Sunday, December 20, 2009

SNOW Pictures!

LC:  Well, the snow stopped fallin sometime last night.  I dint get too ecited about cuz Ive seen even deeper snow before.  But Ayla an Iza were jus amazed!  The Big shoveled it off the driveway.  He got some help halfway through, but thats a subject fer his own blog.  The point is that the big noisey machine can get out of the driveway.

What was more important was the deck.  He promised us a path!  He let us look at the wall of snow first.

It was deep!

Then he shoveled a path fer us...

I'll wait fer it ta dry first.  Ayla wouldnt even consider it.  Ta my surprise, Iza went right out!

IZA:   I was really curious about the stuff.  It wasnt ezactly WET, but it made me want to shake my paws as I walked on it cuz it was cold, and THEN wet.

 I went out ta the end an looked around fer skwerrels and birdies, but there were none in sight.  Darn, I wanned ta see those skwerrels tryin ta run around in this stuff.

But my pawsies got cold, so I decided to come back in.

I stopped and nibbled at some snow first.  LC had said ta try that.  It really IS water, but it made my tunge feel funny!

We have all agreed that we will wait for the path ta dry before going out again.  Now that I've seen the stuff, I just hope it goes away soon.  LC says it will take about a week.  Thats a long time fer water ta sit around.  The Big Thing says it may be around longer than that cuz it is gonna snow again before this stuff melts away.  How does he KNOW stuff like that?

LC:   I gotta mention somethin funny about deep snow.  When Skeeter and I were young, we saw the first deep snow,  TBT shoveled a path fer us.  Skeeter went out an then tried ta hop over the wall of snow.  He sank in right to his tail tip!  Then he tried to hop back, but he dint know which way.  He was thrashin all around.  TBT hadda run out an rescue him.  Skeeter allus hated snow after that...  I dont think highly of it either.


Max said...

I saw snow when we lived in Evil, Ohio. I never want to see it again, other than in pictures. But dang, you got A LOT of it!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I do not think I would like being outside in the snow at all--the Woman always tries to take me out but it is way to cold on my tender toes. Iza is very brave!

Derby said...

The snowy storms we have here haven't ever left that much snow at one time. I don't go out but am lucky my patio is covered. But then mum clears it off, and the pile gets so high I can't see over it either.

Stay inside for now and stay warm. It does melt, eventually.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Yoy guys really got it!
You're pretty brave Iza, that stuff is cold on the feets!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow!! And you're very brave to venture out in it!! We don't think we woulda...well, maybe Wally 'cuz he loves to go outside...

Glogirly and Katie said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! Glogirly is cracking up about Skeeter's snow experience! I'm thinking he may have been scarred for life.

Your snow photos are great! The Big One did a very nice job on your path. ...just a word of caution though, by the markings on that ruler, I'd say you've got more than a week to wait before the white stuff is gone!

(Glogirly's cat)

Tyler said...

Wow! We've never seen such a sight. Jake would have liked to join you, Iza, after the path had dried that is. Hey, what happens if you stick your tongue out and touch the deck. Will it get stuck, like in the movie "The Christmas Story" when the silly boy touches the pole with his tongue?

Poor Skeeter. That sounds like a terrifying experience. We're glad that your BT was there to save him.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Yowza! You could make some ginormous snow cones outta all of that snow!

Mom is leavin' for Seattle next week an' says that she might be in some snow, too. We have NEVER been in the snow ... an' never will be 'cuz we're not ever allowed outside (even though it doesn't snow at our house).

Enjoy explorin' all of that cold wetness! Happy ChristMAUS!