Friday, July 17, 2009

Nappin Nicely - Part 2

LC: Well I never thought it would happen! Ayla comed over and slept next ta me!

The Big Thing was WAY surprised, and grabbed the camera. It wasn't on the stand, and the cammera aint too good when he hand-holds it, so this is the best we got.

Since Ayla was bein nice, I dint whap her.

Not even when she moved around some an woke me up. She sat nose to butt. Thats OK with ME. As long as she doesnt squirm around TOO much. We whispered about Iza.

Mebbe I can make her an ally against Iza. Iza being real bossy an whappin lately.

AYLA: Mebbe I can make LC an ally against Iza. Iza been real bossy an whappy lately.

LC and AYLA, A Duet:

(Chorus) So we’re makin an alliance against Iza.
Gainst Iza! Gainst Iza!
She whaps at our tails,
On the deck, next to rails.
In the halls.
Along the walls,
And evry room in the house!


She lays down in the hall,
With her feet against the wall,
When we just walk by at all,
She pushes from the wall.


An knocks us off our feet,
Which makes us hiss and bleat.
When attacks come from below,
How can you ever know?


From above, attack’s a “pounce”,
But from below, is it a “downce”?
Attacks that hit our lower paws
Are strategies that give us pause!


Thankfully, The Big Thing sends
Us messages that this must end.
He brings the sprayer into play
When Iza thinks she has her way.


We plan our moves past her, we two,
So Iza cannot get a go.
But sometimes one is out outside,
An cannot help the one inside.


So now when Iza plans her move
She finds that there are more than two
To thwart her sneaky “downcing” plans.
We’re glad The Big Thing has 2 hands!


Aftermath: The Big Thing now sees when Iza is poised with her feet on the hallway wall, ready to push off an knock us off our feets, So he stayed near wif the water bottle an gave her a good shot right in her ear just as she was launchin at me today! She ran like she been snakebit. Yay! An he says he will do it more iffen he has to. I mean, we got a RIGHT ta walk around our own house with out being “downced”, right?

The girlcat needs some disciplinatin, ya know?

THE BIG THING: I have to agree that Iza has begun to throw her weight around a bit too much and needs to be taught some good household manners. LC is down to 6.5 pounds (from 8.5 pounds a year ago), Ayla is UP to 6.5 pounds from 5 .0 pounds 18 months ago, but Iza is 10.5 pounds in spite of being youngest and only 8.5 pounds when she arrived 6 months ago. She is getting to be a bit of a bully, and it is time to put a stop to that.

Iza hates the spray bottle and I regret deeply to say that she needs a little training to restrain her aggressive nature... It worked when she got too clawey at the furniture.

I have to stop this tendency of Iza to attack LC and Ayla from below. If she just whapped tails, that would one thing. But sliding under LC and Ayla when they are just walking past and tripping them from below is different (and weird). That has to stop...