Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Gotcha Day

LC: Today is my 16th Gotcha Day! HURRAY... We are all getting a live dead SHRIMP an HAM fer my party taday! Im lookin forward ta THAT.

But I feel a little sad about today. Its my first ever Gotcha Day wifout Skeeter. Here is my 1st Gotcha Day wif him (well a few days after)...

He was sucha good wunnerful Big Broffer! Took care of me right from the 2nd day. Let me curl up an efrything! I loved him from the beginning an all the 15 years after. I sure miss him.

It woulda been his 17th. Well, I guess it still is, but ya know what I mean... At least I know I'll see him again sometime. The Big Thing says mebbe Skeeter will whisper in my dreams tonight an tell me how much fun he is havin over the Bridge.

TBT says he gotta surprise fer me, but I wont know what it is until 2 days. That sounds ecitin!

Thanks evrykitty fer comin by an cellybratin wif me!

AND: I wanna thank Zoolatry for this wunnerful graphic she sent me as a present!

Is that COOL or what? Wow, ME on CNN!

And Oh yes it WAS the best day. Ya see, The Big Thing came inta the pet shop looking fer a kitty ta be friends with Skeeter (course, I dint know that then). I was sharin a cage wif this bootiful calico princess what efry Bein wanted ta take home. But when they were told she was sold fer a wedding gift, no one wanned me. Cause I hissed and grabbed the cage sides opposite from the Beins.

But He wanned ME! Cause I was brave an fiesty and stuff. Well, it took them both ta pry my tiny claws offa the cage wire. AND ta stuff me inna box. But that was cause I dint know Beins could be "GOOD", ya know?

I hid fer a couple days unner beds and stuff, but Skeeter was patient and The Big Thing was patient, and I finally discovered that SOME kitties and SOME Beins were real friendly-like...

That was definitely the best day of my life. Skeeter licked me and purred with me an let me snuggle close ta him an all. An he pertected me from the mean kitty.

So this is my 1st Gotcha Day wifout him... I'm sad, of course, but also feelin taday is a celerybration fer him too.

So join us in a happy day fer me an a day of happyness about Skeeter too!

UPDATE: I haf been havin such a great day! So many friends have visited, we haf all been eatin great foods and jumpin in boxes an stuff. Some haf just sat wif me on the kitty condo an some have been runnin aroun wif Ayla and Iza! We all preciate the extra ham an nip that some kitties brought (we didt quite prepare enough ourselfs). Its been SUCH a great day altogether!

UPDATE: Wow, it was such a great Gotcha Day! I thanks all the kitties what came by ta visit an those what posted nice comments. I like that Ayla an Iza are all worn out from running around and doing THoE wif other young'ns; they shoud sleep all night an leave me in peace! Me, I'll snuggle up next ta The Big Thing tonite and sleep long an well...

This was the best day I've had in a long time , an I thank all of ya for it. I got more head-licks taday than in the pas Big Moon an it was so nice ta sit nexta adult kittiies an jus enjoy the company...


Friday, October 30, 2009


WOW, we are approachin our 50,000th visitor "sometime in the next couple Big Moons". So we wanna celerybrate. Guess the day we will hit 50,000 and win toys (we are thinkin rattley fevverbutt mousies and foam balls) and treats! One guess per unique comment per kitty (cause we only haf kitty toys and treats ta send).

1. Same date guesses are allowed an ties will be determined by a random draw (not first guess) by LC (the very soul of fairness) iffen it happens.

2. Sendin prizes is limited to the USA (cause it gets weerd trying to send stuff outside it an The Big Thing doesnt wanna fill out the strange forms).

3. Sorry ta our non-USA friends, BUT, ya can post a guess an (iffen ya win) ya can designate a USA friend to receive it in yer name. An they'll owe ya...

4. Post yer guesses on any of our posts until the deadline date. We'll keep track of them.

5. The deadline for guesses is midnight Nov 6th EST. (UPDATE: EXTENDED TO NOV 10TH)


My 16th Gotcha Day is tomorrow! Come by and visit. I'm not going too fancy this year, but there will be ham an shrimp an nip drinks. An Ayla an Iza will play lots an hard wif annykitties what come by. There will be boxes too. I would party hardy, but it feels odd wifout Skeeter here. So Ayla an Iza will be the hostesses. I will sit quietly on the kitty condo an greet all my friends.

But please come by an wear out the 2 brats so I can get a good night sleep!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More of "Annything Can Be A Toy"!

IZA: More proof that ya can have good fun with annythin! The Big Thing dropped this weerd thing inna the recycle box. I dragged it out.

I chewed on it lots (see the toofholes an ripped off parts?) an batted it aroun the kitchen fer an hour.

Then I dragged it inna livin room and tore it ta bits!

I ripped it ta pieces wif my teefs! I do that wif noospaper too!

Oh, pee ess, The Big Thing says ta tell ya the "HB" writin meant the eggies were "hard-boiled". He likes those wif stuff in them. I dont. In fact, I only want eggies fer the container...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MORE Mousie Toys!

We dont know what we doin ta deserve this, but we hope we keep doin it! 12 furry mousies!

An look at the BUTT sides, Fevvers! Oh we is all gonna pass out...

Can it get better than THIS? An they arent even loosed from the package yet...

Oh BAST, they are RATTLEY, too...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awkward Day!

LC: Today was Bad Luck Day! We each got clunked by The Big Thing at least oncet... We all discussed it later, an while we each individually thought our own "CLUNK" was his fault, we also agreed that each other's "CLUNK" was their own fault.

That made all our heads hurt a 2nd time, jus trying ta figure out how that could be! So voting on each incident was 2-1, with the "1" being the "clunkee" each time... I'm oldest an unnerstand these Bein/Kitty intersections here a little better, so I'll try an esplain it...

1. My event first... I gotta have some annoying liquid squirted in my mouf fer the thyroid problem twicet a day. I'm usally nappin when it it is time fer that.

So The Big Thing strokes my head lightly until I wake up. Then he takes me ta the bafroom fer the minor torture. But this time, I absolutely panicked! I spun around in place several times like a Tasmanian Devil, hissed, puffed up, and ran straight inta a table leg. Clunk!

It was a while afore I calmed down an just let him pick me up. Ayla an Iza said he did the same thing as usally.

2. Iza had her surprise CLUNK next. TBT was watching TV. Iza decided to hop up on his lap, which they both enjoy. Well, Ayla an I both happened ta be lookin (cause Iza is kinna clumsy an even watchin her hoppin up inna chair can be amusin). Well, just as she hopped, he reached out with the TV Remote thingie and caught her right on the side of the head. She not only fell down, she landed on her side.

We laffed til our sides hurt...

Iza ran ta the other side of the room and stared all wide-eyed. To be fair, TBT dint laff at her. In fact he went an sat down onna floor until she calmed down and came over fer some scritches. Then he picked her up and sat in the chair with her until she fell asleep on his lap.

3. Ayla got the last CLUNK. TBT was sittin on the side of the bed at night, taking off his furs (real weerd process what always amazes us). Ayla an Iza were chasin each other around in the bedroom when Iza pounced Ayla an she took off running. While TBT was swinging a foot up to remove a shoe... Right in her path... Shoe... Head... CLUNK!

Ouch! Even Iza an I couldnt laff at that one. Ayla was a bit discomflooberated an TBT grabbed Iza in mid-pounce*. Ayla sat unner the bed fer a while. She curled up next ta him in bed later. I'm not sure if she was forgivin him, dint know what had happened, or if she was still addled (an she aint sayin)...

* TBT here: Grabbing Iza in mid-pounce from a surprised unbalanced one-foot sitting position is like grabbing a 10 pound sack of salt launched from a "cat-a-pault". LOL! She nearly pulled me off the side of the bed. ;)

Well, we're all hopin we dont haf a day like THAT again fer a long time. Did anny other kitties have "Bad Luck Day" today?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shoe Rack Ayla!

AYLA: I love being up onna shoe rack. Its onna wall, and I can jump there from the Big Bed! It nearly as good as runnin up the big stepladder what goes ta the ceiling.

I am as high as The Big Thing's head here!

I really like it up here.

The angle of the shelfs is a little odd, though. But if he would just put a board on the empty spot, I bet I could sleep up here...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

We spent most of the day just nappin onna bed. The Big Thing went away ta help a friend plant flowers in his lawn.

We dint all get up there at once.

AYLA: I curled up in my favrit spot first. I nap there almost all day if I'm not allowed out. Then I wander around the house most of the night.

LC: Then I came up on the bed. Ayla an I traded some head licks cause we been getting along pretty well lately. Then I went to another spot an curled up. I woke up a bit later when I felt Iza walkin near me. I dint open my eyes. Later, I noticed she had left her favrit toy mousie next ta me! I wonder why?

IZA: I had hopped up on the bed cause The Big Thing dumped some warm socks on the bed an I went over to nap on them. And then, TBT was gome all day! Poof!

So there we all were, nappin the day away about as far apart as we could get onna bed...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Door Guard

LC: Iza may like ta be the Hall Troll, but I like guarding the door ta the computer room. Thats an important place ta me, specially when The Big Thing is in there. Im not mean an demandin like the Hall Troll is. Annyone can go in an out. But I make sure it is only The Big Thing an us house kitties what do. No skwirrels, or mousies, or introoders, or vishus deer!

Im doin a good job, right? I wake up when annythin crosses over or past me... No bad stuff has got past me so far...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 13 - Some Slight Adjustments Going On

THE BIG THING: LOL! I see some changes happening regarding the cats...

1. The Hall Troll (Iza) is getting challenged. Ayla has learned to jump clear over Iza and LC has started whapping back.

2. LC has stopped tolerating Iza whapping at her as she walks through the deck door. Iza has been seen in the defensive onback position more recently.

3. This is good news. LC had her thyroid oral med reduced to .5 from .75 last week. And she is eating more and leaving the deck again. Both a bit fiestier AND a little more willing to sit on my lap for a few minutes. If I pick her up onto my lap she will actually purr and sit there a while! And today, I saw her run the whole length of the backyard very fast!

4. Ayla has figured out Iza's wrassling style and wins more often lately. Given her much smaller size, that's impressive!

5. Ayla has also been playing with toys more lately. She even searches out and drags the wand toys to the floor. That's a new trick!

6. Iza is getting even better at "fetch". Not woofie-fetch, cat fetch. She plays with a toy I toss for s while, but brings it back to me to toss again eventually. She is best with the Squiggles (about 80% of the time), but even now brings balls back and mouse toys back to me. I played "soccer" last night with a ball and she batted it straight back to me "most of the time". I think she does it deliberately. That's impressive.

7. Ayla and Iza watch small mammals on the TV quite distinctly. Ayla even looks behind the TV for them. They know what they are seeing. I've caught Ayla looking my reflected image in the mirror right in the eyes, too. LC has never paid any attention to the TV or mirrors.

8. Iza used to eat all the food she possibly could. And then throw up (or poop in bad spots) until about July. Now she eats her portion and waits to see if anything is left. And she doesn't eat all that now.

9. Speaking of Iza over-eating before, she used to smell bad too. She was clean, but smelled like poo. That's went away about July. She smells like baby talc now. And, no, it isn't that I have "just gotten used to it". LOL!

10. Ayla comes when called. It's like she suddenly figured out her "name" a couple months ago. Iza learned hers right away.

11. Ayla and Iza are suddenly sleeping together at night. You've seen that in a couple recent posts... But it is nice!

12. Ayla and LC will sisterly sniff and groom each other. That only started a couple months ago. In some ways, they have become united (meaning only in mutual protection) against Iza (who is rather dominant). Ayla will sniff and groom Iza, but only to start wrassling. Ayla and LC never wrassle. Iza and LC do NOT ever groom each other. Maybe that's for next year...

13. Since I brought the "better" canned foods into the house (Avoderm, Evo, Wellness, etc), Iza eats less, LC eats more, and Ayla eats the same. It makes sense. Iza needs less food to get her meat requirements, LC smells the food better and enjoys eating again, and Ayla has always eaten exactly what she needed regardless of the quality of the food.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitty Condo Sharin Time

LC: Ya know, fer 2 kitties that spend so much time pouncing each other an wrasslin a lot until they yell, Iza an Ayla sure do spend a lotta time close an peaceful...

I took these pictures jus yesserday...

There they are wif their "what, we fight?" looks on their little baby girlcat faces.

Can you BELEEF that innocent look on Iza'a face? She is plannin somethin!

Then she looks over at Ayla...

All that and they just end up lickin each other's heads. Drat, I was hopin fer a fight...

There is some weerd secret Meezer code of honor, I jus know it. I will nefer figure them out.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Caladiums A NO-NO!

LC: Max asked us if the Caladiums we showed yesserday were "tasty".

Actally, Max, ya asked a very good question! They ARENT tasty, in fact The Big Thing learned recently that they are NOT GOOD fer cats an other animals ta eat. They are on the Top List of plants not ta eat...

While the ones in our back yard are in hanging pots, the big bed in front hasta go. Fortunately, they are not cold hardy and should die in the next coupla weeks. Now, we are plant-nibblers, so we were probly safe the whole time (an we couldnt reach the hanging baskets in the back yard), but there are neighbor kitties who visit our front yard (mostly). We dont really like introoders even in the front yard, but we sure dont want ta poison one!

So the Caladiums will not be back next year except (mebbe) in a few hanging pots what cant even be reached by Ayla! Mebbe the skwerls will eat them, he-he-he...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty Leafs

LC: I been aroun a lotta years, but this year we got somma the prettiest leafs I ever saw!
The Big Thing says they are called "Caladiums". They are real colorfilled. Ayla says there are lots more out front (where only she can get to). She took a picture...

Wow, that IS lotsa them. I think they are weerd-lookin... Pretty, but weerd-lookin.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ooh, An Awardie!

We are so thrilled to get this awardie from Alasandra (Socks, Scylla, Carybdis, and Fenris) ! It is really lovely in thought and design...

We want to award this awardie to:

Cat of Nine Tails
Cat With A Garden
Cory Cat
Karen Jo
Samantha and Mr Tigger

Mr Tigger is missing and we hope that an awardie will get him all happy an go home... They deserve the awardie annyway, but annything that might help...

Pass the awardie ta deservin kitties, ya know...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nappin Together Again!

THE BIG THING: And I should say "sleeping together". Like almost all night... I will turn off the lights after listening to a little radio in bed and they are in one spot together. Then I will wake up hours later and they are still there.

Sometimes it is days before they do it again. But they have been doing that more often lately, and I'm glad of that. Sometimes they seem to fight seriously enough that I worry, but then they go and curl up together, so I know it is OK...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skwerls, Bah!

We are all gettin real tired of the Swerls! They don't come close enough fer pictures, but ya can go see Ol' Harold at Angus's place fer a good look at one.

They wont let us catch them, which just isnt fair at all because they look small (and tastey) enough ta eat. They throws little branches at us from way up high. They eat our crocuses (bulbs inna Fall an flowers inna Spring).

The Big Thing calls them "tree rats".

TBT's Dad used ta say "All sqwerls fall from high tree branchs". We sure wish OURS would. They yell at us all a lot. Even at LC who doesnt even TRY ta chase them.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Caught Nappin Together

LC: MOL! The Big Thing caught Ayla and Iza nappin together when he woke up today! He been keepin the camera at the bed since he missed a great picture 2 weeks ago. An today he caught them in the act.

An I was there too. I hafta admit it. I snuck offa the bed when he woke up, but he caught me sneakin away around the corner.

Innerestin stuff in that picture. Ya see where the bed frame is all clawed up? Thats Aylas werk. She loved sharpenin her claws there her first year here. Til she started gettin spritzed... MOL, I LOVED watchin THAT!

An see that little pink thing at the bottom? Thats a toy mousie ear. Iza rips toy mousies ta bits! Shes real fierce wif the toys. Shes pulled the fur offen 2 rattley mousies an The Big Thing has used contact cement ta re-tach the fur 3 times. But she shreds them again inna week.

I tell ya, that girlcat has a mean streak. Shes in love wif her claws. TBT has gone through a box of bandaids in a few Big Moons! He has lerned that just holding a toy near her is a dangerous game! Me, I'm just glad that Ayla is also young an feisty an absorbs most of Iza's attentions!

UPDATE: Our heaty thing been werkin right since Friday. See HERE fer the whole story!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ayla Inna Apple Tree

LC: Well, "you-know-who" is up inna tree again. She just cant stay outta them. This time it is the neighbors apple tree. Ayla has nefer seen a tree she dint wanna climb.

A Big Moon ago, we all saw a neighbor kitty (lives acrossed the street) crawl aroun init. Ayla, of course just hadda give that a try. Sure enough, she got further out on the little thin branches than the neighbor kitty. She yelled ta the world about it...

That branch is no wider than her paw! I swear, the girlcat is crazy! I wont walk on annything narrower than The Big Thing's Shoos...

But she jus stood there proud as a peacock with the branch bendin unner her weight (light as she is).

She finally agreed ta come down when TBT called out "Dinnerrrrrrr-time".


Friday, October 09, 2009

Strange Loud Beins inna House!

We havent mentioned this cause we were waitain fer all the strangers and yellin ta be done. Itsa been horrible.

We have hadda all be locked in bedrooms while the noisy strangers came in. All cause doors hadda be left open an all, and some lead ta the front yard where we cant go.

Ya see, it seems the heating an cooling thingy went bad in July. It got taken away ta be killed an a new one was put in. But when The Big Thing turned on the heat, weerd stuff happened. So the heaty/cooly beins been tryin ta fix it all week. They came Tuesday an they couldnt fix it though they thought they did.

They came Wedsday an they couldnt fix it and knew they dint!

They came Thursday wif a new bein what had fixed problems like this. That werked, mebbe. We'll see. The new thermstat glows blue instead of green. Mebbe that was the problem. The hallway walls is green anwe bet that makes a difference!

The Big Thing isnt sure it is all fixed, so we will see over a few days. But he an we are darn tired of hafin strangers in the house trying ta fix the same problem over an over while we are locked inna room fer hours. If it isnt fixed this time, TBT says we will be let loose ta bite the ankles of the strangers! Cool!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Was SO Hungry Tuesday!

LC: I suddenly felt starvin few days ago. I got my 1/3 part canned breakfast, a whole finch bird (see previous posts), a whole big handful of kibble, treats, 1/3 can dinner food (all meat), and I got caught lickin plates in the dishwasher later.

I got PTU'd to the V-E-T that day for them ta be stealin my blood fer the 3-month thyroid test. Ya think that had annything ta do with my hunger? TBT says he is baffled. I ate everythin in sight that day. But Im back ta normal now... I like the new canned foods we are gettin!

The good news is that I gotta take less of that thyroid stuff that I used to.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Day Of The Birdie - Part 3

LC: OK, obviously, I ate it. I hadnt had a bird fer several Big Moons after all! I cant catch them myselfs annymore. It was SO GOOD!

Well, after I had permishun from Iza ta eat it...

I took it to the hallway ta enjoy it. The Big Thing doesn't like us eatin messy foods on the carpets.

An then I really nommed down on it!

I ate it beak to tail. I dint even leave the feet! Even TBT was surprised about that!

Iza watched in great surprize. Apparently, she still thinks our food is grown in cans from fevverless creatures, MOL!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Day Of The Birdie - Part 2

LC: I came by followin my nose ta birdie smells. Iza had one, but she dint know what ta do wif it. I did!

I went an gave Iza a little kissie-sniff then backed off. "Are ya gonna eat that", I asked all politely-like.. When she said "Eat it? No way, its all covered wif fevvers!", I almost pooped on the carpet for joy. She hasnt caught on yet ta eatin live dead birds.

So when she said I could have it cause she was done playing wif it, I thanked her an grabbed it.

Next: The end of the birdie...


Monday, October 05, 2009

The Day Of The Birdie - Part 1

IZA: I caught a birdie! All by myself! Ayla wasnt efen nearby...

It is so nice hafin the deck door left open in this nice weather. The Big Thing was sweeping caterpillar droppings off the floor (whole different story ta be related some other time since it doesnt involve ME) an I trotted in carryin this birdie I caught. He dint have the camera ready fer THAT, MOL!

But here are some pictures he took when his wits collected.

I put it down on the carpet ta examine it carefully (as Ive watched Ayla do)...

Then I sniffed it real careful ta make sure it was subconshus (Ayla has warned me about being "beaked")...

An pawed at it a few times ta make sure it was dead...

So it was deaders! That meant I could play wif it lots wifout worries. And I did!

And played...

An played...

I was finally startin ta get a little tired an unsure what ta do wif it...

Next: "What ta do wif it..."


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

LC: I'm jus takin it slow these days...

I spend a lot of time just sittin and restin like this, rememberin all the good things of my life...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Cleaning Up Dinner

Ayla: We all get equal portions of dinner. Of course, we dont all eat the same amount, at least not at once. I eat real fast. I allus lick my bowl clean quick an then walk away. Iza eats more cause she is bigger, but she has learned to wait ta see what is left. LC eats really slow and sometimes it drives Iza crazy waitin ta see what is left.

In fact, ya may remember that Iza hadda eat her foods closed up inna bathroom fer some Big Moons when she first came here so she wouldnt eat our foods too. But she is over that now. She just waits patiently.

Amazingly, sometimes Iza is full from her own bowl an even leaves some (like when she has jus eaten a mousie I catched). Well yesserday, there was some food left over after we all walked away!

I came back to finish it. I was HUNGRY!

Now, I should mention that we all have our preferred eating spots. In the above picture, LC eats at the top corner, I eat in the lower corner, and Iza eats in the middle. I dont know why, it just werked out that way when Iza arrived.

Actally, Skeeter used eat in the top corner and LC in the middle. LC moved over ta Skeeter's spot, and Iza took the middle spot. I like eatin near the door.

But wouldnt ya know, Iza so much as hears me eatin an she has ta come back ta make sure she isnt missin somethin.

So she licked LC's bowl clean while I licked Her bowl clean, and when LC came back later there wasn't even a SMELL left in anny of the bowls. We were STILL HUNGRY!

It all werked out OK. TBT gave us a "advance" on breakfast an gave us all some more foods until we stopped eatin...


Thursday, October 01, 2009


LC and AYLA: We almost missed Tocktober!!! So we pologise that it is some picture what might was "Previously-used". But theyre good ones. Iza is taking a hit for the team... Mainly cause she doesnt know we are usin them. MOL!