Tuesday, September 01, 2009


AYLA: The Big Thing is buildin some new thing out of wood, so I decided to do some snoopervisin. We allus wonder what he is doin when he makes noises down inna basement. I decided ta make sure he was doing stuff right. I mean, if he is careless an hurts himselfs, who would open our cans of Stinky Goodness?

Besides, I jus like ta get up high as I can sometimes...

Iza will go up the ladder about 3 steps, but she stops there. It seems she doesnt like high places quite as much as me.

I hope The Big Thing puts the ladder up ta the house roof again soon. I aint been up there in many Big Moons. He said somethin about haffin ta clear leafs out of the rain gutter, so I am hopin... I'll climb right up over him on the ladder iffen I hafta.

Oh, an I should mention that ya can see what he is werkin on now iffen ya go HERE.