Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Review

LC: More about foods... At the same time we were tryin the Addiction canned stuff, The Big Thing went out an hunted down some other brands what dint have much of the corn or wheat gluten stuffs in them and seemed big on meats. He brought back basic chicken flavors of Nature, Authority, Science Diet, Iams, Blue Spa Select, Proplan, Avoderm, an Natural Choice.

The Iams an Blue Spa Select got approval from all 3 of us, the Avoderm got 2 yes votes (I dint like it much), and the Authority got Iza's vote. The rest of them were unanimouse "NO".

TBT was surprised by all that. He examined the texture an smelled each of them before serving them to us, an he thought they all seemed pretty good. Well, what would HE know about Stinkey Goodness? Silly Bein, Stinkey Goodness is for KITS!

Actally, I am kinna surprised too. I thought Iza would eat ANYTHING!

More about the winning brands soon...