Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Blogiversary!

LC: I get to post taday cause I'm the only one (well, other than The Big Thing) around what was here at the start of our blog. Ayla and Iza came after.

Three whole years of bloggin, wow! So much has happened here, there, an evrywhere... Skeeter has gone over the Bridge, I am taking meds, Ayla and Iza have joined the household, The Big Thing has planted gardens, etc. This is a good day for thinkin back and rememberin the start...

But mostly, I wanned ta thank ya fer comin by ta help us cellybrate our 3rd Blogiversary. We went outside early taday to check out the active mousie holes...
The Big Thing is busy preparing the foods, drink an treats. He is puttin out ham an shrimpsies, an says there will be kitty-friendly chicken (no nasty spicies). And of course, there will be Nip drinks, pond water, an (some) cream...

The party lasts all day, so jus pop over an enjoy yerselfs!

Love to all, LC

NOON UPDATE: Wow, the deck and yard are full of friends looking around fer mousies (several been caught already), LC an I haf been showing off good pooping spots, good shady spots fer nappin, an I have been showing off the good climbin trees... Plenty of food keeps showin up on the deck (an thanks to our friends who have brought extra neat foods and drinks). An of course, the inside is available fer nappin and fer indoor-only kitties... - AYLA

4 PM UPDATE: This is GREAT! We are meetin old friends again an makin new ones too. There mus be at least a dozin guests here right now (well, more than I got front toesies). It is amazin seein 4 kitties up in Aylas favrit tree (there is plenty of good branches).Drinkin from the pond has been very popular (it has fishies and frogs init, so the water tastes good). The squirrels haf been staying WAY up in the trees, but we see some now and then running atop the fence.

The Big Thing jus brought out the first of the chicken an evrykitty is linin up fer that. There haf been a number of races across the lawn from the pond bridge ta the deck. Ayla was winnin (because of her experience at it), so she "sort-of-graciously" agreed ta stop. LC has been taking care of the indoors, supervising the THoE games, condo-jumpin, an toy-batting... Ive been makin sure all the outdoor toys dont get lost an helpin with the food an drinks - IZA

7 PM UPDATE: The Big Thing here... The party continues to go great. It is SO MUCH FUN to have so many kitties visiting us today to help celebrate the 3rd Blogiversary. LC, Ayla, and Iza are just so excited and enjoying themselves seeing all their friends. There have even been some guests they never even knew of before. And I have to tell you all that a few neighborhood kitties heard all the noise and came over to see what was going on. Ayla jumped up on the top of the fence a few times to decide which would be allowed in. She let 2 neighbor kitties in, but turned a 3rd one away cause he comes in the yard without asking. He showed up later anyway, but he was so very polite, she allowed him to stay (for today only).

8 PM UPDATE: Its getting dark, so the party has moved inside (even we are not allowed out after dark). More ham an shrimpsies have been brought out an the litter boxes have all been cleaned (thank you TBT). Also, a coupla chairs been put near the quarium for ease of watchin the fishies. Ayla is checkin outside ta look fer kitties nappin in the dark an ta round up anny lost toys out there. TBT is settin up boxes an bags to hop inta an a rousing game of "musical boxes" is startin. I am pleased ta report that even wif all the runnin round and sittin, not one single tail has been stepped on by TBT. The sisal rope scratcher an the cardboard scratcher are gettin a real work-out too! Iza is pullin out toys from unner the furniture, cause she knows where they like ta hide best.

Also, the woofies Fenris an Grete are visitin too. Dont worry about them as they are kitty-friendly. But if yer nervous, jus stay out of the dining room where they have settled down ta watch things quietly. They promise not ta run around an scare us. - LC

Wow, we are all doin the "wave" as we watch the youngest kitties battin toys back an forth. Iza steps in ta get the toys back in play when the little kitties bat them unner furniture. There is mild treats an toona juice fer the little kitties of course. An of course we are makin sure they get their naps.

The mature kitties are enjoyin the Niptinis an Meowgaritas and pure Nip leafs. I am snoopervisin from the top of the kitty condo to make sure nokitty goes "overhead" of course. But, WOW, this place is kickin with so many kitties an we are lovin it!

Oops, the next THoE contest is about ta start. An Ayla has formed a small discussion group about tree climbin tekneecks...

The music been great all day. Animal Planet, mostly, but some weerd stuff that sounds like fishies in water, too.

Oh Bast, there is a stair runnin contest startin. I gotta go officiate. - LC