Tuesday, September 08, 2009


IZA: OK, I got caught. I mighta got away wif it, but I couldnt help returnin ta the scene of the crime... I hope I dont go ta jail or somethin.

Well, see, The Big Thing got up a coupla days ago an found the bathroom tissue all unrolled. But he dint know who did it. But he knew LC had nefer done that and he knew Ayla had nefer done that (but might). So he took a picture fer evidence.

Then he waited wif the camera. He called LC in an she she looked at it all bored. Then he called Ayla in. She jus hopped up on the bafroom counter fer some scratchin. Then he called me in.

I couldnt help it. I attacked it again. FLASH!

An THEN I realized I had giffen myself away... BUSTED!

Oh mouse-droppings! I felt really stoopid about that...

Well, at least he jus laffed, so I guess I dont go ta jail fer this. But he did say it better not become a hobby or my rattley mouse might "go on a vacation"...