Monday, September 28, 2009

New (More) Toys!

IZA: We got some new toys taday! Yay! Well, mebbe I shouldnt say "new". It was more of my favorites...

See, The Big Thing got a bag of balls a Big Moon ago. Some were soft knobby rubber an I cant figure out how ta play wif those. Some were hard plastic (wif a rattle inside) an those are a bit hard on the paws. But some are really soft rubber balls that bounce high when ya bat them just right and I LOVE them. Ayla plays wif those too, sometimes. Ya can see them all in this original picture of the whole bag.

But they disappeared fast an I was sad. TBT searched the whole house an found 2 of them lost in corners an I had fun wif them again. But he figured if they were gonna get lost so fast, we needed more of them. So he was resined ta huntin a whole new bag just fer the foam balls.

Well guess what? The nice people at the Target huntin place sell JUST the foam balls! Really! Look what TBT found...

Now we got 5 of them (one disappeared again already). Well, it gets confoosin. We actally got 8 of them but 3 escaped an are hidin somewhere. TBT says iffen there are enough of them inna house, SOME must always be findable. Or he'll go hunt more...

Is THAT cool or what?

Here they are all ready fer playin wif!

Let the tossin begin! Bounce, bounce, bounce; chase, chase, chase... Yippee!