Monday, August 24, 2009

Humor - Word Verification "Werds"

We have been liking it since “Word Verification” stopped usin the QYZTJQL type “werds” an started using some that were at least pronouncable. But we have enjoyed seein some random letters that sorta made since. So last week, we started writin down good ones we came across.

So here is a list of REAL “Word Verification” werds an the meanins what we made up (wif a little help from The Big Thing):

ANSIT - What a woofie hears after “heel”.

DEMBRICA - Those rectangular red rocklike things.

DEDRAD - “Man that is so cool, it is “DED RAD”

NOSPI - A pastry so good-smelly ya wanna stick yer face init! (Alternately - “The classified area is secure, SIR!”)

SPLOG - A blog dedicated to spelling werds right.

UNFASTA - Slower.

IMEST - The most “IM”.

COLAVE - “Colorado Avenue” on Twitter.

UNRITA - “We named the kitty “Rita”, but the Vet says she’s a boycat.

PRIASP - Just before Cleopatra died.


NOGLEGAL - No alcohol in the office eggnog.

Like we said, we got some help from TBT... MOL!

Pee Ess - Its our 3rd Blogiversary tamorrow, so make sure ta teleport over an visit. We will have foods and drinks, an treats, an games...