Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Food Review

LC: Well, we finished eatin the "good stuff" available at PetsMart an PetCo. The Big Thing hunted "Blue Spa Select", "Avoderm", and "IAMS" there.

First, I gonna hafta admit that I am gettin fussier about tastes and not eatin as much as I used to. Ayla is a happy eater, and Iza will eat sawdust iffen ya pour chicken fat onit! An sometimes we will walk away at first, but come back an eat it all up later. So this is just some general opinions...

BLUE SPA SELECT - "Savory Seafood Stew" - Iza and Ayla loved it. I ate some. "Turkey and Chicken" - Iza and Ayla loved it. I ate some, but I went back and finished my bowl later. "Savory Salmon" - We all loved it! "Tuna Grill" - Only Iza loved that. Ayla and I came back later ta eat some more of it, but Iza licked the bowls clean after that.

AVODERM - "Ocean Fish" - 3 Paws up! We all loved it and left no scraps behind. "Chicken" - I dint like it all THAT much, but it was mostly meat so I went back and ate more. Iza and Ayle ate it right up.

IAMS - Im gonna say right off that we all ate it eagerly (well, I dint like the Turkey an Giblets so much, but we all liked the "Salmon", "Chicken", "Oceanfish". And Iza an Ayla liked the Turkey an Giblets. So the IAMS was popular. But it has "by-products" in it an we wanna eat "healthy".

So we are turnin our attention ta the new "better" healthy stuff The Big Thing hunted at Holistic Pet Warehouse an will see iffen we like those.

7 cans, 1 week of dinners. We expect to report on those next Thursday...

But, why doesnt anny company offer canned mousies? We KNOW we would all love THAT!