Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snorgle Fest

THE BIG THING: Some things are just too weird to be true. And some weird things ARE true...

I was bookended in bed by Ayla and Iza (not unusual in itself), and sat up very carefully. They were both on their backs snorgle-ready (as Iza often is but Ayla seldom is). And when I sat up, LC was against the frame of the foot of the bed, laying on her back and purring.

It was enough to make me wish for a camera implant in my forehead.

You know of course, that the instant I moved in the slightest to go get the camera, LC woke up and ran away... I would have given gold for that picture of her that way alone, never mind all 3 of them at once.

Terrible poetry follows, but the best I can do right now...

Ayla to the left of me,
Iza to the right of me,
Snorgle-ready kitties purring like thunder.

But there at the foot of the bed sat SHE
Who never ever sits snorgaly, LC
Purring like a kitten.

How dare I move, I thought.
How dare I not move besot
With the idea of a precious rare camera-shot.

Slight though my movements were,
Such slight move disturbed her so.
Even then LC awoke and departed.

Sad were my thoughts that ere,
Without my camera there,
Only the memory now will abide.

LC in such repose,
That's how the day can go,
Missing great shots of her is now a sad routine.


That deserves to be ridiculed, and I wouldn't mind it.

LC was in full Monty Q, asleep against the frame of the bed, as I have never seen her before. All I have now is a memory. LC on the bed is rare enough. LC on the bed asleep, purring, and feeling safe on her back is nearly unbelievable.

I'm glad I had this glimpse of a rare moment. I wish I could have shared it with all of you. I may start sleeping with the camera at hand...