Wednesday, September 30, 2009


LC: Well, I'll be pounced! Iza caught a froggie all on her own. Ayla was inside and I sure dint do it (even though catchin froggies useta be MY specialty). She was so proud she was all fuzzed up!

It was a nice day, so the deck door was open. The Big Thing was sittin nearby when Iza came trottin in with a froggie in her mouth. Before he could even react, she was in the computer room pawin at the closet door desperate ta get in there. Great, we figured she lost it an it went unner the door.

TBT hadda help her find it (have you ever smelled a rotting frog inna closet? He has.) so he pulled out all kinds of clutter. It wasn't in there, MOL! It was unner the computer tower onna floor. I can always find froggies. Well, when I found it, Iza ran over and was TOTALLY INEPT tryin ta grab it again.

Finally, TBT picked it up and led us all to the baftub. I wasnt totally in love wif the idea of gettin in there, but Ayla an Iza hopped right in when he dropped the froggie in there. They hadda great time prodding it an sniffin it.

They finally lost innerest (kits, no attention span...), so TBT brought it over ta me cuz he remembered how much I love them froggies.

When he put it back out onna deck, I followed an had some fun with it.

I really wanned ta bring it back inside, but he dint want froggie-stuff on the floors. I asked politely, but he insisted NO!

So, I ate it out onna deck. I'll spare ya the pictures of THAT part. What can I say? I love frog legs an its been a year since I had any...

I hope Iza catches more.


Monday, September 28, 2009

New (More) Toys!

IZA: We got some new toys taday! Yay! Well, mebbe I shouldnt say "new". It was more of my favorites...

See, The Big Thing got a bag of balls a Big Moon ago. Some were soft knobby rubber an I cant figure out how ta play wif those. Some were hard plastic (wif a rattle inside) an those are a bit hard on the paws. But some are really soft rubber balls that bounce high when ya bat them just right and I LOVE them. Ayla plays wif those too, sometimes. Ya can see them all in this original picture of the whole bag.

But they disappeared fast an I was sad. TBT searched the whole house an found 2 of them lost in corners an I had fun wif them again. But he figured if they were gonna get lost so fast, we needed more of them. So he was resined ta huntin a whole new bag just fer the foam balls.

Well guess what? The nice people at the Target huntin place sell JUST the foam balls! Really! Look what TBT found...

Now we got 5 of them (one disappeared again already). Well, it gets confoosin. We actally got 8 of them but 3 escaped an are hidin somewhere. TBT says iffen there are enough of them inna house, SOME must always be findable. Or he'll go hunt more...

Is THAT cool or what?

Here they are all ready fer playin wif!

Let the tossin begin! Bounce, bounce, bounce; chase, chase, chase... Yippee!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snorgle Fest

THE BIG THING: Some things are just too weird to be true. And some weird things ARE true...

I was bookended in bed by Ayla and Iza (not unusual in itself), and sat up very carefully. They were both on their backs snorgle-ready (as Iza often is but Ayla seldom is). And when I sat up, LC was against the frame of the foot of the bed, laying on her back and purring.

It was enough to make me wish for a camera implant in my forehead.

You know of course, that the instant I moved in the slightest to go get the camera, LC woke up and ran away... I would have given gold for that picture of her that way alone, never mind all 3 of them at once.

Terrible poetry follows, but the best I can do right now...

Ayla to the left of me,
Iza to the right of me,
Snorgle-ready kitties purring like thunder.

But there at the foot of the bed sat SHE
Who never ever sits snorgaly, LC
Purring like a kitten.

How dare I move, I thought.
How dare I not move besot
With the idea of a precious rare camera-shot.

Slight though my movements were,
Such slight move disturbed her so.
Even then LC awoke and departed.

Sad were my thoughts that ere,
Without my camera there,
Only the memory now will abide.

LC in such repose,
That's how the day can go,
Missing great shots of her is now a sad routine.


That deserves to be ridiculed, and I wouldn't mind it.

LC was in full Monty Q, asleep against the frame of the bed, as I have never seen her before. All I have now is a memory. LC on the bed is rare enough. LC on the bed asleep, purring, and feeling safe on her back is nearly unbelievable.

I'm glad I had this glimpse of a rare moment. I wish I could have shared it with all of you. I may start sleeping with the camera at hand...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It WASNT My Fault!

AYLA: Really I cant be blamed! I was tricked into it...

See, I like to hop from the kitty condo to the top of the kitty toy box. I do it often and The Big Thing KNOWS it! So how was I sposed ta know that the top was open?

Well, it normally sits like this:

But when TBT turned away from messin wif our toy box, I hopped over onit. But it wasnt closed. See, thats the part Im not responsible for. I landed in the actual toys, an the toybox fell over.

It hit the lava lamp.

The lava lamp fell over.

The lava lamp was outta his reach, so he scrinched his ears an waited. I swear it took minuts ta fall to the floor below. Then SMASH! Oh Bast!

Well, Im lucky. TBT says "chit happens" an he dint get mad at me (not that I was guilty of annythin ta begin with, of course). He even accepted all the blame for hisself.

(TBT: No I didn't!)

Um, as I was sayin, he accepted all the blame AND promised to give me treats...

(TBT: No I didn't!!!)

Um, so I won't get skipped dinner?

No kitty here gets "skipped dinner" for any reason. I love you even when you do stupid things and dinner is "always").

Oh good. So mebbe I take a little blame here iffen it don't cost me dinner. I mean, we been lovin the new fancy dinners. Evo, Avoderm, Blue Spa, Chicken Soup...

But really, ya shoulda seen the mess The Big Thing made.

(TBT: Ayla...?)

Um, "the mess I made"... There was glass everywhere and the lava lamp stuff is wax an some kerosene-smelly stuff. It was awful. TBT put down newspaper ta soak it up an will be cleanin it tomorrow.

(IZA: Stick her nose init!)

Stop that Iza, Im in enough trubble already! There's sharp glass down there! An we all need ta pass by there ta get ta the litterbox! You too!

(TBT: OK, girls, I've removed all the glass and wax and put down newspaper to soak up all the liquid and more papers to protect your feet, so you can get downstairs to the litterboxes. And dinner will be in an hour. I'll even open some 9 Lives tuna. Not as a reward, but to calm you all down. I'm tempted to put a pickle in YOUR bowl though, Ayla. LOL!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hall Troll Tummy Tuesday

IZA: I'm back controllin the hallway. Bwa-ha-ha! I demand treats. I never get them, so I whap ankles...

Wait, I'm in the wrong direction...

OK, thats better. Treats fer passin, please or I'll whap ya!

And aint I just too snorgally fer werds? Go ahead, its OK. Thats what my tummy furs are for... Seriously, I love bein snorgled. Iffen ya snorgle me, no treats required...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Oh Yeah..................

See why she's called "Pudge"? She's too fat ta even curl up tight. MOL!

Well, they can nap the day away; I'm goin outside ta hunt mousies...


Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello Squiggle?

AYLA: I jus KNOW I left it aroun here somewhere.

Unner here? No.

Unner here,? No.

There's a Squiggle missin and I WANT IT!

Ooh, I bet Iza found it an took it away!!!

Where da ya think she took it?

A - Basement unner tools?
B - Bedroom unner beds?
C - Livin Room unner furniture?
D - Kitchen unner stove?

Please help me find my Squiggle! I wanna play wif it...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pieces of Iza

IZA: This is compilicated... The chair is very scratchable. So The Big Thing put big towels over it and a sheet so I cant damage it wif my claws. But it is great to get unner the sheet an attack toy mousies.

I start slowly.
Then I werk my way unner the sheet. I hope the retouch button pertected my modesty there...

I finally get mostly unner it...

Then I'm gone! Can ya see my faint outline unner the sheet? My head an front paws are near the mousie... I wanned ta attack it from unnercover.

I check where I am from time to time... Sometimes I hafta use LaserVision.

An sometimes, I am just too cute fer werds... Ayla hates it when I capture the "Cute Look".

I've lerned from watchin Daisy that it is good fer a girlcat model ta look in differnt directions when posin. Like this way.

And that way...

I need a better camerakitty though. My paws shouldnt look all fuzzy like that. An I need some good props... I think LC deliberately takes bad pictures... Shes all jelous of my lovely furs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warm Laundry!

AYLA: Aahhh! I love the warm sheets right outta the drier...

Well, Princess Ayla Isabel Spencer DOES need her beauty sleep...

I stayed there ALL evening an night!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Foods!

Oh Bast, thank you for all this great new foods...

An there is cans of 9 Lives Toona not inna picture! Oh, if there was just some canned HAM an SHRIMPS...

THE BIG THING: Don't get greedy ladies. I have the receipts; I can return this stuff. You get ham an shrimps only as treats. I COULD just go hunt up store-brand cans...

Umm, as we were saying, right, this is great stuff better than we deserve, and we can hope fer ham an shrimps as treats, TBT is the best Bein in the world an we will say whatever it takes to get this great new foods. With our toesies crossed of course (wink).

TBT: I'll let you get away with that. ;)

Right, so now we got these great healthy tasty meaty foods an we are all thrilled an all. So OPEN one already! We're hungry...

TBT: "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul" OK for a start?


NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM... Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

More sleepy days...

We got new collars!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food Review

LC: WOW! We finished eating the "really healthy" Stinkey Goodness from Holistic Pet Warehouse. We were impressed! The new stuff is mostly meat an even the slight vegtable taste is not bad (an mebbe even good fer us).

TIKICAT - "Chicken" - Paws up 2 of 3. And I even went back an finished my bowl in private later.

WELLNESS CORE- "Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken Liver" - 3 of 3 paws up. We all loved it!

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CAT LOVER'S SOUL - "Chicken Salmon, Turkey, Duck" - 3 of 3 paws up. We loved it so much the bowls were clean. Not a speck left.

PINNACLE - "Ocean Fish" - We wernt too sure about this one. Iza ate most of hers, Ayla nibbled a bit, an I walked away. But the next morning, it was all gone. Our 2nd least favrit of this group.

WERUVA - "Chicken Soup" - Nope. Way too much veggie stuff. Like pureed veggie with some chicken added. First ingredients were chicken, water, carrots, an peas. Iza ate half a bowl but Ayla an I wouldnt touch it. Iza efen tryed ta "cover up" the bowls after. Who wants carrots an peas?

EVO - "Turkey and Chicken" - Iza and Ayle scarfed it up. I wasnt really thrilled. But it WAS meaty, an I finished my bowl later.

We think we could get ta like all of these but the Weruva an Pinnacle, and can add the Avoderm and Blue Spa Select from the previous batch. So The Big Thing is gonna go huntin those tamorrow. We will use up the Friskies an 9 Lives fer breakfast then have the "good stuff" afterwards.

So, it looks like our several years of taste-testing and learning has had a result.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day Without Cats On The Internet


There are some weird people "out there" who are promoting today as "Day Without Cats On The Internet". This kind of inter-species discrimination is simply not acceptable. We dont know who is promoting this mean idea, but we wouldnt dirty our paws visitin their website annyway.

So here we are in our full feline glory to show the world we are on the internet today.

The irony is that we wernt plannin ta post today, so the "No Cats" idea only resulted in MORE cats, MOL!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


IZA: OK, I got caught. I mighta got away wif it, but I couldnt help returnin ta the scene of the crime... I hope I dont go ta jail or somethin.

Well, see, The Big Thing got up a coupla days ago an found the bathroom tissue all unrolled. But he dint know who did it. But he knew LC had nefer done that and he knew Ayla had nefer done that (but might). So he took a picture fer evidence.

Then he waited wif the camera. He called LC in an she she looked at it all bored. Then he called Ayla in. She jus hopped up on the bafroom counter fer some scratchin. Then he called me in.

I couldnt help it. I attacked it again. FLASH!

An THEN I realized I had giffen myself away... BUSTED!

Oh mouse-droppings! I felt really stoopid about that...

Well, at least he jus laffed, so I guess I dont go ta jail fer this. But he did say it better not become a hobby or my rattley mouse might "go on a vacation"...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Birdie So Near!

AYLA: Oh Bast, so close and yet so far! I just couldn't quite find a way to launch at the birdie an yet come down safely... Iza an LC were yellin "Jump, Jump", but they werent up here seein how far down the lower deck was aneath the feeder with clumpy stuff like stairs ta land on...

I'd describe it all, but I is just to heart-broken... So ya see the pictures an ya unnerstand.

That is either the stoopidest birdie or the bravest birdie I even seen. Regardless,
mebbe I'll get it tamorrow!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

LC and IZA: We are both just layin aroun today...

And as usual, Ayla is runnin around outside. Its like she takes a "bizzy" pill efry morning...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Washin Onna Deck

LC: Nothing like a thorough job of washing layin out in the warm air in the shade...