Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogiversary Thanks (And Presents!)

AYLA: First, we wanna thank all our friends what came an visited yesserday ta help cellybrate our 3rd Blogiversary! Evrykitty seemed ta have a great time. Mousies were caught, ham, shrimp, an chickens were enjoyed by all, toys were played wif OUTSIDE (somethin we haf nefer been allowed ta do before), and there were plenty of Nip leafs an drinks for all.

So thanks all fer makin it such a great day!

Second, Oh wow, we got a TON of prezzies taday for our Blogiversary! The Big Thing did some serious huntin...

We got a mousie wif a rattly ball on his tail!

We got knobby rolly balls wif rattley balls inside.

We got eleventy-twelve balls of various kinds.

There are 4 squishy balls, 4 sparkly balls, and 4 plasticy balls that we can grab wif our claws. An GUESS WHAT? The sparkly balls an plasticy balls have RATTLES in them. Oh Bast, we love rattles!

I feel like I gone ta heben, but I am still here. Iza an I played wif them fer HOURS taday, sometimes wif the same one at once. We were so wore out after that I fell asleep onna floor and next thing I knew, I was on TBT lap while he was watching TV. Iza got the same treatment after I woke up, so I dint feel TOO stupid.

Mebbe I dint mention that there was more fresh Nip involved...