Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is Iza A Meezer?

IZA: My thanks to CAMIE'S KITTIES for asking "have you considered that Iza might be Tonkinese instead of meezer? They even provided a link: Tonkinese

( in case the link doesn't work)

I was amazed! The first picture I saw was JUST LIKE ME!

Seriously, isn't that my face, or what? Even if that IS a boycat...

Here I been thinkin I was a overgrowed fat clumsy smudge-furred meezer (an feelin a little enbassed about it), and now I discover that I am ezactly right for bein a Tonkinese. I am SPOSED ta be bigger an heavier an not as acrobatic as skinny little Ayla. My furs are just how they are sposed ta be too.

I am a "pointed, black dilute ("blue" in meezer terms) Tonkinese". TBT and I are sure of it!

I fit all the personality differences too! I like to play fetch with my toys (especially my Squiggles), follow The Big Thing around the house, hang all over him when I get a chance, watch what he is doing alla time, play hide&seek, and sit way up on the cat tree.

I am SO thrilled! I feel like the swan in "The Ugly Duckling" (TBT just told me that story taday).