, so they don't know how and to learn it takes money and they don't have any right now, but still... THEY ought to do something!

Anyway, we don't know anything about countdowns because the Woman never remembers anything...

Cory said...

oh, looks like my sister Jonesie and The Big Thing have a lot in common!

The Crew said...

Search for "safe widgets for blogger". Pick one you like and add it to your blog. Let me know and I'll check to see if Norton blocks anything. Once we know it's safe, you can ask the CB to view your page and let you know if it crashes on anyone.

Alasandra said...

(Sigh) we wishes TBT could come do yardwork for our beans. They are tired all the time now from working in the yard. In fact Mommy is fixing to dump us in the floor in order to go water things in the yard and pick things in the garden and do the **** weeding. ~S,S,C & F

Camie's Kitties said...

We will check out TBT's blog. We don't have a yard to do stuff in, but we like to look at what other people have done.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie