Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Things - Eatin an Sleepin

We got ta thinkin about our differences. So we came up wif a list:

1. LC eats her food slowly.

2. Ayla eats fast but not much.

3. Iza eats fast, a lot. and then tries ta eat all leftover food (efen if someone is still there eatin). So she gets her dinner in a closed room an hasta stay there until we leave our bowls.

4. Iza is only a year old an weighs 10.5 pounds!!!

5. LC wont be a lap cat, but will come up next ta The Big Thing only when he hides most of hisself unner the blankets. An then she likes ta curl up "just" outta reach.

6. Ayla will curl up ON The Big Thing when he is unner the blankets, sittin up in bed, or when he is sittin onna chair with his legs stretched out onna ottoman.

7. Iza likes ta sleep in the bottom corners of the bed against the wood frame when The Big Thing is sleepin.

8. Ayla likes ta walk around The Big Thing inna bed constantly.

9. Then she likes to make biscuits on sensitive Big Thing parts...

10. LC loves ta paw the water bowl, them come up an shake her wet paws at The Big Thing's face. This gets her scritches.

11. Ayla likes ta lick The Big Thing's nose when he is asleep. Amazingly, this gets her scritches...

12. LC can get up and off the waterbed wifout makin anny waves. We cant (Ayla and Iza).

13. We know ta sleep on opposite sides of him, cause that makes him haf weerd dreams where he cant move (Ayla and Iza). So sometimes he gets up an we get breakfast early. Usually not though.

Now, about my birfday! When LC an Iza were both happen ta be outside, I got shrimpsies and ham!

The shrimpsies were fantastic! The ham was all little slices TBT uses fer sand witches and wasn't a good picture. But I loved it. The nip comes out later tonite fer all of us.


THE ZOO said...

Happy Purrthday Ayla. enjy yur shrimpies and ham.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Happy Birthday, Ayla! Concatulations on reachin' TWO! I'm furry glad that you got to have your shrimp all to yourself.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Happy Birthday! What great treats you got! Iza is a very big kitty isn't she?