Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Review

LC: In case yer wonderin why I am doin all the food reviews lately, its cause I am the fussiest. That makes me the best critic. Besides, Skeeter an I did all the Food Reviews last years so I am esperienced at it.

So a few days ago, The Big Thing went out huntin Stinkey Goodness again. That surprised me, cause our pantry shelf is still fulla Friskies. But what he did was ta get all the flavors of the fancier [TBT: Healthier...] brands we liked.

So now we get ta try more flavors of the ones liked the chicken flavor of. Heres a list:

Avoderm - Chicken, Ocean Fish

IAMS - Country Style Turkey an Giblets, Succulent Salmon in Sauce, Gourmet Chicken, an Select Oceanfish (They do like fancy names, dont they?)

Blue Spa Select - Savory Seafood Stew, Tender Turkey an Chicken Entree, Savory Salmon Entree, an Tempting Tuna Grill Entree

We even get some "Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil"!

Cool... I'll let ya know how we like them when we have tried them all.

THE BIG THING: I thought I would add something about the ingredients. LC can't read the tiny print on the cans.

The Avoderm chicken flavor, for example, has "chicken, chicken broth, ocean fish, turkey, kidney, and chicken liver" before it mentions anything like "oat bran", so it must be mostly meat.

The Blue Spa Select Turkey and Chicken lists "Turkey, chicken broth, chicken, and chicken liver" as the main ingredients.

The IAMS Turkey and Giblets has "Meat broth, chicken, beef by-products, turkey, turkey by-products, brewers rice, beef liver, and chicken by-products" as the main stuff. I didn't notice any giblets mentioned, but maybe it is in the "by-products". And given that list, no surprise it was the least expensive of the three brands.

They average twice the cost of the Friskies, but that's still only $1 a day or 33 cents per cat. It costs me more than that just to have a glass of wine with dinner. I can live with that...

I want my girlkitties to eat healthier food and avoid the problems with wheat and corn gluten that I keep reading about. I think that stuff caused problems with Skeeter.

Oddly enough, when I tried feeding them "real food" (like poached chicken or fish), they didn't like it much. So this newer stuff is the next best thing.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

We've not liked the real stuff either. Daisy said that she started when she had a really tiny amount mixed with her regular food and then she started eating it and now that's all they want. We are working towards that goal here!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

*sniff* that is the most beautiful picture and story i've ever heard. *sniff* all those cans...all those flavors...all that healthy stuff that tastes like comfort foods...

i'm overwhelmed!

Niko and Cloud said...

Mom says she has heard lots of bad things bout Iams. She doesn't mean ta be mean or nuffin but she's heard their quality isn't apparently the best. She also has heard that "meat byproducts" is generally a term that should be avoided, almost as much as corn or wheat. Meat byproducts usually have little nutritional value and are rather a cheap way of making a food look healthier than it is. At least that is what Mom has heard. She would love to give us a better quality food, we get Friskies, but she said she can't really afford it and we don't like the few fancy cans she does bring home...
But you might want to ask other kitties if they have heard bad things about Iams and meat by-products.

Reese =^..^= said...

Do you need any help with your taste tests?

Cory said...

I'd be more than happy to help eat...I mean taste the food! I'm not too picky, but I have been known to try and bury what I don't like.

The Furry Kids said...

Mmmmm, stinky goodness.

Daisy said...

It's awesome that you are looking for the healthiest foods you can find! I agree that the "meat by-products" are probably something to avoid if you can.

We eat Nature's Variety raw medallions (sometimes chicken, sometimes rabbit). Harley took to it right away, but I was very resistant at first. Now we both LOVE it and gobble it all down in just a couple of minutes.

Alasandra said...

Socks loves raw shrimp. Will not touch it once I cook it. I made this discovery when I accidentally dropped one on the floor while cooking. He gobbled it up and asked for MORE. Since it was our supper I declined but tried to feed him the leftovers which he wouldn't have since they were cooked. He likes lettuce too. Weird kitty.