Sunday, December 13, 2009

Address Games

LC, Ayla, and Iza:  Well. we went through ALL our adressy records for like, 4 whole days an thought we had it all done right!

Ya know, like fer every saved card an envelops from last year, plus what new addresses we collected since.  Like prizes an such.  We're shameless, iffen we learn an addy, we will send holiday cards in December, right?

So we thought we were all done, an we had The Big Thing match them up ?  But then HE laffed at US!  No really, he did.  He found we had one address what we had not addressed a card to (cuz we couldnt figure out the name).  Ta be fair, he tried ta help us figure out who it was (cuz he really IS good that way).

It gets weirder.  Early in the day, we had sent emails ta coupla friends we had cards from last year but couldn't find addy's for.  Well, we dint have addy's for efry friend (an still dont).  But we hadnt got anny replies.

So we were all guessin about the addy we DID have but couldnt figure out who it was.  We looked at it all around from all directions.  TBT thought mebbe the name was "Daisy".  Well, we checked real fast and sure enough, we dint have Daisy The Curly Cat's addy. so we emailed her ta see if that was hers. 

Well, as soon as we did, we got a new email!  Not from Daisy, but a reply from Kaze, Latte, and Chase.
Well, stick us wif a fork an call us "done" cuz it was the very addy we were tryin ta figure out!

We still laffin, cuz iffen we had just waited 1 minnut, we wouldda had it wifout confoosin Daisy The Curly Cat about it (though we did get her addy ta send her a card and that was a good thing).

So that was the tale of the uncertain addy!  We cracked up when it was all figured out.   We hope ya got some fun from it too!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

That sounds like something the Woman would do.

Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

Hehehehe!! Hi all, please email me at jcfloresinc (at) G mail (dot) com and I can let you know what we need for the TGH! Thanks for responding!
Your Tuxie furied,

Daisy said...

Isn't it amazing when things like that happen? I was glad you e-mailed me so I could get your address, too!

The Meezers said...

hee hee