Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

We are too hot here. The cool air machine died yesterday. The Big Thing turned on some whirly-fans, but it doesn't really help much. We dint sleep very well last night. It got up to "87F" here this afternoon. Yuck!

We spent most of today outside. It was the same temperature, but there was shade and wind, so it wasn't too bad.

A stranger came in the house today (a pretty rare event around here). He used a buncha of tools (with The Big Thing watchin him real careful-like the whole time an askin a buncha questions). It finally became clear that the whole cooling machine has ta be replaced an TBT is real bummed about it. Apparently it is like more green papers than our foods and vet bills cost our whole lifes!

[TBT: I have a heat pump. The failures, (the condensor and a circuit board, at least) were serious enough to justify a complete replacement. The outside unit was 15 years old and so inefficient that it it isn't even legal to sell it anymore. The serviceman said I would save at least $300 in electricity per year. Actually, I will save more than that. The unit had been causing problems before. I discovered I had been on "emergency heat" all of January and parts of December and February, and that cost almost $1,000 in added electrical costs. I just hadn't noticed that the outside unit wasn't coming on. So I had been using "electrical resistance heat" for 2 months. Who goes outside in January to examine a HEAT pump? And that was just because the outside fuse had blown. I didn't even know there WAS an outside fuse!

Interestingly, the serviceman asked if there had been a lightening strike. Well, the night before the heat pump failed, there was a simultaneous flash/boom out of nowhere. I even jumped, and the cats all went scrabbling under the bed. Considering that they all started on a linoleum floor and they had to turn a 90 degree angle onto a wood floor hallway, it was quite a sight. Ayla and LC managed it, with difficulty, but Iza actually went down several stairs before she could stop and turn around, AND missed the turn into the carpeted bedroom. Ayla wants to describe it, but that is for another day...]

But he says not to get worried. He has enough green papers. On the other paw, he deleted the bookmark for the bass boat he wanned to get. So we guess we won't be gettin any fresh fish fer a while. Oh mousie-droppings; we were lookin forward ta THAT!

But we would trade a FEW fresh fish fer the coolth again.

We been told that a buncha strange beins will be here early tomorow ta replace the inside an outside stuff so we can haf the coolth again. It might take all day though, and TBT wants us ta stay inna bedroom so that we dont get unnerfoot or outside out front (where we are not allowed to go). Mostly, he doesn't want the whole thing to be installed an then hear a kittycall from inside the machine afterwards. [TBT: Ayla and Iza get inside the strangest places - LC is far more sensible]

More tomorow after it is all done...

UPDATE: We just got let out of the bedroom! The noisey strange Beins are gone. They were here ALL DAY! We could tell the machine was fixed cause we suddenly smelled cool air comin out the, um, "cool air thing on the floor". But it is going ta take a while for the house ta cool down, so we are goin outside now...