Monday, November 30, 2009

Iza Gets Her Cat Grass

IZA:   Well, we are all catchin up from the activity around Thanksgiving Day,  so the first news ta report is that I got a whack at the Cat Grass.
[Ayla:  "Whack" is exactly right]

Quiet, "Nibbler".  An dont think I didnt find out about yer arrangement wif The Big Thing to keep me away from it fer a day LC an Ayla!  It was only the day after (like I said, we are tryin ta catch up here) but I still feel a bit put out.  When TBT took it down from the window, my eyes got all big and I pounced on it immediately!  I intended ta politely "Nom" onit, but it was too good.

Pretty soon Nom became "chomp and snarf".

I even knocked it over.

By the time I was done, I had shoved the never-ending kibble bowl sideways, pushed the grass behind our food bowls, an left a trail of soil onna floor.

Here's what it looked like after I was done...

[Ayla:  See?  We tole ya] 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Second Turkey Dinner!

We had more turkey tonight (in our regular bowls).  The Big Thing is glad there isnt too much left after all the kitties who teleported over an helped eat it.  He let us lick the gravy bowl after he was done with it too.  We love that stuff.  He says it might taste good, but probly isnt all that healthy fer kitties, so it was a treat, not real food.  We dunno.  It TASTES like real food.

After, we played wand toys fer an hour, an even LC joined in the fun.  An he tossed mousies and foam balls all around.  We got eshausted...  He says he bets we sleep like logs tonite.  Logs sleep?  Who knew?

He was real annoyed the camera batteries died, but they are bein fed now.  Mebbe we can take pictures again tomorrow!  He is gonna try the video one real soon.

So, annyway, our thanks ta all the kitties who visited an helped us eat the turkey (and shrimps).  That was alotta fun!  TBT loved watchin alla us runnin around the house doing THoE, running arounf the kitty condo an playin wif all the toys. 

Thanks all!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Enjoyed!

Oh WOW!  The Turkey was there on the table, with our part unspiced.  It was golden-skinned, and while The Big Thing doesn't eat turkey skin, we do!  It was crisp and tastey (so much so that he broke it into bits fer us)!  We were dyin waitin fer it ta cool down enough ta eat (an he says fer the juices ta go back intas the meat)

Oh Bast, he even cut our part of it off first so that we could get at it fast (the smells of it were just killing us).  Then he diced it up wif his best fancy knife.  First, he used a fancy knife ta cut down along the ribs.  Then he used a dishtowel ta grab the loose  breast and pull it loose of the body.  Oh Bast, it is SO COOL ta see a Bein what knows how to really rip a carcass apart.  We swear he is part cat...  Oh wait, we aren't allowed ta admit that stuff for Beans.  Ferget we said it.  Or you will find spiders in your dressers!  We have ways...

TBT:  I saw it on a cooking show, no kitty secrets were revealed.  Relax...

Um. mebbe, an mebbe you been watchin us too close around the birdies.  Just be watchful fer spiders...

TBT:  I'm not afraid of spiders.  Do you want your litterboxes left alone for two days?

Um, Right, cooking shows, got it, no secrets revealed, we're cool.  Cleaning the litterboxes, today right?  OK.    Um, back to the turkey.  So he got it all ripped apart, wif our side of the unspiced breast loose.  Then he cut it into various size pieces.  Oh wow, different size pieces in each of our bowls.  We even got ta choose THAT!

Iza:  Ate big chunks fast.
Ayla:  Ate bits fast
LC:  Ate tiny bits slowly

On the table!  We got ta eat up there wif TBT!  We each had our turn.  That was SO COOL!  He couldn't have us all up at once of course, cuz he couldn't protect his part of the turkey.  But it was still special fer each of us.

An none of us frew up!  Not even after some gravy on the second dinner of turkey (in our bowls this time)!  Mebbe its the cat grass...

Now we are waiting fer the Chrissymouse HAM DINNER!

But it is time to say what we are thankful for (aside the great turkey).

We are mostly thankful fer The Big Thing, what give us house, food, toys, and laptime and such.

But we are also thankful fer his friendship, his attention, and bein let outdoors inna safe place.

We are thankful fer our friends what come visit our bloggie, an who make good bloggies fer us ta visit an enjoy.

We are thankful that the huge place is safe cause other Beins defend the big place so The Big Thing can provide our tiny safe place.  Without them, he couldn't.

We are thankful for the hungry kitties what get fed by good kind Beins, while sad for the lost kitties what don't got that.  We are thankful for the Beins what try to help the lost kitties, while unnerstandin that the Beins cant help every lost kitty.  We are thankful they at least try.

We are thankful every time a kitty finds a forever home, and sometimes even a temporary home.  Iffen a good Bein helps a kitty through the Winter, it gots another chance at findin a home an hafin a longer life.

Today is our Thanksgiving Day, cuz The Big Thing messed up yesserday.  So we wanned ta do it right.

And there is warm turkey an gravy fer annykitties what wanta teleport over!  Oh Bast, he is thawin out shrimpsies!    Come on over...

50,000th Visitor!

Ocurred today at 3:34 AM.  The winner is tied.  TT guessed 11/25 and Sylvester guessed  11/29 and it happened on the 27th right in between..  We didn't plan for that and hadn't said that if the date was passed, just "closest", so we decided that they both have to win.  They will both get toys and treats.

TT and Sylvester, please send yer address to us at "marksmews-2118 AT comcast DOT net".  You know to replace AT and DOT with the symbols, we hope.  If not, tell us so in comments and we will deal with that.   We are sendin The Big Thing to go hunt similar but different toys an treats fer both of you tommorrow when he wakes  up (is he gonna be surprised or what?)!  MOL! 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Delayed!

LC, Ayla, and Iza:  GASP!  We arent gettin our Turkey Day Dinner today an its all The Big Things fault...  We got stuck wif a canned Turkey&Giblets fer lunch!  At least we got canned duck fer dinner.  That stuff is GREAT!  An TBT says we will have a real turkey day tomorrow.  We'll wait an see...

TBT:  Yeah, it's true, I botched it, but it wasn't entirely MY fault either.  First, I had decided not to do a turkey this year; it's just too much meat for one person and a few cats.  But at lunchtime, I decided I should get a whole chicken and roast it, do the mashed potatoes with gravy, make a dressing, etc.  Just for a semblance of a holiday dinner.

So I went to the butcher shop to get a chicken.  They were closed.  I was certain their sign had said they would be open until 2 PM and it was only 1 PM.  Nope, closed for the whole day...  So, dreading the crowd, I went to the big grocery store.  The only whole chicken they had was a brand I do not like, so I reluctantly looked at the turkeys.  Fortunately, they had some "fresh" turkeys, and I found one that was only 12 lbs, and at 89 cents/pound, it was hard to pass up.  I got some parsnips and asparagus to roast along with it.

I was feeling pretty good about it, but when I got home, I discovered that the turkey was partially frozen.  Not rock hard, but "crunchy" enough so that it needed to thaw for a few hours.  I didn't feel like starting to roast a turkey at 6 PM...

So, we'll pretend that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  I'll leave one side of the breast meat unspiced for the cats.  The won't eat it otherwise.  LOL!

US AGAIN:  See?  We tole ya it was all his fault!  But since hes gonna roast a turkey tomorrow, we'll forgive him.  An he better not ferget an spice up our part!  We better get ta lick up some gravy too.  We like that!
What do you think will happen tommorrow?

1.  TBT will put the turkey inna oven and ferget to actally cook it?
2.  He will ferget about not smearing spicy stuff over our part?
3.  He will accidently set the oven on "self-cleaning"?
4.  It will be cooked ta die for?

Happy Thanksgivin ta all you what cellybrated it today...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cat Grass 3

Oh so cool! We got to eat some today!

It started like this:

The Big Thing had been lookin fer some seeds.  He dint like the spensive little kits with a special pot, some dirt an just a few seeds, so this was JUST RIGHT!

Then it got planted.  Somehow, he missed takin a picture of it.  Well, it was just a lil pot wif dirt innit...

Then it grew like this and we were allowed ta eat some!

AYLA:  I got ta try it first (LC was nappin in the cube tent an dint wanna get up). 

I gave it a careful sniff.  I mean, The Big Thing was offerrin it an he doesnt play tricksies on us wif food, but it is allus wise ta be cautious!

I took a taste!  It is "Innerestin".  Like grass, but a little softer and better-tastin...

 So, I really chowed down onit!

 Then, of course, I carefully licked my mouf clean.  I LIKED IT!

 LC:  I was watchin Ayla eat the stuff, but I wanned ta see iffen she liked it.  I do that with all food.  I useta watch Skeeter eat before I would, and I watch Ayla now.  Iza isnt a good guide, cause she eats ANNYTHING!  So I went over an gave it a sniff myself.

 It smelled good enough that I let Ayla eat at the same time as me...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cat Grass 2

AYLA:  Our cat grass is growin!

Tomoorow, we are all gonna get a taste of it.  LC an I are bettin that Iza just tears the stuff up by the roots an wrecks it, so we haf asked The Big Thing to let us try it first while Iza is outside.  He unnerstood completely an agreed!

We wouldda done it today, but it was rainin an TBT said it would not be fair to make Iza go outside in that.  Well, actally, we wouldda liked him ta do that, but he is very firm about that kinna stuff.  So fer tonite, it stays up on the kitchen counters where we are not allowed ta go...

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Cameras!

AYLA:  Oh this is inerrestin!  We got new cameras today!  One is a little thing The Big Thing can keep in his pocket.  Its a "Canon Powershot A1100 IS".  An we got a 2GB memory card, so it can take a squillion shots at a time.  An its got "image stabilzer" so our shakey paws wont make bad pictures (we hope).  We'll see...

The other is a (gasp) camcorder for MOVING PICTURES.  We haf no idea how ta use that, but we will try ta learn  Now, we gotta admit we sometimes don't like the cameras, but Iza does do a lot of real active stuff and that would be cool ta show.  An she can get a mazingly active beatin toy mousies around!   And I would sure love to have me shown climbin up an down trees an the fence, ya know? 

Its a "Flip Video".  Not the best stuff, but we arent plannin ta make hollywood movies...  All we hafta do now is figure out how ta use it and upload stuffs!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Stoopid!

OK, we are VERY STOOPID KITTIES here. Even The Big Thing. As we slowly lost posting icons, we got annoyed, like when skwerrels chatter atcha, ya know? We had tried everything we knew ta get at the icons, an the answer was just there laffin in our faces, but we dint realize it.

When we updated the editor a month ago, we missed noticin the new "Compose" button. There, we've admitted it... We're sure evrykitty else noticed but us... See how really dumb we are? Just hit the Compose button and all the lovely icons appear!

So we are trying ta figure out what sully characters we are. Ayla and Iza havta be TweedleDum and TweedleDee, LC is the March Hare, and The Big Thing gets ta be The Mad Hatter (well, cause he wears hats an we dont). We jus KNOW The Cheshire Ceiling Cat is lookin down at us laffing his mean little snicker off!

So, we are really sorry we got some many friends worried an upset we might be leavin. Its all our fault. We wish we could blame it on too much Nip or somethin, but we cant.

The Mad Hatter here:  It is worth noting that sheer dumb persistence does pay off when trying to solve problems.  Rule 1, "try everything and click everywhere".  Rule 2, "see Rule 1".  LOL!

Anyway, thanks fer all the encouragin comments.  They kept us searchin fer the fix of our problems.  We might not have kept lookin fer the answer without y'all.  We feel SO great now that we can go postin like normal again!


Yay, pictures again... 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost Access To the Posting Icons

We are sad to say that we're not posting again until we get back our posting icons. We have lost most of them. We have searched, tried Blogger help, Blogger forums, internet help sites, and asked for help, etc. No luck. If we can't fix it, we're gone...

We can barely post pictures the old html way on one blog but not colors or fonts, and nothing at all on another blog. We don't know why and we have tried everything we know. We have been struggling with it for over a week. We are giving up unless someone can help us with this...

We have a Mac Pro and use Firefox the most up-to-date.

If you can help us, please do!

LC, Ayla, Iza
and The Big Thing

Friday, November 20, 2009

More of "Annything Can Be A Toy"!


It started as a regular "brown paper lunch bag" (what The Big Thing called it, but I found no lunch innit - mebbe Ayla snatched the "lunch" part). I shouldda taken a "before" picture of it.

But he crumpled it up inna ball and tossed it to me. I was onnit like The Flash! I batted it around, bunny-kicked it, chewed onnit, and all sorts of mean, nasty stuff!

It went from bag to this:

I tore it up real good fer 2 whole days! It looked like this when I was done wif it:

I finally took a good look at it yesserday, but there was no fun left innit annymore...

The Big Thing looked at it and decided it was "compostable". I have ripped up a lot of toy mousies in my year, but none were "compostable", so I musta done a special job on this one...

I am walking round so proud and tail high! I compostated a paper bag so fierce it is plant food!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo Caption Time

Give a photo caption to this. No prizes, just fun!

We'll tell you what the photo is tomorrow... MOL!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


THE BIG THING: What is it with wildlife visitors lately?

First, a possum on the deck, then a raccoon. Now an owl.

Now, owls are fine and I hardly worry about wildlife going about their business. But this evening, Ayla was refusing to come in at dusk when called. I like to let the cats enjoy the outside, but I don't let them stay out in the dark.. There is an area between my yard and two others that is totally wild and Ayla loves it there.

But it was a little past sunset and Ayla was still out. so I went perimeter-walking calling her name. From the corner of an eye, I saw something land on a tree-trunk in the neighbor yard. I wasn't sure what it was (squirrel, crow maybe). But then I got nervous. A slight change of perspective and I realized it was an very large owl on a branch (I have rather good low-light vision).

Now, Ayla is a very small cat and I have seen nature shows where large owls catch rabbits. Ayla is smaller than some rabbits... And she was probably somewhere down below that owl!

What to do? Call her and hope she comes over the fence (visions of her being grabbed on the top of the fence)? Stay quiet and hope she doesn't attract the owl's attention? I finally felt on the ground for a few small stones and flung them at the owl. I finally hit the tree and it flew off a few dozen yards.

Then Ayla showed up on the fence. It was a tense minute before she hopped down towards me (she does NOT like to land on or walk on dry crunchy leaves). I corralled her toward the house as fast as I could.

I have to find a way to let Ayla out but keep her in the yard! I get more worried about her outside the yard every day. I've seen nets that mount on fences to keep cats in (and out), but I have too many shrubs and trees next to the fence. I've also seen "invisible fence" systems. I might have to install that along the top of the fence. Ayla is the only one who can get over the fence. LC used to, but she is too old now (I see her stare at it as if remembering what she used to get over). Iza is too heavy to climb it. She looks at Ayla on the fence and tries to get up, but can't.

Anyone familiar with "invisible fence" working on cats? I have just GOT to keep Ayla in the yard somehow but I just can't force her to be an indoor-only cat. She loves the outdoors SO much.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


IZA: Wow! First we had a possum visit our deck and now a raccoon! I knew right off that I dint wanna play with THIS one. It was twicet big as me, had long sharp teef, and it looked REAL hungry...

I mean, I'm brave and all, but that thing dint seem like it would run iffen I chased it. The Big Thing saw it first. I was nappin on his lap. He woke me up real fast (never a good thing) and carried me ta the deck door. I was a bit sleepy, so it took me a minnit ta see what he was tryin ta get me ta look at. THEN I was all awake!

It came right up to the door and tapped at it trying ta get in. It wanted ME! I consider it the height of composure that I dint pee right on the floor. Well, I couldnt back away cause The Big Thing was aholdin me like LC when she is getting her meds.

I was serious nervous at first, but then I realized TBT wasnt the least bit askairt an wanned me ta watch it fer future reference.

So I watched it walk around our deck until it got all bored an left. TBT said it was a "nature lesson" Yeah, I got the idea. Iffen I see one of those things outside, RUN LIKE HELL!

Too bad the flashy camera wasnt in reach... TBT says he is gonna get one he can keep inna pocket just for times like this. And one that takes close upshots from far away. An one that takes moving pictures too. Wow...

Annyway, I wish he had the little pocket one tonight. That wouldda been great!

At least I whapped the door real hard a coupla times as it was leavin ta let it know I dint want it comin back here... I fuzzed up real big too. It saw me and hurried up its pace. It better not come back!

Monday, November 16, 2009



I haf a question fer ya all. I've been delayin this while I thought about it. The Big Thing tole me what my Gotcha Day prezzie was last week, and I'm not sure iffen I want it. So I need some advices... He says it is my decision to make.

See, I'm gettin old an I got matts in my furs. They were real bad a few weeks ago. So The Big Thing thought I would be happy if they were removed. He cant handle me around skissors too well, so he thought a pro-fessinional (as opposed to a con-fessional, I suppose) would be a good idea. Ive NEVER been "groomed" at a "grooming place".

But then, I started pullin them out myself. I'm not totally inept at groomin, ya know. I mean, I was leavin clumps out all over the place (he composts my furs, is that cool or what?)

So I'm pretty much self-un-clumped right now.

My question is, would I like bein "professionally groomed"? Is it fun? Does it feel real good after? Will I look prettier? Is there annything scarey about it? I gotta know cause TBT is gonna make an appointment inna couple days unless I tell him I dont wanna to it. He does say it is my choice.

So, should I try it?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

The Big Thing dint make the bed today. That doesnt bother us anny. In fact, we got really close on the softy parts where the blankie was all piled up. This is a rare picture!

Blankies are way better than sheets. In fact, we dont unnerstand why The Big Thing uses sheets at all.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cat Grass

Cool! We got "Cat Grass". It isn't grown yet, just planted.

We hear it is great stuff ta eat cause it doesn't make ya frow up like real grass does. We'll take pictures as it grows, and then when we first taste it. This stuff is "green oat sproats"

"The Big Thing" - We think we'll keep him...

Do you think we will:

A. Like it
B. Ignore it
C. Frow it up annyway

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner Toy Tossin

IZA: Well, me an The Big Thing got a routine at dinnertime. Its cool. He goes around an collects all my favrit toys (Squiggles, foam balls, rattley mice) on the old decrepit table next ta where he eats (We might get around ta esplainin why he keeps it sometime, but not now).

Then after we eat, he eats his foods while watchin the TV.

So while he does His eatin, he tosses my toys aroun the house. I bring them back (usually) an he tosses them all round again. That is SO COOL! I specially love carryin the Squiggles back an I drop them at his feet. He scratches my head an tells me what a GOOD GIRL I am. He surprises me by then tossin a differnt foam ball or rattly mouse and I go beat them up fer a while an bring them back. An Ayla sometimes joins inna fun. She doesnt bring the toys back to him like I do though.

It cant get better than THAT! Well, unless a sunpuddle would appear there at night wif a live mousie...

But I gotta ask ya. Is a Bein tossin toys around WHILE HE IS EATIN "great" or what? Do yours do that?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Search Of...

The dreaded "stool sample"...

THE BIG THING: I had to bring LC to the vet for the annual exam and shots and could not get a stool sample I was sure was hers. They said I could bring one in later. I don't mean to be indelicate, but it's difficult with LC. She prefers to go outside, but she stays on the deck for hours before she slips into the woods to "do her business" and then she is back on the deck again.

I try to watch her when she leaves the deck, but I never catch her in the act. It is difficult to provide the vet with a "sample" to test for whatever they test for...

I closed LC in the Guest bedroom all night Friday and Sunday. No poops! It just kills me to enclose her that way. She has now been in the Guest bedroom for 48 hours (visiting her often for scritches, attention, and litterbox checks). But no poop. She has been eating the dry food, the canned food, and drinking water.

I have held her, encouraged her to the litterbox, told her she will get LOTS of treats if she poops, etc, but no "output".

Any suggestions? I'm going to call the vet in the morning and ask for suggestions... But that is 10 hours away and I'm worried I am causing health problems. But a stool sample analysis is important.

Any suggestions or guidance deeply appreciated...

Update 9:30 a.m. : LC has achieved "launch", LOL! I'm heading out to do some shopping, so I will deliver it to the vet on the way. Thanks for the suggestions...

50,000th Visitor Contest Guesses

LC: Well we have all the guesses in for our 50,000th Visitor Contest... Best of luck to all! We haf The Big Thing keepin his eyes out fer neat toys and treats...

TYLER 11/11
FAT ERIC 11/12
THE CREW 11/16
CORY 11/20
TT 11/25
KAZ'S KATS 11/30
CAT OF 9 TALES 12/27

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

S'Wheat Litter

We are tryin it in one litterbox. We dont know if we like it. But it is hard ta resist a clean litterbox...

An we mean "clean". The Big Thing dumped all the scoopable clay stuff from the most popular litterbox an scrubbed it, dried it, an re-filled it. He does that wif one box each month. So mebbe we will give the new cleaned one a try wif the new stuff.

So guess/vote:

1. We love it
2. We hate it
3. We dont care

Monday, November 09, 2009

It Must Be Fall Again

THE BIG THING: Because LC is bringing twigs into the house again. She does this every year around this time. And she puts them together...

I swear she has some nest-building instinct... It is so cute watching her trot up the decks carrying the twigs in her mouth, but I can't figure out why she does it. She ignores them the instant she is in the house, except that she pushes them together. Maybe she wants me to do something with them...

She isn't telling me. So, any thoughts about what she has in mind?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Kitty?

IZA: I saw the cutest little kitty outside the door tonite!

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

An it looked through the door at me like it wanned ta come in. I wanned to play wif it..

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

It even seemed ta wanna play wif my toy fevverbutt mousie! That seemed kittylike.

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

An I wanned ta lick its fur an groom it (cause it really needed some groomin).

Iza, it has fleas, ticks, maybe rabies, sharp teeth and the temperment of a shrew as big as you are!

Oh! Um, well, yeah, I dint like it annyway an I tole ya so!

Chase it away while I watch!

NOT My Gotcha Day...

LC: I regret ta say it, but today is NOT my Gotcha Day! That was Oct 31st and there was a party then. I do thank everykitty for the kind wishes today, though! ;)

It appears the hard-workin Cat Blogosphere Staff made a little mixup. We sent them an announcement about extendin the deadline fer guessin the date of our 50,000th visitor contest to Nov 10th an they accidently posted the Gotcha Day message from last month...

Fer details on the 50,000th Visitor Contest, go HERE.

PS: Alasandra says they is throwin a LC's UN- Gotcha Day Party At Their Place! But we cant find it. Mebbe it is tomorrow. We're not sure.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Safe Again!

US: We settled back in the main rooms after the Old Beins left early Wedsday. Yeah, we did well wif them (like that we gave them headbutts afore they left), but we still wanned our house back like usual...

We see it this way. The Old Beins were were cool an all, but we still felt a bit upset ta haf visitors. We did our part ta be friendly (specially Iza). An The Big Thing owes us fer sittin on laps and actin are friendly.

Iza immediately took over the easy chair where the Old Dad Bein sat. We're not sure why, but she liked it.

Mebbe it was cause she found the nip cigar there and was feelin a need fer a little soothin..

LC took over the old easy chair again. Its her best place.

Ayla went straight up to the top of the kitty condo.

Iza is kinna missin the Old Dad Bein... She really liked him.

An we were all happy ta get inta the Guessed Room again!

Friday, November 06, 2009


LC: Meanwhile, after the strange Beins left, I went back ta my favrite chair. The Big thing had folded up the sheet wif all my furs on it and stashed it while his elder Beins were here (cause they dont like furs fer some reason) an he brought it back out after. I was so happy ta be nappin on my loosed furs again!

He says he's gonna wash it though. Awwww... I LIKE it this way!

UPDATE: We are extendin the deadline ta our CONTEST of when we get our 50,000th visitor to Nov 10th cause we dint mention it often enough (distracted by the visitin Beins) an we would like ta see more guesses. Please enter a guess. Toys and treats ta the winner! Post yer guess here or on anny post... Guesses are free, so do it now!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

BlogBlast Fer Peace

We decided that Skeeter was the most peaceable kitty we ever knew. So we put him inta our graffic!

He neffer raised a paw in anger, always treated us wif kindness, simply stared down introoder kittys until they left, an would allus share licks an snuggles. So he is our model of peace...

An since it wouldda been his Gotcha Day just 6 days ago, it felt right...

LC and Ayla

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Strangers

IZA: Yesserday, I decided ta check the Strangers out. LC an Ayla said I was crazy! But Im brave and coorious...

So I suddenly went out at watched them. They were sittin in chairs an seemed all calm an stuff. I don't know what the big deal is.

First, I went over an sniffed at the Old Dad Bein. he seemed vaguely familiar, so I went closer. He let me lick his fingers. So I took a chance an hopped up on his lap. It wasnt ezactly like The Big Things lap, but close enough. The Old Dad Bein was quite friendly an scritched me right, so I sat on his lap a while. He seemed pleased.

Heres a closeup...

I licked his fingers while doin my paws. I do that wif The Big Thing too. It just seemed natural.

But he hadda get up eventually. So I went an checked out the Old Mom Bein. She had been tryin ta get my attention fer a while annyway. She was in the "right" chair, so I hopped up. She went all purry herself. I mean, she was SO happy. So I sat on her lap fer a bit.

Then she moved a little, so I went and napped on her legs. She loved it. Apparently she is a very old cat-lover. Well, ya know, ya can always tell... And while I lay on her legs, she tole me about all the wunnerful kitties she has had in her life. She seems ta have had some good ones. But they are so long over the Bridge, she nefer hears from them annymore. That was kinna sad.

An when LC an Ayla realized the strange Beins were really nice, they came out too, They wernt willin ta hop on laps, but they did stay in the room and play wif some toys. An heck, the Old Mom Lady was thrilled just ta see them sittin aroun. We were all kinna surprised. I asked LC later why we dint all just do that to begin with. LC said the Old Mom Bein was grabby in past years. Well, she is just calm an friendly now.

I tole them that she isnt grabby (cant be), so they got braver. Which made the Old Mom Bein happy.

Eventally, she got ta scritch evrykitty. That made her really happy! We all gave her some head-bumpies as they left this morning...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Ack, Strangers inna House!

They are back. The Strangers. We seen them afore, but not fer awhile, so we is unner the bed again hidin...

The Big Thing: My parents are visiting again. The cats all go panicky...

No, ya dont unnerstand. The Mom wants ta take us away with her! She keeps tryin ta grab us sayin she wants ta put all of us in her big bag. An kitnap us. She SAYS SO! The Dad is OK. He just lets us come sniff him carefully an doesnt grab at us.

But we may be hidin a day or two... HALP!

An The Big Thing says my Gotcha Day surprise is gonna be delayed... Grr...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Skeeter Whispers In The Night...

LC Asleep:

Skeeter: PING. "Hi"!

Skeeter, that you? Its been so long... I was thinkin about ya just yesserday. It was our Gotcha Day! Do you remember?

Skeeter: Of course I do. My best Gotcha Day was when you arrived there on my 1st one.

LC: My surprise? I don't know what it is. Do you? Oh, of course you do. Can ya give me a hint?

Skeeter: "Furs"

LC: Furs? FURS!?

Wait, what do ya mean, "I'll be happier"? Why will I? I'm happy now!

Skeeter: You will be happier tomorrow. I can't tell you why, just that you will be.

LC: But why?

Skeeter: Peace little Sister, all will be well...

LC: I want to be with you again!

Skeeter: All in good time. But not soon. You have time on the Earth for a while. Birds and mousies to enjoy. Scritches to enjoy. And there will be frogs ta hunt again next year. Stop worrying about "time". I am 5 years old here forever. When you get here, you can be any age you want.

LC: Can I be 2 again?

Skeeter: Any age you want. But it is not your time yet... Sit on The Big Thing's lap, chase tossed toys. Enjoy the world you are in. Leave love around you all the time. Put up with the new kittens when they arrive as we did with Ayla.

LC: I miss you Skeeter...

Skeeter: And I miss you too Dear Sister. Be kind to the kitties around you, they need your guidance. And The Big Thing. He misses me more than you know. I feel it in him every day...

Your job is to bring peace and calmness into the house in my absence and to teach Ayla and Iza to carry it forward to the cats-who-come-after.

LC: Oh right, like Tinkerbelle dint for us?

Skeeter: Tinkerbelle is here. She got lost one day out wandering the swamp, but she found a nice People for the last few years of her life. She lived to be 15 and went over the Bridge in her sleep in front of a warm fireplace with treats in her tummy. But you have to remember that she was always in pain from the doggie bites she sufferred as a kitten. She is free of that now and she regrets being mean to us. She was just always a bit pained.

LC: Oh Skeeter, I am so glad to hear that. She was growly at us, but you protected me from her. Still, that is good ta know she found Peoples an had a good end...

Skeeter: All of us have an end in the Bein world. Some are sad, most are peaceful. Yours will be peaceful. But it will not be real soon. So enjoy your time and remember me. We will be together again "someday". But I will not tell you when that will be... I have to go now.

LC: Skeeter, tell me Skeeter? Skeeter? Where are you? Skeeter?