Friday, July 24, 2009

New Food Day!

LC: We got our new foods today! Bestest day in months. We love seeing our shelf in the closet all filled with cans fer us!

We got somma our favrits (Turkey & Giblets, Mariners Catch, Mixed Grill, etc, but somethin NEW! Tuna AND Shrimp). Wow!

We confused him and wouldn't eat the Tuna and Shrimp, but that was just the first night. We all secretly agreed ta turn our noses up at any new flavors, but when he gave us the saved bowls the next day, we just licked the bowls clean!

It was hard followin our agreement that first night, and Iza really whined about it. She doesn't unnerstand how ta manage Big Things yet. But we both whapped her a few times an she backed away. An yeah, we let her eat her fill the next morning. But we did remind TBT that WE decide what we will eat. I think...

Annyway, we are loaded with cans on the shelf again so we are good fer another several months.

It is so nice ta see that much food we like available...

Excess Fur

LC: Wow, The Big Thing really knows how ta get excess fur off! I had developed clumps on my back legs an he got those off! Well, its my fault. I don't like being picked up or grabbed or anything like that.

But I have ta get a thyroid medicine twice a day. He useta just hide it it cream cheese and make me eat it, but lately he has some wet stuff he squirts down my throat. I don't like that, but I don't get ta choose.

So annyway, holding me for the liquid stuff, he noticed I had REALLY clumpy fur.

O Drat...

He held me in his lap and tried to brush them out. That dint werk cause they were really tight. So he used a comb. I dint like that. No, not at all. I even mewled a few times.

So then he got some Bein-quality little snips. That din't hurt anny, but I dint like it. an fought a lot. Let's just say it took 3 whole days ta get the furclumps out.

And he got better at brushing (holding the fur before he combed it so it din't pull the skin, ya know)? Well, I DID tell him ta do that...

But I feel SO MUCH BETTER now, and I'm glad he did it. I can lick my leg furs easily an they stay nice an smooth. I think iffen it happens again, I will not fight it so much.

Well, some, just for respect, but you know what I mean.

The cool thing is that all my lost furs go out in the compost ta go inna garden. So I become part of the garden. Neat!