Monday, August 03, 2009

Computer Problem Update

THE BIG THING: Well, we are online again, partially, at least. We got a Mac Pro last Fall (and it has been wonderful compared to the previous and up-to-date PC). It appears that it is just the fan making noise, so I brought it to a repair shop for (free) warranty work. Unfortunately, the nearest Apple repair shop is 30 miles away! It was a 1 and 1/2 hour round trip. And the repair backlog is several days. GRRRR...

So I have set up the old PC temporarily. It is slow as molasses, the letters on the clunky keyboard are almost worn off (lots of editing and retyping required), and I don't even remember how to load photos from the camera on it. LOL!

But we can check email, visit our friends, read comments, etc. The first thing I did was to update all the firewall and anti-virus programs so we were safe to use it. THAT took a while (well, the PC has been offline for 11 months). At least they were still subscribed!

Iza's Tummy Tuesday post was entered yesterday, so there will be something to see tomorrow.

And we may have some interesting information about Iza on Wed...