Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food Review

LC: We have been avoiding the Food Review cause we felt bad about the results. After all, the nice people at Addiction Foods sent us free canned an dry crunchy stuff fer free. The canned flavors were Eel, Brushtail, Venison, and Salmon. We tried one flavor each of the past few weeks. So, we regret ta say we dint like a single one of them. Iza did nibble at the eel briefly. But then, as with the others, she tried ta "cover-up" the bowls.

We did like the 2 dry crunchies though (Venison and Salmon), and The Big Thing may buy more of that.

Of course, thats just us. Other kitties might love the canned stuff an not the crunchies. I mean, we dint like the Merrick canned stuff either an I KNOW some kitties who like that.