Friday, August 28, 2009

Floors and Tables and Carpets, Oh My!

LC: Why does evrykittie's house seem cleaner than ours? We take pictures and they show spots, stains and dust. We gotta ask The Big Thing about that.

[LC, you all go frantic when I use the sucky machine, when I use cleaning chemicals, etc. Maybe I will just tape cleaning pads to your paws and then toss toys all around the house. Heh-heh]

Hey, just clean when we are all out layin on the deck. Then we won't care...

[Good thought. I will toss you all outside at night with the raccoons, bats, snakes and possums]

Snakes? Bats? Waitta minute...

[You want to play "dare me"? I'm willing]

Um, OK, can we just hide unner the bed? And you seriously clean?

[Yes. I'll get out the wet-cleaner machine and make all the wood floors look brand new]

Okay. We hide, you clean. But quietly. And we get treats!

[Deal. But I have to do the bedroom too]

We can be outside fer that iffen it is daytime...