Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ayla Gets Another Bunny

AYLA: I got another wild bunny today! I was so thrilled. I was exhausted though cause it was nearly big as me! The Big Thing saw me comin across the lawn wif somethin in my mouth. Then I JUMPED up to the deck 5 feet above HOLDIN it in my mouf. He was amazed an ran ta get the camera.

I waaned him ta see what I caught cause he allus praises me about it. But I didn't want that tripod camera thingie all around.

So he took the camera loose. That was OK. Some of the pictures aren't great cause of that, but I felt more comfortable.

What I dint figure was that Iza would come runnin out! Bast, she annoys me all time when I catch somethin! She is all grabby, but its not hers or annythin. It was all TBT could do ta even get a picture of me an the bunny. I moved aside ta rest a bit (I was SO tired after all that werk catchin and draggin it). I was efen pantin wif my mouf open an all!

So Iza went sniffin at it. I dint mind that. If it helps her learn to find them herself, that's good. Skeeter caught bunnies an let me sniff and paw at them, so Iza gotta learn the same way.

But then she bit the bunnie's butt and it suddenly jumped up an ran right off the deck. We both chased it, but Iza is really stoopid about grabbin animals an she kept gettin in my way. Grrr. Mebbe I'm not teachin her well. I wish Skeeter was here ta help teach her. He was good at that and I am not!

So I pulled it out of the weeds a coupla times and let her pounce it. It got away every time! Iza would definitely starve if left outside...

Like I said, some of the pictures aren't good. TBT really needs that camera tripod thingie.

I finally left her ta try an find it one last time while I rested on the deck watchin her. She dint.

I dint feel like catchin it again..I'll admit Iza was determined. She sniffed and pawed aroun fer it fer an hour. But she nefer did find it (even though TBT could even find it a few times).

TBT called me inside and gave me some canned food of my own. That was good.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh the poor bunny. You wounded it good and it will probably get deaded at some point.

Cory said...

Ayla, I wouldn't want to meet up with you in a dark are fierce!!!!

A Few Good Cats said...

Good hunting, Ayla! You are no lady cat when it comes to hunting. A cat is supposed to be able to hunt, and you sure can. Way to go! (Our human probably does not agree but he is a wuss who could not hunt to save his life.)

Baby Patches said...

OMC! Dat is a big bunny but I don't finks momma would likes us goings after bunnies or even birdies even though its in our nature, she a silly momma I guesses.


Alasandra said...

Mommy is glad the bunny got away. She is weird that way. You truly are a good huntress Ayla. Socks is the only one who caught a rabbit here.~S,S,C & F