Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday 13 - Some Slight Adjustments Going On

THE BIG THING: LOL! I see some changes happening regarding the cats...

1. The Hall Troll (Iza) is getting challenged. Ayla has learned to jump clear over Iza and LC has started whapping back.

2. LC has stopped tolerating Iza whapping at her as she walks through the deck door. Iza has been seen in the defensive onback position more recently.

3. This is good news. LC had her thyroid oral med reduced to .5 from .75 last week. And she is eating more and leaving the deck again. Both a bit fiestier AND a little more willing to sit on my lap for a few minutes. If I pick her up onto my lap she will actually purr and sit there a while! And today, I saw her run the whole length of the backyard very fast!

4. Ayla has figured out Iza's wrassling style and wins more often lately. Given her much smaller size, that's impressive!

5. Ayla has also been playing with toys more lately. She even searches out and drags the wand toys to the floor. That's a new trick!

6. Iza is getting even better at "fetch". Not woofie-fetch, cat fetch. She plays with a toy I toss for s while, but brings it back to me to toss again eventually. She is best with the Squiggles (about 80% of the time), but even now brings balls back and mouse toys back to me. I played "soccer" last night with a ball and she batted it straight back to me "most of the time". I think she does it deliberately. That's impressive.

7. Ayla and Iza watch small mammals on the TV quite distinctly. Ayla even looks behind the TV for them. They know what they are seeing. I've caught Ayla looking my reflected image in the mirror right in the eyes, too. LC has never paid any attention to the TV or mirrors.

8. Iza used to eat all the food she possibly could. And then throw up (or poop in bad spots) until about July. Now she eats her portion and waits to see if anything is left. And she doesn't eat all that now.

9. Speaking of Iza over-eating before, she used to smell bad too. She was clean, but smelled like poo. That's went away about July. She smells like baby talc now. And, no, it isn't that I have "just gotten used to it". LOL!

10. Ayla comes when called. It's like she suddenly figured out her "name" a couple months ago. Iza learned hers right away.

11. Ayla and Iza are suddenly sleeping together at night. You've seen that in a couple recent posts... But it is nice!

12. Ayla and LC will sisterly sniff and groom each other. That only started a couple months ago. In some ways, they have become united (meaning only in mutual protection) against Iza (who is rather dominant). Ayla will sniff and groom Iza, but only to start wrassling. Ayla and LC never wrassle. Iza and LC do NOT ever groom each other. Maybe that's for next year...

13. Since I brought the "better" canned foods into the house (Avoderm, Evo, Wellness, etc), Iza eats less, LC eats more, and Ayla eats the same. It makes sense. Iza needs less food to get her meat requirements, LC smells the food better and enjoys eating again, and Ayla has always eaten exactly what she needed regardless of the quality of the food.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Leave it up to crazy females to switch it up. What next?

I'll look out for such upheavals out here in the woods.

Purrs Goldie

Cheysuli and gemini said...

It sounds like things are ironing out in your house.

Alasandra said...

Charybdis plays fetch. She has a little soccer ball she brings to me. ~Alasandra

Cat of Nine Tales said...

It's interesting to hear how females get along since we have eight boys and one female.
~Lisa Co9T

julier said...

I used to have a cat that would play fetch. We called it birdie. I would throw a zip tie (his favorite toy) in the air and he would catch it with his paws and bring it back in his mouth. Then he would used his paw to put it back on my lap so I would throw it again. He was a polydactyl - had 6 toes and the 6th one was like an opposable thumb. He was quite the character! I really miss him.

Sassy Kat said...

Thank you so much for coming to my retirement send off. It meant a lot to me that you all were there. It has been a pleasure having you for my friend and I have enjoyed the many visits that we shared.
Love to you and your family.

Cat with a Garden said...

Lots of cool things happening at your home. We especially like how the human notices those changes...