Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our Mac Puter Is Back! Double Thursday 13!


We have our Mac back home and werking again! Its great...


1. Its quiet.
2. The keys are soft to the touch.
3. We can read all the keyboard letters.
4. We can leave it runnin alla time.
5. WHEN we hafta turn it off, it shuts down fast.
6. WHEN we hafta turn it on, it starts up fast.
7. No security issues.
8. It is easier ta find files.
9. Programs open INSTANTLY.
10. No constant operating system "patches" required.
11. Front ports for flash pen and external hard drive.
12. Automatic backups in Time Machine.
13. "Macs For Dummies" book is really good!


1. We can't change the background color on Mac applications (we like black text on celery backgrounds, for example - easier on our eyes).
2. We miss MSPaint!
3. Haven't found a good greeting card making program.
4. It isn't as customizable (to our knowledge).
5. We can't manage our photos easily. We have to load them into IPhoto to edit them, open them in Preview to resize them (which is very manual), then save them into Finder folders to arrange them by subject and date.
6. The MacPro tower weighs a TON!
7. There are 5 PC repair stores right here in town, but the nearest Mac repair store is 27 miles (45 minutes) away!
8. Our ISP doesn't like to provide support on Macs.
9. We can't seem ta get the plug-in speakers ta werk on the Mac.
10. The mail program keeps demanding we re-enter the individual account passwords (every couple of weeks).
11. We haven't figured out why Macs are sposed ta be so much better fer graphics stuff. Mebbe it is better at stuff we don't do.
12. It doesn't have a 3.5" mini disk slot (really handy for saving and copying small files).
13. It saves files in the strangest random locations.

OK, fair is fair. We expect most of our problems with the Mac is that The Big Thing spent almost 20 years learning the Windows PC stuff, and he has only had the Mac 10 months (and hasn't had to really study it too much ta get by). So we are sendin him online ta find some Mac discussion group.

But if annyone has some quick suggestions to our problems (or know of a good Mac discussion site), please tell us. We really do like the Mac better overall.