Thursday, September 10, 2009

Food Review

LC: WOW! We finished eating the "really healthy" Stinkey Goodness from Holistic Pet Warehouse. We were impressed! The new stuff is mostly meat an even the slight vegtable taste is not bad (an mebbe even good fer us).

TIKICAT - "Chicken" - Paws up 2 of 3. And I even went back an finished my bowl in private later.

WELLNESS CORE- "Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken Liver" - 3 of 3 paws up. We all loved it!

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CAT LOVER'S SOUL - "Chicken Salmon, Turkey, Duck" - 3 of 3 paws up. We loved it so much the bowls were clean. Not a speck left.

PINNACLE - "Ocean Fish" - We wernt too sure about this one. Iza ate most of hers, Ayla nibbled a bit, an I walked away. But the next morning, it was all gone. Our 2nd least favrit of this group.

WERUVA - "Chicken Soup" - Nope. Way too much veggie stuff. Like pureed veggie with some chicken added. First ingredients were chicken, water, carrots, an peas. Iza ate half a bowl but Ayla an I wouldnt touch it. Iza efen tryed ta "cover up" the bowls after. Who wants carrots an peas?

EVO - "Turkey and Chicken" - Iza and Ayle scarfed it up. I wasnt really thrilled. But it WAS meaty, an I finished my bowl later.

We think we could get ta like all of these but the Weruva an Pinnacle, and can add the Avoderm and Blue Spa Select from the previous batch. So The Big Thing is gonna go huntin those tamorrow. We will use up the Friskies an 9 Lives fer breakfast then have the "good stuff" afterwards.

So, it looks like our several years of taste-testing and learning has had a result.