Monday, August 31, 2009


LC: Oh WOW! The Big Thing brought home even more "fancy" foods taday. We are livin "high"!

We will let ya know how we like them soon, but we are jus finishin up the previous batch of the earlier good stuff an will report on that inna coupla days.

But the back story of this stuff is SO COOL! TBT went huntin the internet fer "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul" cause it was recommended ta us. Well, he found places what sell it and he started looking fer the cheapest places ta order some. The best place he found was a place called "Holistic Pet Warehouse", so he started fillin out the internet order. Then he noticed something...

Well, ya WONT belief it! The Holistic Pet Warehouse isnt a chain. It is jus 1 store. The AMAZIN part is that the store is RIGHT HERE! Yeah, in our town! Only 3 miles away from us. So he got in the noisey machine an drove right over there.

I'll let him describe the visit (well, I wasnt there, Duh).

THE BIG THING: OK, OK, LC, calm down. Well, I opened the door to the Holistic Pet Warehouse only to be greeted by a little yapdog. It was friendly though. I think they have only recently opened, cause there are more shelves than products. But the 2 people there were friendly and they are quite knowledgable. Their idea is that they will sell only premium and healthy pet products at warehouse prices.

Sure enough, I checked every brand of cat food they had and there wasnt one with corn or wheat gluten or "meat by-products". Even the kitty litter is "the good stuff" (World's Best and Yesterday's News). So, I bought cans of "California Natural", "TikiCat", "Evo", "Weruva", "Pinnacle", "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul", and "Wellness". I skipped a couple the cats had tried and didn't seem to like much ("Nature" and "Avoderm"), but I think I will try those again next visit.

If you kitties like any of those brands, or if your Beings want to give them a try at a good price, I encourage you to visit their website Holistic Pet Warehouse and check them out.

I enjoyed talking to the people at there. They knew all about ingredients that can cause health problems in kitties, the dangers of clay scoopable litter, etc. So go visit their website...

Oh, I should mention (because I always think only in terms of cats) that they also sell dog foods and stuff ...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Floors and Tables and Carpets, Oh My!

LC: Why does evrykittie's house seem cleaner than ours? We take pictures and they show spots, stains and dust. We gotta ask The Big Thing about that.

[LC, you all go frantic when I use the sucky machine, when I use cleaning chemicals, etc. Maybe I will just tape cleaning pads to your paws and then toss toys all around the house. Heh-heh]

Hey, just clean when we are all out layin on the deck. Then we won't care...

[Good thought. I will toss you all outside at night with the raccoons, bats, snakes and possums]

Snakes? Bats? Waitta minute...

[You want to play "dare me"? I'm willing]

Um, OK, can we just hide unner the bed? And you seriously clean?

[Yes. I'll get out the wet-cleaner machine and make all the wood floors look brand new]

Okay. We hide, you clean. But quietly. And we get treats!

[Deal. But I have to do the bedroom too]

We can be outside fer that iffen it is daytime...


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ayla Nappin

AYLA: Iza mentioned a few days ago that I don't do tummy shots cause I nap all curled up. Heres a typical nappin pose.

Im kinna small too arent I?

Well, the reason I allus nap curled up like this is cause Im so slender I get cold in the house! Iza can sprawl out an stay warm (cause shes so fat), but I cant.

So ya probly wont be seein me much on Tummy Tuesday. I might try for the ocassional Toesie Tuesday though...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogiversary Thanks (And Presents!)

AYLA: First, we wanna thank all our friends what came an visited yesserday ta help cellybrate our 3rd Blogiversary! Evrykitty seemed ta have a great time. Mousies were caught, ham, shrimp, an chickens were enjoyed by all, toys were played wif OUTSIDE (somethin we haf nefer been allowed ta do before), and there were plenty of Nip leafs an drinks for all.

So thanks all fer makin it such a great day!

Second, Oh wow, we got a TON of prezzies taday for our Blogiversary! The Big Thing did some serious huntin...

We got a mousie wif a rattly ball on his tail!

We got knobby rolly balls wif rattley balls inside.

We got eleventy-twelve balls of various kinds.

There are 4 squishy balls, 4 sparkly balls, and 4 plasticy balls that we can grab wif our claws. An GUESS WHAT? The sparkly balls an plasticy balls have RATTLES in them. Oh Bast, we love rattles!

I feel like I gone ta heben, but I am still here. Iza an I played wif them fer HOURS taday, sometimes wif the same one at once. We were so wore out after that I fell asleep onna floor and next thing I knew, I was on TBT lap while he was watching TV. Iza got the same treatment after I woke up, so I dint feel TOO stupid.

Mebbe I dint mention that there was more fresh Nip involved...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Blogiversary!

LC: I get to post taday cause I'm the only one (well, other than The Big Thing) around what was here at the start of our blog. Ayla and Iza came after.

Three whole years of bloggin, wow! So much has happened here, there, an evrywhere... Skeeter has gone over the Bridge, I am taking meds, Ayla and Iza have joined the household, The Big Thing has planted gardens, etc. This is a good day for thinkin back and rememberin the start...

But mostly, I wanned ta thank ya fer comin by ta help us cellybrate our 3rd Blogiversary. We went outside early taday to check out the active mousie holes...
The Big Thing is busy preparing the foods, drink an treats. He is puttin out ham an shrimpsies, an says there will be kitty-friendly chicken (no nasty spicies). And of course, there will be Nip drinks, pond water, an (some) cream...

The party lasts all day, so jus pop over an enjoy yerselfs!

Love to all, LC

NOON UPDATE: Wow, the deck and yard are full of friends looking around fer mousies (several been caught already), LC an I haf been showing off good pooping spots, good shady spots fer nappin, an I have been showing off the good climbin trees... Plenty of food keeps showin up on the deck (an thanks to our friends who have brought extra neat foods and drinks). An of course, the inside is available fer nappin and fer indoor-only kitties... - AYLA

4 PM UPDATE: This is GREAT! We are meetin old friends again an makin new ones too. There mus be at least a dozin guests here right now (well, more than I got front toesies). It is amazin seein 4 kitties up in Aylas favrit tree (there is plenty of good branches).Drinkin from the pond has been very popular (it has fishies and frogs init, so the water tastes good). The squirrels haf been staying WAY up in the trees, but we see some now and then running atop the fence.

The Big Thing jus brought out the first of the chicken an evrykitty is linin up fer that. There haf been a number of races across the lawn from the pond bridge ta the deck. Ayla was winnin (because of her experience at it), so she "sort-of-graciously" agreed ta stop. LC has been taking care of the indoors, supervising the THoE games, condo-jumpin, an toy-batting... Ive been makin sure all the outdoor toys dont get lost an helpin with the food an drinks - IZA

7 PM UPDATE: The Big Thing here... The party continues to go great. It is SO MUCH FUN to have so many kitties visiting us today to help celebrate the 3rd Blogiversary. LC, Ayla, and Iza are just so excited and enjoying themselves seeing all their friends. There have even been some guests they never even knew of before. And I have to tell you all that a few neighborhood kitties heard all the noise and came over to see what was going on. Ayla jumped up on the top of the fence a few times to decide which would be allowed in. She let 2 neighbor kitties in, but turned a 3rd one away cause he comes in the yard without asking. He showed up later anyway, but he was so very polite, she allowed him to stay (for today only).

8 PM UPDATE: Its getting dark, so the party has moved inside (even we are not allowed out after dark). More ham an shrimpsies have been brought out an the litter boxes have all been cleaned (thank you TBT). Also, a coupla chairs been put near the quarium for ease of watchin the fishies. Ayla is checkin outside ta look fer kitties nappin in the dark an ta round up anny lost toys out there. TBT is settin up boxes an bags to hop inta an a rousing game of "musical boxes" is startin. I am pleased ta report that even wif all the runnin round and sittin, not one single tail has been stepped on by TBT. The sisal rope scratcher an the cardboard scratcher are gettin a real work-out too! Iza is pullin out toys from unner the furniture, cause she knows where they like ta hide best.

Also, the woofies Fenris an Grete are visitin too. Dont worry about them as they are kitty-friendly. But if yer nervous, jus stay out of the dining room where they have settled down ta watch things quietly. They promise not ta run around an scare us. - LC

Wow, we are all doin the "wave" as we watch the youngest kitties battin toys back an forth. Iza steps in ta get the toys back in play when the little kitties bat them unner furniture. There is mild treats an toona juice fer the little kitties of course. An of course we are makin sure they get their naps.

The mature kitties are enjoyin the Niptinis an Meowgaritas and pure Nip leafs. I am snoopervisin from the top of the kitty condo to make sure nokitty goes "overhead" of course. But, WOW, this place is kickin with so many kitties an we are lovin it!

Oops, the next THoE contest is about ta start. An Ayla has formed a small discussion group about tree climbin tekneecks...

The music been great all day. Animal Planet, mostly, but some weerd stuff that sounds like fishies in water, too.

Oh Bast, there is a stair runnin contest startin. I gotta go officiate. - LC

Monday, August 24, 2009

Humor - Word Verification "Werds"

We have been liking it since “Word Verification” stopped usin the QYZTJQL type “werds” an started using some that were at least pronouncable. But we have enjoyed seein some random letters that sorta made since. So last week, we started writin down good ones we came across.

So here is a list of REAL “Word Verification” werds an the meanins what we made up (wif a little help from The Big Thing):

ANSIT - What a woofie hears after “heel”.

DEMBRICA - Those rectangular red rocklike things.

DEDRAD - “Man that is so cool, it is “DED RAD”

NOSPI - A pastry so good-smelly ya wanna stick yer face init! (Alternately - “The classified area is secure, SIR!”)

SPLOG - A blog dedicated to spelling werds right.

UNFASTA - Slower.

IMEST - The most “IM”.

COLAVE - “Colorado Avenue” on Twitter.

UNRITA - “We named the kitty “Rita”, but the Vet says she’s a boycat.

PRIASP - Just before Cleopatra died.


NOGLEGAL - No alcohol in the office eggnog.

Like we said, we got some help from TBT... MOL!

Pee Ess - Its our 3rd Blogiversary tamorrow, so make sure ta teleport over an visit. We will have foods and drinks, an treats, an games...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Formerly Lost Toys!

IZA: We metioned a "new" toy a coupla days ago (The Big Thing made a new toy by stuffin a plastic ball with fresh Nip leafs).

Well, there is another kinda "new" toy. Old ones newly found!

The Big Things knows all of our toys pretty well. So sometimes he notices that one or two have "gone missing". This usually means it got batted somewhere even we cant get at. He has a usual routine of checking unner furniture, unner the oven, unner the TV table, behind the drapes, etc. He even made a cool special tool ta scoop them out.

But we are used ta THAT. Sometimes we even tell him where they are out of paw-reach.

The cool part is when we find a lost toy on our own. TBT suddenly sees us playin wif a toy he hasnt seen fer many Big Moons. That means we found it ourselfs! He is pleased, but always wonders where it has been hiding.

For example, 2 of LC's old toys were these rattly mousies. She loved them, but she doesnt play wif toys much annymore. Ayla played wif them lots, and when I came along, I did too. I love rattley toys more than annything except Squiggles!

Well, both of the rattley mousies showed up suddenly last week. They disappeared Moons ago (suspiciously when Ayla was hiding my toys from me out of jealously). Then I suddenly found them in the middle of the living room and played wif them fer hours. I even kept one wif me when I napped.

Yes there are TWO. Its jus that ONE disappeared again already...

But the mousie furs were all loose an floppy. So TBT took them away an fixed them. [The Big Thing: Rubber contact cement and I set them aside for 3 days to make sure there was no smell] I was so glad when he tossed them to me again. I kept batting them around and bringing them back for more tossin!

Guess what? One is already missin its fur an TBT cant find it. Im real hard on toy mousies... Well, the best way ta get new toys is ta destroy the old ones, right?

Meanwhile, the soft green sparkley rattle ball been missin fer weeks. "Someone" knows where they lost it, but nokitty is sayin...

But today, my softie mouses showed up. I dont know where they were hidin, but Im glad they are back...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sad Touching Pet Stories

THE BIG THING: We've all read them. Stories about pets that leave us with leaky eyes. Sad stories, inspirational stories, happy stories. Most of the time, the stories are true.

Sometimes they aren't...

There is one going around this month that isn't true. It's about Reggie, a black lab who is adopted from a shelter and is about to be returned there. Then the adoptive owner remembers the sealed letter from the former owner. You can read the whole story HERE. The snopes site also discusses the research they did.

Whenever I read stories like these that sound a bit "too good", I always check at They research these things carefully. Sadly, this one seems to be invented...

Now it is true, as snopes points out, "that the story may not be literal truth does not prevent it from being figurative truth. Those who serve overseas do so at the cost of great personal sacrifice. A tale such as this - literal truth or not - serves to remind us all of how much they give and how much we owe them."

I have no doubt that some soldiers and civilians who serve overseas do indeed leave cherished pets behind with family, surrender their pets to shelters or to strangers. And some do not return to see their cherished friends again.

But I seriously wish that people would not invent such stories and spread them around. There is enough real sadness in true stories...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: Yes, its me again. You would think I was the only one aroun here with a tummy... Well, LC says she has her elderly dignity ta consider an Ayla naps all curled up alla time.

So this time theres a theme! LC has mentioned how I ambush her when she walks past me in the hall. Here are tummy shots showin how I do that.

First I put my feets against the wall an scrunch up a little.

Then when somekitty (or sometimes even The Big Thing) comes by, I stretch out suddenly and whap an ankle.

I RULE this hallway!

(No kitties were whapped during these demonstration photos)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Review

LC: In case yer wonderin why I am doin all the food reviews lately, its cause I am the fussiest. That makes me the best critic. Besides, Skeeter an I did all the Food Reviews last years so I am esperienced at it.

So a few days ago, The Big Thing went out huntin Stinkey Goodness again. That surprised me, cause our pantry shelf is still fulla Friskies. But what he did was ta get all the flavors of the fancier [TBT: Healthier...] brands we liked.

So now we get ta try more flavors of the ones liked the chicken flavor of. Heres a list:

Avoderm - Chicken, Ocean Fish

IAMS - Country Style Turkey an Giblets, Succulent Salmon in Sauce, Gourmet Chicken, an Select Oceanfish (They do like fancy names, dont they?)

Blue Spa Select - Savory Seafood Stew, Tender Turkey an Chicken Entree, Savory Salmon Entree, an Tempting Tuna Grill Entree

We even get some "Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil"!

Cool... I'll let ya know how we like them when we have tried them all.

THE BIG THING: I thought I would add something about the ingredients. LC can't read the tiny print on the cans.

The Avoderm chicken flavor, for example, has "chicken, chicken broth, ocean fish, turkey, kidney, and chicken liver" before it mentions anything like "oat bran", so it must be mostly meat.

The Blue Spa Select Turkey and Chicken lists "Turkey, chicken broth, chicken, and chicken liver" as the main ingredients.

The IAMS Turkey and Giblets has "Meat broth, chicken, beef by-products, turkey, turkey by-products, brewers rice, beef liver, and chicken by-products" as the main stuff. I didn't notice any giblets mentioned, but maybe it is in the "by-products". And given that list, no surprise it was the least expensive of the three brands.

They average twice the cost of the Friskies, but that's still only $1 a day or 33 cents per cat. It costs me more than that just to have a glass of wine with dinner. I can live with that...

I want my girlkitties to eat healthier food and avoid the problems with wheat and corn gluten that I keep reading about. I think that stuff caused problems with Skeeter.

Oddly enough, when I tried feeding them "real food" (like poached chicken or fish), they didn't like it much. So this newer stuff is the next best thing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

LC: Hot afternoon, snoozin in the shade...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Review

LC: More about foods... At the same time we were tryin the Addiction canned stuff, The Big Thing went out an hunted down some other brands what dint have much of the corn or wheat gluten stuffs in them and seemed big on meats. He brought back basic chicken flavors of Nature, Authority, Science Diet, Iams, Blue Spa Select, Proplan, Avoderm, an Natural Choice.

The Iams an Blue Spa Select got approval from all 3 of us, the Avoderm got 2 yes votes (I dint like it much), and the Authority got Iza's vote. The rest of them were unanimouse "NO".

TBT was surprised by all that. He examined the texture an smelled each of them before serving them to us, an he thought they all seemed pretty good. Well, what would HE know about Stinkey Goodness? Silly Bein, Stinkey Goodness is for KITS!

Actally, I am kinna surprised too. I thought Iza would eat ANYTHING!

More about the winning brands soon...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food Review

LC: We have been avoiding the Food Review cause we felt bad about the results. After all, the nice people at Addiction Foods sent us free canned an dry crunchy stuff fer free. The canned flavors were Eel, Brushtail, Venison, and Salmon. We tried one flavor each of the past few weeks. So, we regret ta say we dint like a single one of them. Iza did nibble at the eel briefly. But then, as with the others, she tried ta "cover-up" the bowls.

We did like the 2 dry crunchies though (Venison and Salmon), and The Big Thing may buy more of that.

Of course, thats just us. Other kitties might love the canned stuff an not the crunchies. I mean, we dint like the Merrick canned stuff either an I KNOW some kitties who like that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Awardie and Our 1,000th Post!!

LC: We got an awardie from Karen Jo at Kitty Limericks an we are very honored. It is very pretty, though we cant read the werds.

The Big Thing says something called "Babel Fish" says it means "Proven. Your blog has nectar" in Portugese, which he thinks really means "Really, your blog is sweet" which sounds nice.

So we want to pass this along to some really sweet blogs we visit regularly...

Perfectly Parker
Darling Millie
Daisy The Curly Cat
Angus Mhor

The rules are very simple: put the badge on your blog, link back to the person(s) who gave it to you and pass it along to five other bloggers.

AND... We just noticed that we had our 1,000th post Thursday! We weren't even paying attention to that. Plus, our 3rd Blogiversary is in a couple weeks. So this is a real milestone month for us!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A New Toy!

AYLA: An update on yesserdays post. We got let outside first thing this mornin, which was nice.

But about yesserday... We got dry crunchy treats right after I posted. Lots of them and various flavors. Then he tossed toys around ta each of us. Even LC played a bit. We got toona fer dinner (on fancy little tablecloths),

but he suggested we have the ham later. That was a good idea cause we were full. After we napped, he tossed toys aroun some more.

Thats when we discovered the "new" toy. It was a little plastic ball [The Big Thing: It's a plastic practice golf ball like a whiffle ball] an it was stuffed with fresh NIP leafs! Wow!

I found it first an played wif it on the chair fer a while.

Then I pushed it around wif my nose like a seal.

I gotta piece of Nip out, so I worked that over good!

We played wif that fer an hour until we could hardly stand up. But that was too fast fer the camera...

Later, we had the ham (YUM). After that, he sat down ta watch TV stuff an Iza an I took turns nappin on his lap (LC just doesnt like doin that).

So, we guess it was a pretty good World Cat Day after all...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

World Cat Day 2009

The Big Thing got up "early" today, so we got breakfast instead of lunch for a change. Then we remembered it was World Cat Day and discussed how ta cellybrate it. LC decided she would actally walk around the yard instead of just laying on the deck as usual. Iza sid she would like ta try ta catch a mousie. Shes only catched 1 (2?) on her own. I decided that was a nice idea an offered ta help her (for real, no tricks).

So we all went over ta the deck door an waited ta be let out. And waited. And waited.

The Big Thing went out through the basement door and closed it fast! We were real annoyed. He was out there about a hour and snuck inside again. We all ran down ta the basement, but he said we couldnt go out because he had been spraying nasty stuff on poison ivy and other vines and we had ta wait til it all dried. An besides, he was gonna mow the grass annyway an we all hate that as much as the inside sucky machine.

That was 2 whole HOURS ago. Well, now he says it will be dark by the time the nasty stuff dries an we cant go out in the dark. POO! We all complained loudly. Meow, Meow, Meow, Grr, Hiss, Spit, Meow, Meow, Meow!!!

So he said we could all have treats TWICE taday an he would toss toys around. We still complained "But its World Cat Day"!

He felt bad about that, so he said, "OK, I have some bits of ham. You can have some with dinner. And dinner will be tuna". Well, that sounded promising. LC nudged me and suggested we try for more. So I told him we wanned a new toy. He seemed doubtful, but said he would think about it.

We decided we had pushed as far as we could and all found a good place ta nap.

I'll let ya know iffen we get that toy...

Happy World Cat Day everykitty!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our Mac Puter Is Back! Double Thursday 13!


We have our Mac back home and werking again! Its great...


1. Its quiet.
2. The keys are soft to the touch.
3. We can read all the keyboard letters.
4. We can leave it runnin alla time.
5. WHEN we hafta turn it off, it shuts down fast.
6. WHEN we hafta turn it on, it starts up fast.
7. No security issues.
8. It is easier ta find files.
9. Programs open INSTANTLY.
10. No constant operating system "patches" required.
11. Front ports for flash pen and external hard drive.
12. Automatic backups in Time Machine.
13. "Macs For Dummies" book is really good!


1. We can't change the background color on Mac applications (we like black text on celery backgrounds, for example - easier on our eyes).
2. We miss MSPaint!
3. Haven't found a good greeting card making program.
4. It isn't as customizable (to our knowledge).
5. We can't manage our photos easily. We have to load them into IPhoto to edit them, open them in Preview to resize them (which is very manual), then save them into Finder folders to arrange them by subject and date.
6. The MacPro tower weighs a TON!
7. There are 5 PC repair stores right here in town, but the nearest Mac repair store is 27 miles (45 minutes) away!
8. Our ISP doesn't like to provide support on Macs.
9. We can't seem ta get the plug-in speakers ta werk on the Mac.
10. The mail program keeps demanding we re-enter the individual account passwords (every couple of weeks).
11. We haven't figured out why Macs are sposed ta be so much better fer graphics stuff. Mebbe it is better at stuff we don't do.
12. It doesn't have a 3.5" mini disk slot (really handy for saving and copying small files).
13. It saves files in the strangest random locations.

OK, fair is fair. We expect most of our problems with the Mac is that The Big Thing spent almost 20 years learning the Windows PC stuff, and he has only had the Mac 10 months (and hasn't had to really study it too much ta get by). So we are sendin him online ta find some Mac discussion group.

But if annyone has some quick suggestions to our problems (or know of a good Mac discussion site), please tell us. We really do like the Mac better overall.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is Iza A Meezer?

IZA: My thanks to CAMIE'S KITTIES for asking "have you considered that Iza might be Tonkinese instead of meezer? They even provided a link: Tonkinese

( in case the link doesn't work)

I was amazed! The first picture I saw was JUST LIKE ME!

Seriously, isn't that my face, or what? Even if that IS a boycat...

Here I been thinkin I was a overgrowed fat clumsy smudge-furred meezer (an feelin a little enbassed about it), and now I discover that I am ezactly right for bein a Tonkinese. I am SPOSED ta be bigger an heavier an not as acrobatic as skinny little Ayla. My furs are just how they are sposed ta be too.

I am a "pointed, black dilute ("blue" in meezer terms) Tonkinese". TBT and I are sure of it!

I fit all the personality differences too! I like to play fetch with my toys (especially my Squiggles), follow The Big Thing around the house, hang all over him when I get a chance, watch what he is doing alla time, play hide&seek, and sit way up on the cat tree.

I am SO thrilled! I feel like the swan in "The Ugly Duckling" (TBT just told me that story taday).


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: Me again. I have the best tummy in the house.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Computer Problem Update

THE BIG THING: Well, we are online again, partially, at least. We got a Mac Pro last Fall (and it has been wonderful compared to the previous and up-to-date PC). It appears that it is just the fan making noise, so I brought it to a repair shop for (free) warranty work. Unfortunately, the nearest Apple repair shop is 30 miles away! It was a 1 and 1/2 hour round trip. And the repair backlog is several days. GRRRR...

So I have set up the old PC temporarily. It is slow as molasses, the letters on the clunky keyboard are almost worn off (lots of editing and retyping required), and I don't even remember how to load photos from the camera on it. LOL!

But we can check email, visit our friends, read comments, etc. The first thing I did was to update all the firewall and anti-virus programs so we were safe to use it. THAT took a while (well, the PC has been offline for 11 months). At least they were still subscribed!

Iza's Tummy Tuesday post was entered yesterday, so there will be something to see tomorrow.

And we may have some interesting information about Iza on Wed...