Monday, August 31, 2009


LC: Oh WOW! The Big Thing brought home even more "fancy" foods taday. We are livin "high"!

We will let ya know how we like them soon, but we are jus finishin up the previous batch of the earlier good stuff an will report on that inna coupla days.

But the back story of this stuff is SO COOL! TBT went huntin the internet fer "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul" cause it was recommended ta us. Well, he found places what sell it and he started looking fer the cheapest places ta order some. The best place he found was a place called "Holistic Pet Warehouse", so he started fillin out the internet order. Then he noticed something...

Well, ya WONT belief it! The Holistic Pet Warehouse isnt a chain. It is jus 1 store. The AMAZIN part is that the store is RIGHT HERE! Yeah, in our town! Only 3 miles away from us. So he got in the noisey machine an drove right over there.

I'll let him describe the visit (well, I wasnt there, Duh).

THE BIG THING: OK, OK, LC, calm down. Well, I opened the door to the Holistic Pet Warehouse only to be greeted by a little yapdog. It was friendly though. I think they have only recently opened, cause there are more shelves than products. But the 2 people there were friendly and they are quite knowledgable. Their idea is that they will sell only premium and healthy pet products at warehouse prices.

Sure enough, I checked every brand of cat food they had and there wasnt one with corn or wheat gluten or "meat by-products". Even the kitty litter is "the good stuff" (World's Best and Yesterday's News). So, I bought cans of "California Natural", "TikiCat", "Evo", "Weruva", "Pinnacle", "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul", and "Wellness". I skipped a couple the cats had tried and didn't seem to like much ("Nature" and "Avoderm"), but I think I will try those again next visit.

If you kitties like any of those brands, or if your Beings want to give them a try at a good price, I encourage you to visit their website Holistic Pet Warehouse and check them out.

I enjoyed talking to the people at there. They knew all about ingredients that can cause health problems in kitties, the dangers of clay scoopable litter, etc. So go visit their website...

Oh, I should mention (because I always think only in terms of cats) that they also sell dog foods and stuff ...