Friday, August 21, 2009

Formerly Lost Toys!

IZA: We metioned a "new" toy a coupla days ago (The Big Thing made a new toy by stuffin a plastic ball with fresh Nip leafs).

Well, there is another kinda "new" toy. Old ones newly found!

The Big Things knows all of our toys pretty well. So sometimes he notices that one or two have "gone missing". This usually means it got batted somewhere even we cant get at. He has a usual routine of checking unner furniture, unner the oven, unner the TV table, behind the drapes, etc. He even made a cool special tool ta scoop them out.

But we are used ta THAT. Sometimes we even tell him where they are out of paw-reach.

The cool part is when we find a lost toy on our own. TBT suddenly sees us playin wif a toy he hasnt seen fer many Big Moons. That means we found it ourselfs! He is pleased, but always wonders where it has been hiding.

For example, 2 of LC's old toys were these rattly mousies. She loved them, but she doesnt play wif toys much annymore. Ayla played wif them lots, and when I came along, I did too. I love rattley toys more than annything except Squiggles!

Well, both of the rattley mousies showed up suddenly last week. They disappeared Moons ago (suspiciously when Ayla was hiding my toys from me out of jealously). Then I suddenly found them in the middle of the living room and played wif them fer hours. I even kept one wif me when I napped.

Yes there are TWO. Its jus that ONE disappeared again already...

But the mousie furs were all loose an floppy. So TBT took them away an fixed them. [The Big Thing: Rubber contact cement and I set them aside for 3 days to make sure there was no smell] I was so glad when he tossed them to me again. I kept batting them around and bringing them back for more tossin!

Guess what? One is already missin its fur an TBT cant find it. Im real hard on toy mousies... Well, the best way ta get new toys is ta destroy the old ones, right?

Meanwhile, the soft green sparkley rattle ball been missin fer weeks. "Someone" knows where they lost it, but nokitty is sayin...

But today, my softie mouses showed up. I dont know where they were hidin, but Im glad they are back...