Sunday, August 09, 2009

A New Toy!

AYLA: An update on yesserdays post. We got let outside first thing this mornin, which was nice.

But about yesserday... We got dry crunchy treats right after I posted. Lots of them and various flavors. Then he tossed toys around ta each of us. Even LC played a bit. We got toona fer dinner (on fancy little tablecloths),

but he suggested we have the ham later. That was a good idea cause we were full. After we napped, he tossed toys aroun some more.

Thats when we discovered the "new" toy. It was a little plastic ball [The Big Thing: It's a plastic practice golf ball like a whiffle ball] an it was stuffed with fresh NIP leafs! Wow!

I found it first an played wif it on the chair fer a while.

Then I pushed it around wif my nose like a seal.

I gotta piece of Nip out, so I worked that over good!

We played wif that fer an hour until we could hardly stand up. But that was too fast fer the camera...

Later, we had the ham (YUM). After that, he sat down ta watch TV stuff an Iza an I took turns nappin on his lap (LC just doesnt like doin that).

So, we guess it was a pretty good World Cat Day after all...