Saturday, August 08, 2009

World Cat Day 2009

The Big Thing got up "early" today, so we got breakfast instead of lunch for a change. Then we remembered it was World Cat Day and discussed how ta cellybrate it. LC decided she would actally walk around the yard instead of just laying on the deck as usual. Iza sid she would like ta try ta catch a mousie. Shes only catched 1 (2?) on her own. I decided that was a nice idea an offered ta help her (for real, no tricks).

So we all went over ta the deck door an waited ta be let out. And waited. And waited.

The Big Thing went out through the basement door and closed it fast! We were real annoyed. He was out there about a hour and snuck inside again. We all ran down ta the basement, but he said we couldnt go out because he had been spraying nasty stuff on poison ivy and other vines and we had ta wait til it all dried. An besides, he was gonna mow the grass annyway an we all hate that as much as the inside sucky machine.

That was 2 whole HOURS ago. Well, now he says it will be dark by the time the nasty stuff dries an we cant go out in the dark. POO! We all complained loudly. Meow, Meow, Meow, Grr, Hiss, Spit, Meow, Meow, Meow!!!

So he said we could all have treats TWICE taday an he would toss toys around. We still complained "But its World Cat Day"!

He felt bad about that, so he said, "OK, I have some bits of ham. You can have some with dinner. And dinner will be tuna". Well, that sounded promising. LC nudged me and suggested we try for more. So I told him we wanned a new toy. He seemed doubtful, but said he would think about it.

We decided we had pushed as far as we could and all found a good place ta nap.

I'll let ya know iffen we get that toy...

Happy World Cat Day everykitty!