Thursday, September 24, 2009

It WASNT My Fault!

AYLA: Really I cant be blamed! I was tricked into it...

See, I like to hop from the kitty condo to the top of the kitty toy box. I do it often and The Big Thing KNOWS it! So how was I sposed ta know that the top was open?

Well, it normally sits like this:

But when TBT turned away from messin wif our toy box, I hopped over onit. But it wasnt closed. See, thats the part Im not responsible for. I landed in the actual toys, an the toybox fell over.

It hit the lava lamp.

The lava lamp fell over.

The lava lamp was outta his reach, so he scrinched his ears an waited. I swear it took minuts ta fall to the floor below. Then SMASH! Oh Bast!

Well, Im lucky. TBT says "chit happens" an he dint get mad at me (not that I was guilty of annythin ta begin with, of course). He even accepted all the blame for hisself.

(TBT: No I didn't!)

Um, as I was sayin, he accepted all the blame AND promised to give me treats...

(TBT: No I didn't!!!)

Um, so I won't get skipped dinner?

No kitty here gets "skipped dinner" for any reason. I love you even when you do stupid things and dinner is "always").

Oh good. So mebbe I take a little blame here iffen it don't cost me dinner. I mean, we been lovin the new fancy dinners. Evo, Avoderm, Blue Spa, Chicken Soup...

But really, ya shoulda seen the mess The Big Thing made.

(TBT: Ayla...?)

Um, "the mess I made"... There was glass everywhere and the lava lamp stuff is wax an some kerosene-smelly stuff. It was awful. TBT put down newspaper ta soak it up an will be cleanin it tomorrow.

(IZA: Stick her nose init!)

Stop that Iza, Im in enough trubble already! There's sharp glass down there! An we all need ta pass by there ta get ta the litterbox! You too!

(TBT: OK, girls, I've removed all the glass and wax and put down newspaper to soak up all the liquid and more papers to protect your feet, so you can get downstairs to the litterboxes. And dinner will be in an hour. I'll even open some 9 Lives tuna. Not as a reward, but to calm you all down. I'm tempted to put a pickle in YOUR bowl though, Ayla. LOL!