Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big Thing, Friendly Neighbor Kitty

We are not pleased! We SAW The Big Thing scritchin a neighbor kitty while lookin out the front windows. He thinks we dont notice this stuff, but we do.

It happened some days ago, but we just found the pictures on the puter...

He was werkin on somethin in the front yard (where we are NOT ALLOWED ta go) an this new indruder came up and without ANNY reason at all just started rubbin on TBT an he started scritchin HIM right back with a fare-thee-well!

He even took a few pictures (with OUR camera) an we FOUND them!

He better not come inta our backyard cause we'll bit his ears! HISS!

And none of us sat in TBT lap last night. That'll teach him...