Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pieces of Iza

IZA: This is compilicated... The chair is very scratchable. So The Big Thing put big towels over it and a sheet so I cant damage it wif my claws. But it is great to get unner the sheet an attack toy mousies.

I start slowly.
Then I werk my way unner the sheet. I hope the retouch button pertected my modesty there...

I finally get mostly unner it...

Then I'm gone! Can ya see my faint outline unner the sheet? My head an front paws are near the mousie... I wanned ta attack it from unnercover.

I check where I am from time to time... Sometimes I hafta use LaserVision.

An sometimes, I am just too cute fer werds... Ayla hates it when I capture the "Cute Look".

I've lerned from watchin Daisy that it is good fer a girlcat model ta look in differnt directions when posin. Like this way.

And that way...

I need a better camerakitty though. My paws shouldnt look all fuzzy like that. An I need some good props... I think LC deliberately takes bad pictures... Shes all jelous of my lovely furs!