Thursday, April 09, 2009


LC: We had all been outside a while an were onna deck waitin ta come in. Suddenly, Iza started battin at my tail. I try ta ignore it, but she wouldnt leaf my tail alone. Then Ayla came ofer ta see what was goin on an SHE batted my tail! Kitten see, kitten do.

Ya, I know Ayla is almos 2, but she still acts awful kittenish. So when both of them started on my tail, I whapped both of them HARD. Knocked onea them up against the deck door an then the other one.

The Big Thing heard the noise an came runnin over. He thought some intruder cat was attackin us. Well, no. Im jus tired of them thinkin my tail is a toy an battin at it. Im an old ladycat, my tail is NOT a toy, an I deserve some RESPECK!

Annyway, when the door was opened, we all ran inside. We were all POOFED from the acitement. Aylas POOF is pretty pathetic (it swells a little near her butt, so its a Poof), and Iza has none at all yet (mebbe a tiny pine cone at the tip, so its a pooF). But I got a full grown POOF of course!

I went an napped onna bed and wouldnt let either of them get up on it fer hours...